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West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA)
Publication:Oct 6 1901
 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA) - Oct 6 1901
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TOM THUMB'S WIDOW. REVEALS SECRETS OF THE SHOW The Countess Magri has b?en loosing floods of reminiscence in Bridgeport. This is intelligible when it fe under- stood that the Countess was formerly Mrs. Tom Thumb and lived" in Bridge- port. Indeed, just 37 years ago she and her midget husband held their marriage reception here. The host and hostess stood on a marble-topped table, and it was the biggest reception the town ever saw. Recently the Countess visited the grave of the lamented Tom Thumb, likewise that of the late P. T. Barnum, / which is opposite it. After she left the cemetery she related for the first time certain passages in the biography of the Tom Thumbs that are worth re tellinsr. The discerning Mr. Barnum first met Tom Thumb in 1842, when the latter was a boy of eight. His name was Charles'Stratton, aùd his father was a drayman. Mr. Barnum offered the father 3dol. a week for the use of the boy, and a week later exhibited him in New York as "Gen, Tom Thumb;" Two years later the midget,, whose commercial value meantime had greatly increased, was taken to England, pre- sented to the Que^n and to other ! sovereigns. On returning, the pros- perous little "General" built himself a comfortable home in Bridgeport and subsided for a few years. , In 1862, however, Mr Barnum "met a certain Lavinia Warren, a midget from Middleboro, Mass., then 20 years old. Genius told him what to do with her. She was promptly installed in - his sister's home in New York, and the "General" was invited to meet her. The Romance so fostered developed satisfactorily, and in a few months, to the great edi fication of the large public that al- ready knew Torn Thumb, his engage- ment was announced. On Feb. 10,1863, they were married in Grace Church by the. Rev. Thomas House Taylor, and the whole world read about the wedding. Two wefks later they held their historic reception in Bridgeport. The next year- an innocent little item was smuggled into-the English papers to the effect that '""the Tom Thumbs had v ' A Baby Son. It was widely copied, and by the time Mr. Barnum and bis midget charges arrived the British public was worked up to a considerable degree of expec- tancy as regarded the baby. In Egyptian Hall,* London, ,they were exhibited all over again-Gene- ral Thumb, Mrs. Thumb, and the baby. The performance was repeated all over Europe, and the Thumbs came back richer than they had ever been before. People have occasionally won v dered since then whatever became , of that baby! The Countess Magri ex > plains the mystery. "I never had a baby," she declared recently. " The Exhibition Baby came from a foundling hospital in the the first place, and was renewed as often as we found it necessary. A real baby would have grown. Our first baby-a boy-grew very rapidly. " At the age of four years he was taller than his father. This would never do. Our friends predicted that our son would be a. giant, and that iii a few years his parents would look ridiculous alongside of him. . We appealed to Mr. Barnum. He agreed with us. He thought our baby should not grow. Thus we exhibited English babies in England, Frénch babies in France, and German babies in Ger- many. It was-they were-a great success. Mr. Barnum was a great man." ~* ? i SEND rr IN. THE SUNDAY TIÍIES wants good original matter from any source. K any of our readers know a good story with local color- ing, a humorous anecdote with ditto, a bit of special news not snapped up by some other paper, any interesting or amusing bit of personal or local gossip, send it in to the SUNDAY TIMES. The SCNDAY TIMES will take it. The SUNDAY TIMES will pay for it. "We shall even take ? poetry-provided it is