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Mornington Standard (VIC)
Publication:May 2 1901
 Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Mornington Standard (VIC) - May 2 1901
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Football. (By LEFT Wi~o.) The senior season opened on Satur day, when Frankston. met and (. fea ted Mafeking (Melbourne shipping clerks) by 6 goals 9 behinds to 2 goals. The visitors only brought 12 men, and substitutes were put in to make up the team, whilst the Frankston team was composed mostly of juniors and schoolboys, Fyffe, of Somerville, being the only imported man. he game was in favor of Frankston (who kicked 3 goals against the wind to nil in the first quarter) right throughout. Good form was shown by Porter, Lilley, Dredge, Turner, Colsell, Jolly, Jones, and W. Crosskell for Mefeking, whilst V. and C. Crosskell, Petrie, Murphy, Burton, Donohoe, Sherlock, Thurling Fyffe and Bourne shone out most conspicuously for the victors Mr P.. Donohoe made a most impar. tial umpire: Frankston's 6 goals .on Saturday were kicked by the schoolboy mnem bers of the team, Bert Thurling being responsible for 3, Cliff Bourne 2, and Bert Sherlock 1. They, however, showed "a tendency to selfish play, all being.:eager to kick the greatest. numnber"bf goals;instead of playing to each other.) . Frankston oval was in splendid' nick' on Saturday, but it would. be much better if .the grass were mown. Frankst.n play the Melbourne Col legians on the 25th inst in the local park. A well-attended meeting of those interested in the forming of a junior football dlhb in Frankston was held on Thur~~ay. evening, when it was unanimously decided to have a junior football club, and to arrange matches with the Somerville Seniors, Morning ton, and other clubs. The following officers were appointed :-Patron, Sir John Madden; president, Dr Plow man ; vice-presidents, Messrs ' Jas Grice, Jas Patterson, Kewish, Carter, Bell, Taylor, Box,. O'Grady, Gregory, Young. Weisaelman, Foster and Dal man: secretary, J. Jolly; captain, C. Crosskell ; . reasurer, J. T. Godfrey; match committee, Messrs Crosskell, Godfrey, Jolly, Murphy and Millard ; general committee, Messrs Petrie, Burton, Godfrey, Jolly, Davey and Mitchell. The member's fee was fixed at is, and ij'was resolved to appeal to the public for donations. A match will be played in the local park on Saturday next between the Victorian Railway Junior Clerks and Frankston Juniors. The following are the teams :-Frankston Juniors Crosskell (2), Jones, Burton, Millard, J. Jolly, Farr, Murphy, Davey (2), Barnett, B. Sherlock, Brown, Porter, Petrie, D. Dear, C. Bourne and B. Thurling. Emergencies: F. Jolly. G. Sheil, Mitchell and Billy Burton. Clerks-Crellin, Charlholumes, Wol stenholme, Godfrey (2), Meares, Twiss, Godfree, Carmody, Payne (2), Dono hoe, Clarke, Greer, Courtney, Ed wards, Mitchell, Maxwell . Morningtons Junhors have 'clialb lenged the Frankston Juniors for a game of foobirllm on the 18th May. The challenge lus been accepted. CARRUM. ' At a meeting of the above trust held at Keysborough an Friday, the eogin eer, Mr Michael Elliott, reported that c the work of repairing the embankment t on the Dandenong Creek has been sus- i pended owing to the heavy rains. The damage alleged to have been done to I the trust's works by the flood had been greatly exagwerated, and would not cost a more than £25 to repair. It was re- c commended that the work of cleaning the main drain be suspended till it was-I possible to divert the creek, which, in all probabilty, would not till next Nov ember, and that the damage done by < flood be as soon as possible repaired. A motion was carried drawing attention I of the Minister of Water Supply to the i recurrence of floods and to impress upon him the urgent necessity for the Government proceeding with the im- I provement of the Mordialloe Creek, so o as to provide a better outlet for the waters discharged into the creek from the trust drains, as until" the level of floods is lowered at the outlet it is im- i possible to drain the swamp, owing to I the water being now carried at aheight t of 8 feet above the ground. When the Mordialloc Creek is widened and the i tanks raised, as proposed, the channel I will carry double the volume of the present fiood. The rainfall at the be ginning of last week was much higher than'that of 1891, but" the amount die. .