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Canberra Times (ACT)
Publication:Dec 10 1986
 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Canberra Times (ACT) - Dec 10 1986
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United States military helicopters airlifted Honduran troops to the border region in El Paraiso province over the weekend in an effort to oust the Sandinista troops pursuing US backed Contra rebels. Honduran military officials and a US official, who asked not to be named, said the Nicaraguan troops were holding their ground. A witness to the fighting said Honduran and Nicaraguan troops shot at each other sporadically for several hours. US officials in Washington have acknowledged the airlift but say the aircraft were unarmed and that US personnel have not gone into combat areas. US helicopters yesterday flew Hon duran troops from the 2nd Airborne Battalion at Tamara, near Tegucigalpa, to the US-built airstrip of Jamastran, 30km from Nicaragua. In Washington, White House spokesman Mr Larry Speakes said about three companies of Honduran troops — a force that would number several hundred men — were airlifted during the operation. Over the weekend, Honduran air force jets bombed and strafed the Honduran town of Capire, 140km south-east of Tegucigalpa, and a handful of hamlets where Sandinista troops chasing Nicaraguan rebels have set up camp. A spokesman for President Jose Azcona, Mr Marco Tulio Romero, said the Honduran leader had called Nicaraguan. President Daniel Ortega on Saturday asking him to remove the troops. He said General Ortega had denied any Nicaraguan forces were in Honduras. In MANAGUA, the Sandinista Government protested yesterday to Honduras for allowing its territory to be used as a base for an air raid on Nicaragua which killed seven sol diers. ; j The protest note, issued by the : Foreign Ministry, also called on Hon duras to capture, disarm, and throw out anti-Sandinista Contra rebels operating from bases inside Hon duras. A fan of slain Beatle John Lennon places a Beatles-style hat on a bust of the rock star, placed by another fan in Strawberry Fields, in New York's Central Park. . THE PHILIPPINES Friction between army and rebels MANILA, Tuesday (AP). — Government negotiators were trying today to mediate a dis pute .between the army and communist rebels over military moves during a ceasefire, one day before the 60-day truce takes effect. Rebel officials warned that the dispute over whether the military can conduct patrols and seize illegal weapons from New : People's Army rebels threatens to delay the ceasefire or could lead to early violations of the pact, which comes into effect tomorrow. Teofisto Guingona, a mem ber of the government panel that negotiated the November 27 agreement, told his rebel counterparts in a letter late yes terday that the pact permits the military to conduct "peace keeping operations which nec essarily include action against truce firearms". But Mr Guingona said a sys tem of "signs or signals" must be devised to allow NPA guer rillas to identify themselves to military patrols so the rebels can be exempted from police searches and weapons seizures. There was no immediate re sponse from the National Dem ocratic Front. The communist dominated organisation nego tiated the agreement on behalf of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military wing, the NPA. The dispute surfaced last weekend after the Chief ofStaflf, General Fidel Ramos, an nounced that the army would continue security patrols during the ceasefire period and seize unregistered weapons in ac cordance with Philippine law. General Ramos said com munist rebels, ,as well as off duty soldiers and police, were not exempted from laws re stricting the carrying and dis play of illegal firearms. HONG KONG Colony mourns Sir Edward HONG KONG, Tuesday (Reuter). — Thousands of people thronged the streets of Hong Kong today to mourn Governor Sir Edward Youde, whose death last week has created uncertainty about the British colony's future leadership. Sir Edward, 62, who died in his sleep on a visit to Beijing on Thursday, was given a state funeral with full military hon ours. He participated in delicate ne gotiations with Beijing which led to an agreement in 1984 between Britain and China to hand back Hong Kong to Chinese rule in 1997. There has been no official statement on the cause of Sir Edward's death, although he had a history of heart trouble. His body will be cremated in Hong Kong. London has so far given no indication of Sir Edward's likely | successor, who will have the task { of guiding Hong Kong through j the transition period before the < Chinese takeover. The coffin draped with the! Governor's flag was carried in: the funeral procession on an! open Land Rover to the distant J thunder of a 17-gun salute from ; the Royal Navy and a flypast by helicopters of the Royal Air Force. No action on death of robber From PETER BENESH, in Montreal In THE third Canadian shooting incident in a month, a shop-keeper has become a national hero for killing an apparent robber. Police have withheld the merchant's name because they may not charge him. The store-owner, a pharmacist, spent the night in his shop after he discovered someone had tampered with the bur glar alarm. At 2am a man broke into the store. The pharmacist blasted him with a 12-gauge shotgun a legal weapon for which no permit is needed. < In a previous incident, also in Montreal, a conve nience store owner shot jfmd killed a robber with a legally-registered .357 magnum. The Crown re fused to lay a charge gainst him. However, the First of the so-called vigilantes, Calgary pharmacist Steven Kesler, has been charged with second degree murder after the Shooting of a robber who had fled from his store. I.British Columbia's chief firearms officer, Lome Newson said, ""There's a perceived con cept that the police and lite courts won't protect me so I have to protect myself." i . SOUTH AFRICA Child detentions denounced by US WASHINGTON, Tuesday (Reu ter). — The United States denounced the South African Government today in unusually harsh language for de taining children as young as 11. "We regard the entire state of emer gency as a massive violation on basic human rights," the State Department said in statement. "It is particularly odious that child ren as young as 11 years1 old are being subjected to such abuses," it said in a statement. The denunciation, which broke sharply from the State Department's usual language of deploring or con demning actions by foreign govern ments, followed a disclosure by South African police today that 256 children, aged 11 to IS were being held undcri the nationwide state of emergency. • Speculation has been mounting in 3 South Africa that the Government is; preparing a new clampdown on oppo nents as dissidents called for an anti- > apartheid campaign over Christmas.' Opponents of the white-led Gov- , crnment who have not been detained under a six-month-old state of emer-. gency were reported by friends to be. going underground. Ugly end to cute kid titles ^ CHALMETTE, Los Angeles, Tuesday (AP). — A cute kid contest at the weekend turned into an ugly scene when angry parents stormed the stage and walked off with trophies, said the contest sponsor. At least 600 people, including more than 260 children entered at SUS40 (SA61.49) each, turned up on Sunday for "the cutest kid in the world" contest at a Chalmette civic auditorium in suburban Los Angel es. But some parents complained that they waited hours for their children to appear, and by late afternoon, troublemakers made a scene, the contest director, Ms Ann Berry, said. One woman started screaming, "I want my money back" and was joined by another woman and then a crowd PIGS MMMMW; A vyiw»rt «i| If your family treats your home like a pigsty.. PROFESSIONAL STEAM CLEANING Can make your carpets look like new again! HURRY LAST WEEK - ENDS DECEMBER 13 $22 $19 FORTHE FIRST ROOM FOR THE SECOND ROOM FOR EACH Minimum 2 rooms. Combined lounge/dining considered as 2 rooms ADDITIONAL ROOM S Scofchepn) Available at extra cost ' J GRACE BROS CLEANING SERVICES PHONE NOW! $ffapiir! 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