poetry, or even blank verse, aud not merely drivelling doggerel. We don't want things that are only of interest to one person, or even to two persons. Wc want matter that can be understood and read with interest in .any part of the State or Commonwealth. Send in the matter and nairne reasonable terms. If it is any good and worth the price, we shall publish it and piy for it. All we shall demand is that it shall be fire-new and widely interesting. It is a foregone conclusión that England must ultimately be victorious in the Trans-, vaai, and it is equally certain that we musí continue to secure the patronage of the public of W. A. We have the best supplier, the best attendants, in fact, we refuse any, thing that cannot be considered best. Otu " numerous clients are perfectly satisfied ; and repeatedly tell us that they cannot un- derstand why people tolerate the treatment they receive elsewhere, when every atten- tion can be secured by ringing up HOLMES Jbsos. & Co., Premier Butchers, Fremantle, Perth, North Fremantle, East , Perth, , Leederville, Claremont, Cottesloe, and Guildford. F. W. Kenworthy, chemist, 164 South Terrace, Fremantle, is sole agent in W.A. for Dr. Wathen's (the English Specialist) Eczema Mixture and Ointment. . Sufferers from Eczema and other skin eruptions are invited to call or .write to the above address for full particulars of this genuine treat- ment. Mr. H. C. Armstrong, M.P.S., formerly chief medical dispenser to the Ballarat Hospital, and more recently of Hay, Wil- cannia, and Broken Hill, may be consulted personally, or by letter, at the W.A. Apothecaries Company, 466' Hay-street, Perth-Advt. , . Hughes and Doheuy give no worthless - articles in return for"'tb>ir.;Coupons.' You' can have first-class groceries to the extent of one shilling for every two sounds worth of goods purchased. For banquet furnishings, you can't beat Berry's, St. George's Tenace. New York Irritai Institute for first-class orkmanahip. 498 Hay^ptreet, Perth Take a drive to Cannington and see old Tom Duff -Advt " ACTRESS LOSES IN SUIT FOR DIVORCE. - k. : ' SECRECY IN THE CASE. Frederick Bofos Graves yesterday (says an American newspaper) obtained from Justice Tenax in the Supreme Court a decree ot absolute divorce from his wife, Caroline Heustis Graves, an actress. The litigation had been in progress for more than a year. The testimony which was of a sensational character, was bittered sealed, together with all the papers and affidavits. Nb particu- lars are obtainable as to'the circum- stances ander which the Decree was Granted. It is known, however, that Mrs. Graves is forbidden longer to make use of that name. Young Graves and Caroline Heustis met several years ago, when ehe was appearing at the Casino in "The Tele- phone Girl." Graves became enamored of the pretty girl, and night after night met her at the theatre. Finally, on the evening of January 2, 1899, they went over to Jersey City ' And were Married. Then they came back to this city, Mild young Graves told his father what had occurred. There was a scene, for the elder Graves was seriously displeased not alone at the marriage, but that his son should have taken such a step without consulting him. A reconciliation was finally brought about. Mr. Graves, senr,, concluded to lend a helping hand to his son aud established him and his wife in a Handsomely Famished Plat. ' There the young people resided hap- pily for a few months. Then a disa- greement arose-and they separated. ' The eWer Graves took back the fund- : ture, for which he had paid 4,000 dois. Mrs. Graves then began r suit for a divorce from her young husband, but the case was never tried. He left the city, and then his wife brought a suit : against her father-in-law for 50,000 dollars for the alienation of her hus- band's affections. That case has never been tried, but Is Still Pending; Last November Mr. Graves began his suit for a divorcé from bis wife be- cause of