-- .a upon swamp ws" "I-othing in compsar)on to 1891. This can be ai~ counted for in many ways. 1, The tanks were fresh in '91 and gave way easier. 2. The flood of '91 came on the top of a freshet of the previous week. 3. The cessation of the rain from Monday midnight to Tuesday afternoon allowed fourteen hours of a flow off. 4. That the ground took in more water this flood than in '91. 5. The outlets to the main drains are now much wider than formerly. All works dealing with floods a:e somerhat of a tentative nature, as all calculations can only be based upon what has taken place, and to make ample provision for allcontingencies in cases of reclamatirn. works would overburden the land. Therefore, it is recommended that the works be increased to provide against a medium flood. The secretary reported that the rates oulstanding for a period * up to 31st December, 1900, amounted to £795. Legislative Council of Victoria. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SOUTH EASTERN PROVINCE. I beg to announce that I am a CANDI DATE for the seat in the Legislative Councilwluch will become vacant through the election of the ion Win. Knox to a seat in the Federal Housy of Representa' tives. I shall in due course, place my views before the electors. WILLIAM W. CABENA. 4 yyer.. 1060. Secr. 76. A RULE to admnister toe stato of S SBUSAN DAVIES. late of Tyabb, Widow, deceased, intestate, who died on the 31st October, 1000, has been granted to me, and creditors and. others having claims on such estate are requested to send in particulars to my office by the 27th May, 1901, or they will be eocluded front the distribution of the Estate. TItOMA6 FRANCIS. BRIDE, Curator of the ost4tps of Deceased Persons. New Zealand Chambers. 483 Collina-st., Melbenrne, 29th April, 1901 1 , ' A Widow's Entraordinary Troubles, A pathptic case, and on. deserving the attenti&o of our readers is that of Mrs ?saryWbhathen. a respected resi dent of Minyip, bht one whose widow hood and grey hairs did not suffice to s·ve from further sorrows. The old lady when seen by our reporter, scid: "I am sixty-five years of age,: and as b have livedcin this part s ixteen can bear cut what I say. 'Jtist about a year ago I fell suddenly to the ground unconciou.o, and after that, at times, I lost control of my limbs. Once when suddre'y falling; through a paralytic stroke,uaiy head streick the wall and on anotleroccasioo I severely scalded my self. These attacks occurred as often as tiice a ,week;and afterwards I would feel so weas and diizy as to bes unable to stir myself fortbhe rest of :the' day. My case wina.n extraordinary .one; and ordinary medicines p oved useless. Through reading of cures effected by Dr Williams' pink pills for pale people I purchaseda sul~ply from the store. Before ;ong I felt greatly - imprtred, and the attaphs lp?sasene in ,frequency and s.verity. By continuing Dr Wil liams' pink pills 1 was. restored: to' re I ust health, and since then I have had no return of those dreadful seizures, which made tt unsafe for one to be about." " Any disease of the hrainor spine is manifested through the ndrves, causing such ailments as spilepay, fits; paraly sis, neuralgia, early decay of the facul ties and fqnctions, St. Yjtus' dance, etc, which Dr Williams' plink pills care. Sold by chemists and storekeepers, and by the f)r Williams' Mediclne Co, care 'Iocke, Tompsitt 8 Co, Flinders Street, Mlelb, six boxes fifteen and three, one box two and nine, post free, Imitations are dangerogs. ?.R OYAIL'°VISIT.