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Text:"... of Belchertuwo and Leonard Barrett and others against Leonard Rice and others—of Nathaniel Vinal and others for appointment of an inspector of bundle hay—of AbielPratt and otheis for incorporation..."
Date:Mar 6 1847
Publication:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"..., on short terms ; men marked * were in for the war, those marked f deserted : Amsden, Simeon Fletcher, John* Newton, Alpheus Batchelder, Jonathan Frary, Nathan Pratt, Joseph Buckman, Benjamin* Harding, Abiel..."
Publication place:Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"... [int. adds Mrs.] and Stephen Cook, Mar. 16, 1758. Francis and Almira Adams, int. Apr. 22, 1845. Grace, Mrs., and AbielPratt, int. Nov. 23, 1777. Harriet M., 19, d. Savel and Nabby, and George Wyer, Oct..."
Place:Massachusetts, USA
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Compilation of Published Sources
Text:"... Bullard, Joseph Clark, Jonas Brick, Jedediah Phillips, David Hager, Simpson Jones, Paul Holbrook, Joshua Morse, AbielPratt, Ichabod Hawes, Jr., Samuel Partridge, James Barber, John Allen. Vid. The War..."
Publication place:Providence, Rhode Island, USA
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