certain circumstances that came to his ears concerning a-visit she paid in Philadelphia in 1900. Mrs. Graves'denied all her husband's alle- gations, and made counter-charges against him on which she demanded a divorce. Daniel F. Cohalan was appointed1' referee to take the evidence, and he reported that Mr. Graves had estab- lished his case, and was entitled to à divorce. ? _ SMOKE D T DARK O PLUG Q PLUG C L C E O BUSINESS NOTICES -' Messrs. Devine and Co., 644 Hay-street, desire to inform the public that they have commenced business' as auctioneers and valuers and estate agente, and have some very cheap furniture for sale ; also land and businesses, and invite inspection. Elsewhere the well-known firm of Owtram and Purkiss, of 363 Hay-street, announce some fine residential and garden blocks for sale. Included in their list is the Common- wealth Estate, North Perth-- This/district is becoming popular as a residential suburb, and investors would do well to get a plan and have a look at the land, . Be in time and secure an ice chest from W. Zimpel, he having just received his first consignment, all sizes and «hapes, .with and without wells. These chests" are -from the very best American' manufacturers, and being purchased direct W. iZinipel is pre- pared to sell at a low figure. Messrs. J. Weidenbach and Co. are now displaying in their windows some of their latest importations for the present season, consisting of dress fabrics, millinery, and "general drapery, which have been judiciously selected from the leading British and con- tinental manufactories. Messrs. Weidenbach and Co. have always made the requirements of their patrons a study, and the present display will prove an evidence of this fact. The Apothecaries Co. announce that they have secured the services of Mr. J. G. Cooper, Pharmaceutical Chemist and Gradu- ate of the Melbourne College of Pharmacy, as night dispenser for their principal estab- lishment, 466 Hay-street.. Prescriptions can now be dispensed at the above address at all hours of the day or night.-Advt. The Premier Grocers, Hughes and Doheny, Perth, Guildford, and Cunderdid. still rer main the premier business houses in spite of Constitutional changes. They are abreast of the times, and you cannot do better than entrust your business to their care.--Advt., "H you have a cough" don't neglect ft, but obtain at once a bottle of the Bristol Cough Remedy (an old and; tried cure) at Kenworthy's, 164 Sou th Terrace, Fremantle, and you will cough. no more. Is. and 2s. per bottle. Herr Bassmussen's world-famed Alfaline Liver and Kidney Pills Cure. Sluggish and i disordered-livers, costiveness, and act as a tonic for the whole system. Boxes, ls. Hay-st., Perth. Bring, your prescriptions to E. Dean and Co., Hay-street. They charge less than others, and give the best quality in . every- thing. Footballers, -Ticketers, cyclists, don't forget Tom Du J is now the proprietor pf the most typical country pub, close to Perth.-Advt. } Gold filling, crown and bridge work, all the latest ideas at New York Dental Insti- tute. Take a drive to Cannington and see old Tom Jteuft-Advt.. t The best of au* places for a well-cooked meal-Berry's Perth Milk Palace, Barrack-st. Try Martin and Co.'s Chamomilla Teeth ng Powders for your baby.-Advt. "Volunteer" writes :-Yon have nc doubt beard of the tronble in the ranke of the York volunteers re the 40 whc signed the petition asking the captain to place himself on the unattached list being suspended for the last twe months pending an enquiry. As the local paper is afraid to print any letter that has been sent to it about our local P.M. and captain, I respectfully ask you to bring it before th« public and hasten the'inquiry on. As I was ap- pointed one of the deputation to wait on the captain I, can give you a copy of tho complaints we have on paper. I might state that there are only eight privates left who did not sign the petition, five of these being ont of town at the time, otherwise they would have signed it. The dissatisfaction in the ranks has been through the incapacity of the captain. The Complaints. 