--J. T. Buxton and Co. R zaquhe 20 Girls, domestic work. gen; teel homes; also have accommoaation .or visitors to Festivities. References, This Paper. ,PIANOFORTE-Young lady, certifica S ted music, desires PUPILS in or near Franketon. Particulars with Miss Heyward, Bay.street, Frankston. W. P. MASON, c/o Ritchie and Co., Somerville. (Fir 14 years with the Colonial Bank of Australa sis, Ltd.. as Accountant at Frankston, Mornington. Kyneton, Bendigo, etc.) General Commission Agent. Properties for Sale or To Let (including Farms, Orchards, etc.) INcoMz .Tx REI TuRNS SPEcIALrTY PRIVATE LOANS ARRAN GED. Agent for London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. Risks ac cepted qver house property, hay or. wobd stacks, bte. TERMS MODERATE. All businoess executed with promptness sand treated as confidential to clients, D R. PLOWMAN has removed into his new residence, " The Tofts," Daveoy-street (Hastings road), Franks W RICHARDSON; CHEMIST, THE FRANSTON PHAR MACY. Ricnardlon's LIVER PILLS are. withdut doubt, the best Remedy for Sluggish Livers, Constipation, Indiies. tion, etc. In Boxes, is. Each. RICHARDSON'S NEURALGIA POWDERS A Genuine remedy for Neuralgia, etc., curing cases in, which other so-called remedies have failed. Try a Box, is. 6d. Each. Note the Address:, W, RIICHARDSON, chemist, .. FRANKSTON EDWARDS & COOK Solicitors, Etc., ADELAIDE CIIABEIIRS, 't20 QUEEN STREET MBELBOURINE Stn. COOK may bh Cosulted at-his residence, Mornington, exery FPIDAY evetung, and SATURDAY forenoon, and will visit Hastiqgs second Saturday between 11 and 12, and Dromana last iATUtDAY in every Month between 3 and 4 p.m. Franketon and San Reso on Court Dave -. - Harvester Company. The Largest Harvesting Company in the World. PLOUGHS, -OIL, BINDER TWINE. & KNIFE GRINDERS Or any.PARTS of tleir Machines may be obtained from the Local Agent, A. H. GREGORY, Frankston. All orders, by post or otherwise, will re ceive prompt attention. W. PEDDLE, (late of Hastings) HAIRDRESSER & TOBACCONIST, 171 FLINDERS.ST., MELBOUINE. (Next Ball and Wlcsh and .opposito Princes Bridge Station). Best Brands of Pipes, Tobacco and Cigars only kept. Old friends and new are-invited to call. FOR SALE. .A BLOCK of LAND with a 6?ft front -qge to High and Nolan Streets and a depth of 396 feet,, on which is an or chard of good bearing fruit trees, For Full Particulars apply to MARK BRODY, Property Exchange, Franketon. £1,o000o for ls. £1,000. (NET VALUE). (NE 1YAI4UE) ,M 'ELOQURNE AS POPULAR AS EVER, The Great Event of the Year 45th Anniversary, Eight Hlours' Day. GRAND FETE, BAZAAR & ART UNION. Inaidof theCharuties (fo'wsand Country) Friendl Soilettes' Gardens, Melbourne Saturday, I1th Mlay. THE EIGHT HOURS' ART UNION 143 Prizes.. value £1650., First Prize--£I,000. This great pri.e was won last year by ' Master Wmin. oelsh, 204 Bay-street, Port S lelbourns, Victoria. Second Prize. £150, and 141 other Prizes, S ranging in value from .20. This Great Art Union will be drawn in the presence of the Tickethblders and the Press, at 8,30 p.m,. on Monday, 2?Oth April: Positively no postponement. Winnzamg numbers will be published in the three Melbdurne dailies on the 30th April. Every Ticket Sold, andti no other, has a change in this Art Union, Tickets (Is. each) can be obtained, with f(lil lie'of prizes, from your local agents, or direct from the Secretary, 1S. each, t11 for 10S- or23 for £1, by forwe;rding ad dess, and enclosing Postal Notese, P.O. Order, or Stamps (fit sstasep for reply) to C@a!?rgS H?ARRI - ecgretary Eight Hours' Committee, Trades' Hall,.Carlton. Victoria. Loral Ag~eatb-maxa Oflce0, Fraakston. ,,F O.R... Draper, Clothing, Millirir . Boots and Shoes MAIN STREET, MORNINGTON.. ...In consequence of... HEAVY SHIPIENTS OF DRAPERY, CLOTHING IND BOOTS. Principally Men's and