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Canberra Times (ACT)
Publication:Dec 27 1986
 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Canberra Times (ACT) - Dec 27 1986
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World news Freed hostage arrives home LEFT: Mrs Aurora Cornea greets her husband, Aurel, at Orly Airport in Paris on Thursday after he was released by Lebanese captors. RIGHT: Mrs Joelle Kauffmann, wife of French journalist Jean-Paul Kauffmann, reads a letter from her husband, who has been held hostage in Lebanon by the Islamic Jihad group since May 22. PARIS, Friday (Reuter). — French television soundman Mr Aurel Cornea returned home yester day after nearly 10 months in captivity in Lebanon and received an emotional welcome from his wife and colleagues. The French Prime Minister, Mr Chirac, and two senior ministers interrupted their Christmas holi day to welcome Mr Cornea, 54, as he stepped down from a Mystere-20 executive jet at Orly Airport. Mr Cornea was kidnapped in Beirut with three other members of a crew from the French second TV channel Antenne-2 on March 8. He was set free on Wednesday by the Revo lutionary Justice Organisation and spent the night in the French Embassy in Beirut before flying to Paris from Cyprus yesterday morning. Mr Chirac thanked "all those who played a part in releasing the hostages", naming Algeria, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian officials. He denounced hostage-taking as "a kind of barbarism which can only be condemned by all men of good will". Libyan diplomat killed in Bekaa Valley CHTAURA, Lebanon, Friday (AFP). — A Libyan diplomat based in Damascus was shot dead and an other seriously wounded in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon yesterday, cor respondents in the region reported. Libya's Counsellor at its ebassy in Damascus, Mr Mousbah Mohammad Ghariby, was killed when a hail of automatic weaponfire from a car pierced the diplomats' car near the village of Taanayel, 45km east of Beirut in Syrian controlled territory on the road to Damascus, the cor respondents said. The other diplomat in the car, Mr Mohammad Aboubakr Dahmani, was seriously wounded and taken to hospital in Damascus, the correspon dents said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack from any group. Libyan interests in Lebanon have been threatened in the past by a group calling itself The Sadr Brigades, named after Imam Moussa Sadr, who was head of the Shia Moslem com munity in Lebanon until he vanished during a visit to Libya on August 31, 1978. From 1978 to 1982 the brigades claimed responsibility for three air craft hijackings in Beirut, demanding the release of Imam Sadr. for Indies QMDOLftJ0—Mm <#74 *4 feather frexnn -Iff v 77 evm pk-omE' Agave) Save. uptt> %60 ' ' dme 1vesr-fa»Ms fntym styles CATLStA - Selection of- styles*Cotwrs ft™! svrcRtA -Bfimhon.gfr ^ impcrr fo clear tyoj-lrl Not Available CANBERRA STORE "^MDueR-fo^rM Hush ft/poms 'WOHtaf Styles where Khmer Rouge resistance fighters said they had carried out military operations late last week. Soviet advertising MOSCOW, Friday (AFP). — The Soviet state committee for publishing made an unprecedented call yesterday for advertising to be used as a means , of improving Soviet newspapers1 finances. In Pravda, the committee said advertisements ' would also better fulfill the information needs of ' regional organisations and enlarge "the sphere of - social services" available to the population. , Low-key Christmas HAVANA, Friday (Reuter). Cubans marked Christmas yesterday as an ordinary working day with a ban on office parties in Havana and exhorta tions to work harder. Parliament was in session and the media made no mention of Christmas. A Roman Catholic Church official said attendance at midnight Mass and services yesterday was low. One of the reasons given for not having a Christmas holiday is that it falls in the middle of the sugar harvest. Metro rolling again PARIS, Friday (AP). — Metro services have returned to normal as striking transit workers in Paris temporarily returned to work. Nakasone denies slur TOKYO, Friday (AFP). — The Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Nakasone, said yesterday that people with mixed backgrounds could not be "respected", but stressed later that he had not intended to make a racist slur. Mr Nakasone had said, "Japanese worthy of the name are respected, but persons of unclear national* ity like omajiri cannot be respected." ' The Japanese word omajiri generally means a thin rice gruel but in some contexts, it may also j imply a person of mixed blood. I Israeli explanation TEL AVIV, Friday (Reuter). — The Israeli Foreign Minister, Mr Peres, said yesrerday that j Israel had explained to Italy that it had not infr- i inged Italian sovereignty by bringing nuclear tech nician Mr Mordechai Vanunu to Israel to face trial for leaking alleged atomic secrets. j Mr Vanunu sneaked a message to reporters on j Sunday saying that he was abducted in Rome and ' spirited back to Israel after telling the London , Sunday Times that the Jewish state had produced j nuclear warheads. j I INVESTMENT POTENTIAL PRIME RURAL COMMUTER BLOCKS WAMBOIN 22 mins Civic — 15 minutes Airport Wonderful opportunity to purchase freehold 5-30 acre building blocks in sought after area as close to the city as suburban blocks but many times the size with no requirement to build immediately. Sealed access, power, telephone, school buses, prices from . . $45,000 Phone 731950 ^ RICHARD JAMES PROMOTIONS PRESENTS RALPH MgTELL IN CONCERT . ... V —-vr The Bridge of Sighs Tour BOOK NOW at Canberra Theatre PH0NECHARGE 571077 SUMMER SALE Starts Monday 29th m I WODEN SHOPPING SQUARE 20% - 40% 50% OFF TRENDY KIDS CLOTHES BARGAINSGALORE
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