1. At a commanding officers' parade the captain has never been known to give^iny order but "Company, advance and company retire '-this about three time*. Then "ground arms," *"Break off for about 20 minutes* smoke," ''Fäll in and march home again." Wc dor't consider that drill enough to be called away from our homes of a night. 2. Moneys owing to some of the mern; hers for paid parades have not been paid. The members have several times asked'for it. (Since this has been placed on paper the captain has sent the police around the town to tell the men to come to his office and they wfll be paid.) Some have been waiting for 18 months and over. 3. Through his treatment to several of the bandsmen the band has become a thing of the past, and as over" £100 was spent on some ot tile instruments three or four years ago, and nearly all the bandsmen left without the captain knowing whether the said instruments were ever returned or not. There are only seven brass instruments at the bar : racks and not one of them complete. One or two of them have done the dis- appearing trick altogether. 4. Under new command the band can be reor- ganised by a gentleman in the town. 5. During the Boyal celebrations he repeatedly made an ass of all his com- pany. On July 21 he kept us at the "present," and the major had to close us up, as we were keeping the battalion waiting. On the same day he walked off and left us all standing outside the Perth Drill Hau, and the major had to send another officer to dismiss us. 6. On July 23 he kept ns at the shoul- der arms" when the Royal party were passing us in St. George's Terrace, ' when we should have been at the "pre- sent." Also, on the same day, the major was heard to say that he had lost the captain 'of the York men and that ho would have to go and find him. That was while we were stand- ing in St. George's Terrace. 7. There bas been no returns sent down from York for about two years, and some of the officers in Perth told several of us that the York Corps gave more trouble than all the others in the West, and that is all - through our captain. 8. Over two months ago, the captain was asked to. get'ammunition for the com- pany, ' so that we could get our class firing off before the hot weather came on. So far he has not sent for it, which means that we must do it wten it is about 110 in the shade. There are several other conip'a;nts by indi ' vidual members of tba company. He confessed himself the ni-^bt the petition was handed to him that he did not know his drill. So we think, as there are members in the corp* who can command a company, that h*î should give war, knowing tba"; all the com- pany wishes a chance. I hope you will be kind ~enou »h tn t tbi^ matter in .hand, as all the volunteers! are anxious that things will be settled as soon as po-sible. 13ut un ier the old command thc volunteers ¡lave de-1 cided to a man that they will not ; remain in the corp. j A SURE CURE Is what you want. Then Call at once upon KERR RASS^ÖSSE^ (The Celebrated Danish Herbalist), 481 HAY-STREET, PERTH , HENRY-STREET, FREMANTLE; HANNAN-ST., KALGOORLIE, And obtain a copy of his Free Book, the- Alfaline Guide to Health, which contains all particulars, Advice, and Testimonials. The Alfaline Remedies are specially prepared and recommended for Blood and Skin Diseases, Nervous Debility in all its forms, Piles, Costiveness, and Liver and Kidney Complaints. The Alfaline Vitality Pills are guaranteed to cure Nervous Debility, Lost Vitality, and Weakness of the Nerves and Brain. Alfaline Lock Pills speedily cure all Blood Diseases, in- cluding Gleets, Discharges, and Diseases : of the Urinary Organs. Alfaline i Universal Pills purify the blood and strengthen the nerves, and are speci- ally recommended for jrEuemia and wasting Diseases internales, and are a powerful Blood Tonic for both sexes. The Vitality, Lock, and Universal Pills are each sold at the same price. Special powerful course, 43s. 6d.j Ordinary course, 23s. Sd.