Boys' Clothing, We are making Special Effort during this-month by offering- Fresh, Crlsp, Startling and Wonderful Bargains, ,The Goodanhave:been aght for - p" Pr t oash ,i A;-nd will be"sold at(thbevery fidest and loweet prices for ' - - - - - Hard Cash. Country, Buyers: Come along and try us for BARGAINS. A You will be well repaid. Our Stuck is Fresh, Clean and Well Kept, and Right Up To Date. Good Bargains This Month C. T. STONE'S, Opposite The Grand. A GREAT SALE of BOOTS and SHOES - IN THE - ASSIGNED EST TE OF GAHA & SONS, 1ANUFACTUi?RES, ..Sackville St,, ColligwooL, .i LEEM ING Has Purchased at an ENORMOUS DISCOUNT FOR CASH the whole of the Boots and Shoes in the abovy, ESitc, :od iI.. chleair'tliiafdiai ffi ck of All New GiodsN jiiii Sfiihisdhni fieeIfromni ,ttso hahii l , if tlhe i`eratives at Prices that will simply Astounid the Purchaser. Space will not permis of a fuli price Li:t being published, but a few of the lines are mentioned below. Ladies' Elastic Side Bots--Leather, 2s lid. Ladies' Glace Button Shoes-American Shape, 5G lid. Ladies' Glace Lace Shoes-American Shape, 5s 11i. Ladies' Glace Aida Shoes-Patent Caps, 4s lid, Pump Sewn. Ladies' Glace Lace Shoes-New, Neat Shape, Pomp Sawn, White Kid L:ned. Ladies' American Shoes, 12s G6, usual price 18s 61. J Ldies' Glace Bal and Button Boots-Superior, 43 lid. Gent's Glace Bala, 7s 11d. .Gent's Tan Bals, 43 lid and Gs lid. Gent's Dress Bals, 5s lid and 4s lid. Gent's Superior Box Calf Bals-Drcssy, 8s lid ,. ,, , Patent Caps, Us Gd Gent's and Youths' Canvas Shoes, Is Gd Children's School Bals, 7 to 9, Is lid; O10 to 13, 2 91 ; I and 2, is 6d Children's Felt One Button Shoes, all sizes, Is 3d. AND HUNDREDS OF OTHER LINES. Sale Commences on FRIDAY, 1st FEBRUARY, until Further Notice. w.LEEIIll)f, 1 ERRDL ST., NDRTif j IltUllR N - and - 303 ~GBRPEL ST., PRIHRIIN. BEST OF THE BEST! The Wornderfl ~Te Swe ewing Machines. lapsfur Pianos acnd rgats. The Weorteim Eleltra Bi0 oles. WERTHEIM'S FOR CASH O " ON EASYTERMS •BTR S -- AT ANY OF TillE - PAITTI6 MACHINGLES WE RTH EM SEr W C KNITTING MACHINES. MACHINE DEPOTS. ,f~LE, 1.73. WILLIAM ST., MELBOURNE (Opposite Molenzies). ' Diatrict Agent, W. H. FULLER, Frankston, Flinders-Kangerong Shire Saturday. April 27. Present Crs Cata. (President) C;ark, Marsden, Cllanuan, Davies, Hurley, Nowlan. Griffith. Baldry. The finance committee recommended payment of accounts amounting to £164 15a 6d. Works committee accepted the tedi der of J. Morce for the supply of metal at Sorrento and Portsea at 2s lid per yard. From Treasnry forwarding vouchers for £18i1 s 5d. From J. F, Watts Sorrento suggest ing that the ti-tree be cut on the fore shore between Sorrento and Rosebud to witbin'50 feet of the beach . : : 'Cr Marsden supported t tle' ugges Lion. He said it was necessary for the ti-tree to be out so as to allow the road to dryin wet weather, it would also be a convenience to people driving stock. He moved that ten lers be called for clearir, of the'.srnb within 1 chain of the beach between Rye and Rosebud. Tenders to be let in nine sections, Cr Horley seconded.. SCrs Cellanan, Baldry and Griffith apposed the cittineiif the sbruh'nixcPt" sufficient to keep: th-e:road dry. The' motiobn was lost S-.The engineei was' instii.te'd't"ii' 'r port 'as to what places it was necessary the scrub should, be cleared. From Thos. Tuck Fjinders asking pernmiision to feice in a portion of the road side at Manton's Creek in order to plant trees which would be a shelter to his paddock. Cr Nowlan opposed the atplieatbto as it was necessiyy that it was neces sary that this portion of the road side shrold ha kept as a reserve. The mat ter was potponed for a report from the engineer. From G. . liRogers Dromana sug gearioe that the Leounell vote 1s per head to each attending the state schools throughout the shire in order to com memorate the commonwealth 'celebra tions. The secretary