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Trow's New York city directory
 New York, USA
Publication place:
 New York, USA
Trow's New York city directory
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About this source
Title:Trow's New York city directory
Description:Year ending date varies, Issued with Wilson's New York commercial register, Latest issue consulted: Volume 108 (1894, for the year ending July 1, 1895)
Publisher:New York, J.F. Trow
Author:Trow, John Fowler, 1810-1886
Sponsor:The Durst Organization
Tags:durstoldyorklibrary, ColumbiaUniversityLibraries, americana
Contributor:Columbia University Libraries
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20 COMMERCIAL REGISTER. WILLIAM STRUBE, Manufacturer of JJAND AND PAPER BOXES, 219 213 Stanton Street, Between Ridge and Pitt Sta., New York. PERFUMER. GOIUALDS ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP, TT IS WELL KNOWN, CURES PIMPLES 1 FRECKLES, ERUPTIONS, SALT RHEUM BARBERS ITCH, CHAPS, CHAFES, TENDER FLESH, fcc, besides being the very best shaving compound ever invented. Gourauds Poudre Sub- tile uproots the hair from low foreheads, upper lips, or any parts of the body, safely and quickly, warrant- ed. Liquid Rouge for pale lips and cheeks. Lily White, for flushed red faces. Hair Dye instantly converts red, gray, or light hair to a beautiful black or brown, without staining the skin. Hair Restora- tive forces the hair to grow, and makes stiff, wiry hair soft, glossy, and silky. Found at Dr. GOURAUDS old-established Depot, No. 67 WALKER STEEET. (First Store from Broadway.) Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn. STURMWALD MULLER, Manufacturers of TVT ATN AND TANtW PAPFR ROTFS Cornucopias, Motto Paper, Verses, c, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FANCY PAPERS, No. 93 William Street, New York. PAPER WAREHOUSE. F. R. WALKER, TAPER WAREHOUSE, X 22 Spruce Street, New York. T^*vnpr f»f* fill fcirn - !* ctn ViAnrl «rwl mAflp if\ rirrlpr a ii^Li v* an MUU3 \Jix iiiiiii anil iiiauc iu ujuci. PAPER STOCK OF ALL KINDS BOUGHT FOE CASH. PHILOSOPHICAL INSTRUMENTS. TEMOVED FROM 422 BROADWAY, N. Y. ±\ JAMES GREEN, Importer and Manufacturer of Philosophical Instruments and Chemical Appara- tus, 173 175 GRAND STREET, between Broad- way and Bowery, Maker of Meteorological Instru- ments to the Smithsonian Institution. Every variety of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instru- ments on hand, as Mechanical Powers, Hydrostatic Apparatus, Air Pumps of all sizes, Telescopes and Opera Glasses, Purveying Compasses, Electrical Ma- chines and Apparatus, Drawing Instruments, Achro- matic and other Microscopes, Magic Lanterns, and Astronomical and other Diagrams, in great variety. PATENT AGENT. 4 MERICAN A FOREIGN PATENT AGENCY, J± Established 1S3S, Nos. 119 121 Nassau Street, New York. LEMUEL W. SERRELL, Solicitor of Patents, prepares Mechanical Drawings, Specifications, Caveats, Assignments, «fcc, and trans- acts, with promptness and despatch, all business con- nected with procuring Lktters Patknt fob New Inventions, in the United States* Great Britain, France, Austria, Holland, New Brunswick, c. PIANO-FORTES. BARBERIE BLOOMFIELD, PIANO-FORTE MANUFACTURERS, 173 Grand Street, New York. Pianos Tuned and Repaired. PATENT VAULT LIGHTS. L. R. CASE, jpATENT LIGHTS, For Vaults, Areas, Floors, Roofs, c. SELF-LOCKING VAULT COVERS, 175 CENTRE STREET, New York. PATENT VAULT LIGHTS. G. BERGQVIST, PIANO-FORTE MANUFACTURER, No. 44 West 15th Street, (Between 5th and 6th Ave.,) .New Yoek. Pianos Repaired and Tuned, at the shortest notice. PEARL WORKERS. J. C. FISCHERS PIANO-FORTE MANUFACTORY AND WAREEOOM, 243, 245, 247, 249 West 2Sth, (Between 9th and 10th Ave.) New Yoek. Piano-Fortes Tuned, Repaired, to let on Hire, or taken in Exchange. JOHN SANSOM, Manufacturer of TlfOTHER 0 PEARL WORK, lVL Washington Machine Works Building, 395 FIRST AVENUE, cor. 23d Strt, NEW YORK. Piano-Forte Keys, Cutlers t-cales and Handles, Port-Monnaie Plates, Thin Pearl for Inlaying, c F. SEBALD, Manufacturer of DIANO-FORTE PEARL KEYS, JAPAN- JL NERS PEARL, Port-Monnaie Pearl Plates, AND Fancy Pearl Work, in every description. No. 117 PRINCE STREET, New York. J. BUTTIKOFER, Manufacturer of GRAND AND SQUARE PIANOS, The Gbands with the Eeaed Action, 444 Broome Street, (Between Broadway and Mercer,) YORK
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