- Boxes, 12s. and 6s. each.. Alfaline Liver and Kidney Pills, boxes ls.; Pile Powders, Varicocele Powders, Fat-Reducing Powders, and . Flesh-Producing Pow- ders, 6s. per packet A Special Remedy is prepared for each complaint. Remedies and all particulars foy post a specialty. Correspondence strictly confidential. Advice Free. ». * ' TT Painless teeth extractions and ail dental j work guaranteed at Ahe- Dental Reform Co.% next Foy and » C. WEARNE, ELECTRICAL ENOINÉER AÍÍD CONTRACTOR, 127 Murray Street, Perth. Mines Chambers, Kalgoorlie. ' SOLE AGENT FOR JPSQ» AND SWAS, LOtfDOE ECLIPSE EDISWAN LAMPS HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME. THE GREAT LEVELLER. Electrical Goods of Every Description in Stoelc. Sole Agent for RANKINE'S PATENT FEED WATER FILTER and GREASE EXTRACTOR. On Admiralty List. WRITE FOR PARTICULARS. ARC LAMP. Estimates Free. Work Guaranteed. TELEPHONE NO. 850. ZDIESIO-TiaSTJEfcY I I THE NEW YORK DENTAL INSTITUTE 493 HAY-STREET. PERTH. Telephone 133. TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TB^PH TEETH TE3ÜEPHONE 133. TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH High-class Dentistry Painless Extractions The Best Workmanship At Reasonable Prices. The New York Dental Institute. A LABT AZWATS IN s ATTENDANCE. _¡_?__._>_ MLem EPOS. & Rigg Ltd.; Wholesale Ironmongers, Perth. MANUFACTURERS OF TENTS, TARPAULINS, WATER BAGS, BOAT SAILS, and the PATENT ACME FILTER. IMPORTERS at BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, and MINING / MATERIAL. . lELNER'S SAFES, HARLAND'S * VARNISH' WATTS' FIRE BüICKS, OLIVER CHILLED PLOUGHS SIMPLE STRONG DÛ YOU KNOW? .SlLENTl TW The Singer Co. . Has Jost' Landed ONE THOUSAND of their . . NEW STYLE Sewing: Machines Call and See the Beautiful ART WORK they will do. The SINGER is not a Low priced Machine, but IT IS THE BEST, and the Best is the Cheapest in the End. SHOWROOMS AT FÄ65 HAY-STREET, PERTH, j And HIGH-ST., FREMANTLE. BRANCHES EVERYWHERE. SPEEDY COMMERCIAL PR CHEMISTS' PRINTING A SPECIALTY. Best Worte, Quiete Despatch, Prices Reasonable. R W DAVIS 315 Williafn street' Perth. Telephone 1Q9* SILBEBT So SHAKP, Tile Leading Fruiterers of Western Australia Are BUYERS and SELLERS of all Kinds of FRUIT in Season Retail Establishment-HAT STREET PF-r> TTT Wholesale Dépôt-MURRAY STREET/ RIBMIA' Branches Throughout the Whole of th9 Goldfields E. J. BICKFORD & COY., THE MODERN HOUSE FURBISHERS, HAY STREET, PERTH; EGAN-STREET, KALGOORLIE. DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF EVERY CLASS OT FURNITURE. H GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS. . HOUSES FURNISHED THROUGHOUT.« ESTIMATES AND DESIGNS ON APPLICATION. TELEPHONE 305. - ?? ? , BEDROOM SUITES, £7 10s.-7 Pieces. DINING-ROOM SUITES, £5 10s.-9 Pieces, n -Jading American Leather Conch. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, £6 15s. FROM HAT TO MURRAY STREET E. 4. BICKFORD ami CO, Houses and load for Sale. LYALL HALL & GO,. LAND and . . . PROPERTY AGENTS. . THE ARCADE, HAY-STREET. HOUSES and LAND FOR SALE IN ALL PARTS of PERTH and SUBURBS. A Few SPECIAL BARGAINS in LAND ' at NORTH PERTH QUARTER-ACRE ALLOTMENTS, From £25. £5 Deposit ; Balance, £1 Per Month. LYALL HALL & CO., HAY-STZEET. FRED, C, PARSONS &.CO. (C. P. HOOPER). ACCOUNTANTS and AUDITORS, Land, Estate, Financial and General Commission Agents. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. INSURANCES EFFECTED. RENTS COLLECTED AGENTS FOR ABSENTEES. Farm Land, Garden Land, Building Sites, &c, in varions parts of the State for Sale. TRIGGS CHAMBERS. TeL No. 636. Barrack-street, Perth. CHEESE and CO., Perth Chambers, May- st., Perth.