estimated that it would mean a cost of £20. The secretary was instructed to reply that the coun cil could not see its way to grant the request The engineer'was instructed to have the foot bridge exte?ided over the creek at Tim', corner on the back road to Boneo. The engineer reported that work was reently teq ired on the road between Blark's camp arnd Clape Schauck, and was instructed to have the road made in the worst parts, cost not to exceed £50. Cr Griffith moved; seconded by Cr Nowlan: That iron gratings he pia.ed at the moath of the drain pipes at the Dromana jetty. Carried. The engineer was instructed to metal the approach to the Post Office and Hill's store (lye, cost not to exceed £1 in each case. The engineer was instructed to call tenders for maintenance metalt in ,the West Riding, also 'iiiakd an tinipection of the drain pipe at Clark's Hotel 8or rent',. Cr Davies requested the support of the council to uphold his action at the last council meeting in bringing forward the matter of day labor. According to press and other r ports he had been twitted with taking the opportunity of shoring his spite against some of the day laborers, which conduct he wished to repudiate as be did it wholly in the interests of the ratepayers and as their representative he felt it his duty to bring the matter forward, Cr Callanan upheld Cr Davies action land said that the council did not think otherwise than thas Or Davies was act ing wholly in the interest of the rate payers. Moved by Cr Baidry seconded by Cr Marsden, That the council is of the opinion that Cr Davies was right and proper in bringing up the question of the amount of workdone by day labor in the East Riding (Oswin and Janies) The motion was carried unanimously. Cr Marsden brought forward his no tice of motion, "That a day man be engaged for the West Riding'" Cr Marsden pointed out that the council had paid about £50 during the last six months for labor to maintain the roads, if a man were constantly on the roads they would be kept'in better repair at a less cost, anytime the man was not working on the roads he could be quarrying stone. He thought the mat ter was worth a trial for six months, Cr.Baldry seconded which _was lost Cr Marsden brought forward his no ttee of motion, "That a rubbish tippe selected for Sorrento." "Or Hurley sec oeidedwhieh.seried, 'This WuV t Riding "Cri a?ddtbi I gineer were appointed a comniittee ito report o variouis sites for a rubbish Stip.' m" ' The meeting then adjourned. FLINDERS. The Rev P. J. Edwards preached his farewell sermon last Sunday, Genuine regret is expressed that one po popular and useful should be leaving the dis trict. The church was crowded and Mr Edwards preached a very fine sermon, which will be long remembered. We feel sure that wherever Mr Edwards goes hp will soon gather around him a large circle of friends, and we wish him every success in his new. parish' of Longwood. .,.,DROMANA. From Our Own Correspondent. Mr Duncan McBryde, a candidate for the South' Eaeern Province Legie lative Council vacancy addressed a large number of ratepayers afier the council meeting at the Dromsna hotel on Sa. turday afternoon last. Or John Cain, president occupied the chair. The can didate expressed his views on the gene ral questions of the day. He is against woman's suffrage, and a minimum wage and in favor of the municipal subsidy, judicious management of the railways, etc. Cr CaliRnnn mdbed a vote of thanks to Mr McBryde for his address, which wsee seconded by Mr Jardine and carried unanimously. The candi date made a very favorable impression with the ratepayers present, and drove off amid ringing cheers. '.'A start will shortly be made with the new Roman Catholic Church.' A very successful entertainment and dance was held in aid'of it on the 19th April. There was a iecord attendance, about £15 being taken at the doors. Another entertainment will be held