-All mortgages 6 percent. Freshwater Bay, 7-room Bungalow, £550, terme ; 2 Acres and Stone House, on Bay, £250 per acre ; 4 Blocks on Bay, £100 each : Land, Cottesloe Hall, 100 x 282, £460, terms, offers ; 2 Mansions, cost over £2,000 each, prices £1,585, £1,820, terms arranged ; Perth, city, 99ft Hay-st. sa Adelaide Ter- race, complete graut, £1,350, terms ; 99ft. Hay-st. W4x Murray-st., £1,800, terms; another city Block, £3 18s. foot; Subiaco Cottages, 3-room £190, 4-room, £210, 6 room, £350; Blocks, £35. rjlOWN PROPERTIES of W.A., LTD. VERY IMPORTANT to CULTIVATOrlS of the SODL. This company has still for SALE, on the easiest terms, Splendid Reproductive LAND in suitable areas at OSBORNE PARK, only one niiie from Oxford-street, Leederville. SOUTH KENSINGTON ESTATE, Close East Perth, and GROVE FARM, on Gvildford-rcad River Frontages. The only remaining such areas of land about Perth. Market gardeners and others note the fact. E. E. ROGERS, Attorney for the Company, Trustee Chambers, Bal rack-street, Perth. : Ñ ~G Ê E R ËT . 167 WILLIAM-STREET, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT. Telephone 452. Magnificeut Farm, Serpentine district, 150 acres xreehold, highly improved, good homestead, including all ploughs, scari- fiers, carts, harness, farming imple- ments, furniture, &c, &c, only £1,000, greatly below cost. Owner called to England. Central City-Grand Warehouse / Block, v corner Wellington and Queen streets, three cottages, &c, 86ft to former, 132ft to latter, £100 foot ; £5,000 can remain 4i pei* cent. Cicely-street, wth frontage also to Brisbane ggisTerrace at rear, only half mile Town Hall, fenced, Only £105. Victoria Park, quarter-acre Blocks in Leo- nard, M'Millan j Fitzroy, Monger, and Manchester streets, £20 each. New Double-fronted Brick Detached Cot- tage, 4 rooms, bath, fitted wash-bouse, &c., elevated position, city, only £360. Townsheud-road, Subiaco-Two splendid Blocks, only £35 each. Nothing in the district to approach this in value. Lawler-street, 42ft x 153ft., only .£45, Glendower-street, Perth-A mee position, 36ft x 128ft, lane side and rear, only "£90 cash. Fronting Hyde Park, pretty D.F. Weather- board Villa, lath and plastered and wainscotted throughout, containing five large rooms, kitchen, bath-room . stabling, garden, &c, only .£350 cash. Greatly below cost. Bagot-road-A splendid 66ft. frontage with 116ft depth to right-of-way, only £S4. Also 33ft, frontages, £42. The pick of Palmerston-street, corner block, fenced, £i foot. Houses and Lands All Parts City aud Suburbs. (CHARLES W. JOHNSTON, J 423 WELLINGTON-STREET, Opposite Station. Telephone 950. Has the Following Properties FOR SALE:- 1 Subiaco-Land, Perth-street, 33 x 120, £50. Subiaco-Land, Hamerslev-road, 42 x 125, . £45. ', Land-Rokeby-road, corner, £70. Laud-Roland-street, £30. Leederville-Land, Woolwich-street, £55. Leederville-Land, Kiruberley-street, £50. City-Land, 61 x 120, RandeU-street, r.o.w. at side, £110. City-Land, Fitzgerald-street, two front- ages, £90. Also Several Good Investments in Rent producing Properties. GENUINE INVESTMENTS only, pay- ing to 20 per/cent., at PHILIP CHEESE and CO., Perth Chambers, Hay st, Perth.-All Mortgages 6 per cent. Terms for all payments. Brick and Stone Houses, Brisbane-st., 6 rooms £675, 4 imoms £367 and £245 ; Bulwer-st., two D.F. Villas, £'640 each ; Myrtle-street, 4 rocms, £370 ; Hay-st. W" 8-room £1,050, 5 room (new) £459 ; city, 4 Brick Houses, paying 27s. 6d. week, for £450 ; 9-room Mansion, city, £400 ; terms, £950 mortgage ; 10-room House, Hay-st., £800, terms, £800 mortgage. TVTORTH PERTH COMMONWEALTH IN ESTATE. - THE RISING SUBURB. Tram facilities. Good road. Blocks, £20. Easy terms. Victoria Park-Choice Block, near Cause- way and proposed tram ; £30. Armadale Good Corner Block, j-ear station ; £15. Maddington Station -% acres splendid level Land, 8 chains railway frontage ; £125. OWTRAM and PURKISS, 363 Hay-st, Perth. BF. CRAGKN, HOUSE, LAND, and . ESTATE AGENT, 493 Hay-street, I and Oxford-street, Leederville -Two tfcwo story houses, in centre of city, splendid position, always let ; will show about 12 per cent, on outlay. Fitzgerald-st., near tram, D.F. Brick villa, well finished, 5 rooms, bathroom, all conveniences, £550 on terms. City West Perth, a splendid D.F. Brick Tilla, containing 4 rooms, kitchen, bath- room, large block land, only small deposit, easy terms for balance Land-Splendid building allotments .in the Hill View, Hill View Extension, Tramway Park, and Charles st. north, estates 40ft. frontages by large depths may be obtained in these estates on the following terms : £5 deposit, balance in IS monthly payments free of interest. Houses and Land in all parts of thc city j and suburbs. Call for plans and particulars. VITA LITS Restored, blood enriched, I Dr. Le Oren's Pills' All Chenustt *s Read advt Houses and Land for Sato Town Properties of West Australia, Limited. To Market Gardeners & Farmers OSBORNE PARK ESTATE. TO chose who want Good Land, and have not investigated the country, we guarantee the Bost Quality of Rich Black Moist Soil upon i his property. Only four miles from Perth and one mile from Oxford * street, Leederville. ' , Terms to suit all purchasers, and every encouragement given to bona fide se-tlera SOOTH KENSINGTON ESTATE. -~ f choice Building Land is to be obtained or. easy terms in this desirable quarter, dose to the East Perth Railway Station and the< River. Excellent roads. Houses erected for purchasers on terms to be arranged. BELGRAVIA ÏOWNSHfP (GROVE FARM; This picturesque Town-site is on the Perth-Guildford 'Road, adjoining W-A Racecourse and Swan River. Subdivided into garden areas fronting the River and Town Lots on the Perth-Guildford Road. Conditions to meet all require ments. OSBORNE PARK ESTATE. GRAZING LAND Four Miles from Perth Cattle taken in for Grazing in substantially fenced and convenient paddocks. Plenty of water all the year round. Caretaker on ground, butnorespensíbüity taken. Apply TOWN PROPERTIES OF WEST AUS TR ALT A, LTD*, I ^Trustee Chambers, BARRACK-STREET, PERTH Wood Licenses. LICENSES for Cutting and Clearing Up Dead Wood to suit all wood cutters Apply to i TOWN' PROPERTIES OF WEST AUS I " TRALLA, LIMITED. ! Trustees' Chambers, Barrack-ßtreet. « I E.'- E. ROGERS, Attorney DEVIOT & CO. HAVE FOR SALE BLOCK LAND, Broome-street, close Tram, £4 10s. per foot. A Gift. DEVINE &'Cû7^f£-S ¡ Estetej 40ft. x132ft, elevated, close town, £35 cash. DEVINE & CO. "SÄ 44ft x 196ft, £% 10s. per foot, close city. DEVINE! co. Hr^°;^1^ v worth inspection, £350 cash, close team. ftPVINP °, Pfl HaveforSale-LAND, UUVilXL Qi UU. fenced, close Bulwer ' Avenue, £80 cash, 33ft x 116ft DEVINE m ^SÄ^-M andCOTTAGES. Call and Inspect our List. ADVANCES toBuild at ¡Low Interest.. ? t DEVINE & CO., 544 HAY-STREET. Wanted to Sell. ÜSTRAL CYCLE AGENCY,1 J . 417 HAY-STREET, PERTH. FURTHER GREAT REDUCTIONS IN PRICES OF BICYCLES, &c. .Having PURCHASED the ENORMOUS BANKRUPT STOCK at a Large Discount of Rathward, Heinberg and Co.'s London ' Sports Depot, we now Offer to the Public BARGAINS! BARGAINS! Usual Sale Price. Price. LadieB' Popular Steff.£21 £7 10 Other D.B. and S.B. Loading Guns, £2, £3. £4. £5, £6 each. Cartridges for guns, 7s 6d 100. Saloon Rifle Cartridges, ls Î00. All kinds Ammunition equally as cheap. Send Cheque, Post Office Order, or Cash, made payable to the Austral Oyele Agency. Also Send for Catalogue of Prices, posted ' free on application. THE AUSTRAL CYCLB AGENCY, Large, New, and Commodious Premises, 417 HAY-STREET. JpOR SALE, HIRE, or EXCHANGE, Spring Cart Turnouts Sulky and Buggy Turnouts .Cabs, etc; tor faire at any hour night or - day. Coachbuilding. Fainting, Trimming, etc.,. done. Horses for Hire by day, week, or contract. SOY'S STABLES, 272 Murray-street, Perth. Telephone 50© RALLEN, ENGRAVER & RUBBER STAMP MAKKR. ' Official Bnreau and MiningJSeals. Central Chambers-HAY & WILLIAM STREETS, PERTH.
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