shorrlv,'and arrangements ate being made'fer arbazaar to be held '.ldurinig the summer months. .. ,A eries'ofsociiila has been arranged for the winter months. The first will be held on Wednesday 24th May, and monthly thereafter. Mr Harry Wilson has been appointed secretary and Mr Youngson treasurer. Mr W. H. Farr has been appointed to succeed Mr Mann as head teacher of the Flinders eta. e school. CORNERISMS. BY "TIHE MAN IN THE STREET." Kingston, lihke the Pre'ident , f the Victorian Legisltive Council, took no trouble over his Commonwealth candi dature. He just nominated, and the electors did the rest. Cheap and very nlCe, M'Gregor, a Labour icendidate sent into the Seiint by the Sousrralian elec tors, was a lab e-'- ' ere he becsme a leader, and worked mainly as a navvy. Hle is almost blind. x x x x SMeeost people imagine the mistakenly appointed Under-Secretary for IHome Affairs to be a Roman Catholic. But you can't judge a Catholic by his cog nomen. Mr Fegan is some brand of Methodist, and has lifted up his voice to the cause in casual pulpits. It is stated that only those who are arrayed in swallow.tail coats will be ad mitted to the Duke of York's levee at Government House. Here is an op portunity for an enterprising costumier or second-hand clothes dealer. He could erect a tent at the gates or bor row one of the sentry boxes and hire .out,coatat.eo'amucli:for-every fifteen minutes. -When still premier, Air Allan M'Lean ventured the prophecy that. the dark browed Watt, his P.M.G ( would come again. Failing in the Federal elec tions Mr Watt has gone down to the M'Lean stronghold (Gippsland North) and if Mr MiLean does not run his battle-scarred son for the seat he should with the help of Mr G. H. Wise win the ex-Preasier's constituency when the latter retires. * + + Commissioner Mathbeson advises all those people who are coming to Mel bourne for the opening celebrations to 'come early and avQid the crush.' All very fine and large, hbut does Mr Mas thieson know what the early-comers will have to pay for board and lodging? Better run the risk of being crushed by the sicnners than of being broke by the publicans. By not only the defendant himself, but the whole of the Madden famit, was the verdict lin the- recent Kerni - Madden slander case anxiously " looked for. Sir John Madden also evinced the keenest interest in the result of the case, and when the verdict became known ihere was much jubilation. Mr Ben.Garnet is'now in congenidl harness as secretary ot the National nouring Association. This body is. in no way identifjed with professional or racing matters. pn bhg bgee a bard riding cyclist of this order since the late eighties, and knows exactly what the touring wheglman or wheelwomani wants. the 'Melbourne celebrationswill lead to at least a cool million spot cash chang ing hands. Sydney has had a doleful fitof the dumps since her inauguration ceremonies, but the slnump that must tollow the Royal visit to Melbourne, as the night the day, will be broken by the assembling of the National 'Parlia ment and the temporary addition of 111 legislators, mostly men of sub stance, to our population. The new So0th Afripa whiph is to spring out of the ashes of the- war is already'recognising that it will be con fronted with a soon felt wanit, and this a will be no less an .artiple than woman, lovely woman. It seems somewhat un gallant to regard the fair sex to a com miercial light like drygqods, wholesale. retail and for exportatiqn, but that is what South Africa is compelled to do. South Africa has been described as the country of 'birds without song, flowers without scent and women without love.' Now there are not even the loveless women in a ock, and as Britain is over i supplied with the fair sex tile United British Womtn's Emigration associa Ston has taken the spatter in hand and h p-s to be able to supply any quantity of desirable emigrants for wives and workers for the men who will piakh d their homes in the districts formerly held by Messrs Krnger and Steyg, out of business,. 'A 'Chapter .on, the: Liver, How it Governs our Liver. Important to F ankston People. The principal duties of the liver are to cleanse tLe blood and to furnish a fluid called bile for the proper digestion of food. The duct or pipe leadine'from the liver to the stomach sometimes be comes clrigged, and the free passage of the bile is thus prevented. When that happens the bile is forced back into the gall bladder which overflows, and thus it is carried into the wrong channel, this state is called *"biliousness." i Many and varied are the effects of a disorder ed liver.. The tongue .is often coated: with a'while or yollow matter, there is a difficulty in brethine, there is also a tightnes' across the chest, the sufferer is given to faintness and sighing, pains are felt in -various parts of the body, the stomach and bowels become inflamed. the face is flushed, and there is sometimes a dry cough. The ap. petite is irregular, and as a rule pimples boils and itching are satellites of bil iousness. -Langour pres lawsaaic't.rul 6and in ,many cases.tbereian.inabilhty "to.sleep. .When'sleep doe it is dis burbed by dreams of a" frightful char acter. Now, notwithstanding the ser inueness of chuonic liver ai.ments, Bile Beans for Baliousness will be iound an undoubted specific. The.Beans by their peculiar properties not only cause the liver to work properly, but that organ is toned to work and act for itself, so that when Bile Beans are left off the cure remains permanent. It may be asked why have Bile Beans become so popular, and how is it that their. sale is so great. These are the reasons. firstly, because thousands have been cured by them, and in prosing them to their friends likewise take them.' Sec ondly, because they do not cure every complaint, and the prcprietors let the public know just exactly what they will cure. Thirdly, unlike most medicines they act upon the system in,,a gentle yet efficient manner, and do not unfit the patient from attending to his or her routine-duty. Fou.thly, they are no new medicine, the beans having stood the test of years, and their low price 13.d per box-puts them within the reach of all. - HASTIN-S, . . .. - '- . . . . (Froem Our Own Correspondent.) A very pretty wedding was soletm. nised in Holy Trinity Church last week, when the Rev P. J. Edwards unitedoin holy wedlock Mr Richard W. Benton :o Miss Florence A. Mifflio, of Hastings. The bride, who was tastefully attired in a creme clahmere dress trimmed with passementrie and creme lace, wore the usual veil and orange blonsoms. Miss Haddock, Misc Stella ailf in (sister of ,the bride), 'ed,;Miese N'ellie 'Ok. (coueiei of the bride) attended as bridesmaids, and all three were dressed in white, with bou quets of, white Cosmos and dahlias, and wore gold bar brooches, the gift of the bridegroom. Among the many pre sents were noticed the following;- Bridegeoom to bride gold bangle, bride to bridegroom gold sleeve links, mo'her of bride house linen, sister of bride dress ring, =ister of bridegroom cheqle, uncle of bride cheque, aunt of bride hand painted fruit dibhec, Miss Grover (Mornington) china tea set, Miss L. Grover b x of scents, Mrs J. Grover tea p)t. cake dish and jam dishes, Mrs Webster, biscuit barrel, Master H. Webster picure frames, Mr and Mrs A. C.imphell si'ver cruet, Mr P. Ryan. ijti dish. Ms Dfower iutter dishes, Mr Incigneri locket,'A Friend' cheqle, Mrs Haddock set or jugs and cPntre piece, Mlrstlocinson lamp awl pepper castors. Miss Haddock pair of .vaese, Mrs Ilenton dinner plates, Miss Sheehey glss dislhes, Mrs Barrett glass ju, Mlise IRo?inson lamp, MAlss Broon ornatlents, Miss Morris fruit dishes, Mliss Wlhi e tir of vases, Miss Etsie and Sie;ls Mifflin honey'aud' jun
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