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Canberra Times (ACT)
Publication:Dec 23 1986
 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Canberra Times (ACT) - Dec 23 1986
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World news Maria Hanson, a fashion model whose face was mutilated on the . orders of a spurned suitor, at a press conference in New York on Sunday. The button, which bears the legend "Yes. I am the model", is hoped to stop some of the routine questions put to her. THE PHILIPPINES Government rules out sharing of .power - MANILA, Monday (AP). — I Former Philippine President I Marcos called the ceasefire with ' communist rebels a fiasco today, J and a government negotiator isaid there was no possibility of sharing power with the guerrillas. President Aquino has also J ruled put any coalition with the j- rebels as the price for ending ; their 17-year-old "people's war", j Officials of the rebel National ; Democratic Front said the talks I must produce a means of "ac f commodating" groups now out f side the Government. , The Philippine Cabinet has ap ; proved a "national reconciliation and development" plan, which officials said would form the core ! of government proposals for end ! ing the rebellion. ! Government negotiator Mr J Teofisto Guingona said the pro posal would be presented to the NDF tomorrow, and he hoped second-round talks could begin in earnest on January 6. Rebel officials have called gov ernment proposals, which in clude amnesty for guerrillas and rural development projects, "palliatives... but not the cure". NDF spokesman Mr Antonio Zumel said he thought prospects for a negotiated settlement were dimmer than before because of several factors, including a week end call by Mrs Aquino for sol diers to prepare for war if talks failed. Mr Zumel refused to speculate on what issues would be the hardest to resolve in the talks, but cited land reform and national sovereignty as "major ques tions". The term "national sovereign ty" refers to US bases in the Philippines, which the rebels want closed, as well as US mili tary aid to the Aquino Govern ment. Mr Guingona said the draft national constitution, due to go to a referendum on February 2, was broad enough to accom modate rebel demands for land reform, industrialisation and de mocracy. He again ruled out power-shar ing but said former rebels could be free to run for public office and pursue their goals in an elected Parliament. "It is the position of the Gov ernment that this power-shar ing is a closed-door matter," he said. "There is no possibility for power-sharing or any transition government because we are man dated to follow the 1986 Con stitution." Britain Delay on moor ! LONDON, Monday (PA). — Police chiefs are now resigned to a wait of three months or more ^before they can relaunch their search for bodies on Saddleworth Moor. Hopes of a mild winter which would have let Ihe four-week operation continue were dashed at !the end of last week when heavy snow fell. , The blanket of snow covering the 487m-high moor above Oldham deepened over the weekend with fresh falls, and experts have now told the search team that it could be the end of March or •beyond before conditions ease enough to allow the moors murder hunt to resume. But for the first time since the operation began, Greater Manchester police now have plans to bey n digging at specific sites following the visit of killer Ms Myra Hindley to the moors under armed guard .last week. SCOUTCHRISTMAS TREES AVAILABLE FROM WODEN: Paul's Home Improve ment Centre Hindmarsh Drive Phillip. BELCONNEN: Paul's Home Im provement Centre, Lathlain Street Belconnen Town Centre. TUGGERANONG: Scout Activity Centre, Kett Street, Kamban (Next to Kentucky Fried Chicken). WIN A VIDEO RECORDER Every purchaser will receive a ticket in a draw for a video recorder valued at S699 to be drawn on Christmas Eve Christmas trees are marketed by the ACT Scout Association as a fund raising activity and is SUPPORTED BY THE CANBERRA TIMES IN BRIEF The last case of Dr Finlay LONDON, Monday (PA). — Actor Bill Simpson, who played the title role in the BBC TV series Dr Finlay's Casebook, died last night in hospital, aged 54. A spokesman at Ballochmyle Hospital near Mauchline, Strathclydc, said the ac tor had been in hospital almost four weeks. "In accordance with his wishes, we are giving no information as to what he was suffering from," he said. But it was no secret to friends that he suffered health problems related to drink. Live Mass WARSAW, Monday (Reuter). — Polish state television has announced that it will carry its first live telecast of a Vatican midnight Mass cele brated by the Pope. The decision followed an announcement last week that the Polish com munist leader, General Jaruzelski, would visit Italy next month and meet the Pope. Toxic spill MERIDA, Spain, Mon day (Reuter). — Twenty tonnes of dead fish were dragged from the Gua diana River in western Spain yesterday after tox ic waste spilled into the water. Police said they be lieved an accidental spill of waste from an oil in stallation was responsible for polluting the river. Politician dies LONDON, Monday (Reuter). — A leading member of Britain's op position Liberal Party, Mr David Penhaligon, was killed in a car crash on icy roads near his con stituency in Cornwall, sputh-west England, early today. He was 42 IRAN ARMS DEAL No pardon for testimony WASHINGTON, Monday (Reuter). — The White House has ruled out pardoning former top aides in return for testimony regarded as crucial to filling in the gaps in the Iran arms scandal, Government sources said. "The idea was floated but not really considered since it would be an obvious political disaster," an Administration of ficial said yesterday. "It is a no-win situ ation." But Mr James Wright, incoming Speak er of the House of Representatives, said in a television interview that he would urge the President, Mr Reagan, to pardon the former National Security Adviser, Vice-Admiral John Poindexter, and Lieu tenant-Colonel Oliver North, his dis missed aide. Both men have refused to testify to congressional investigators, who say their account is essential to finding out what happened in the secret sale of arms to Iran and the diversion of proceeds - to the Nicaraguan Contra rebels. "If Mr Reagan truly wants them to come forward and tell the whole truth, and if he wants them to have immunity from prosecution, that's a simple way," Mr Wright said, adding that it would be a way through which Mr Reagan could accept blame for the affair. But Senator Paul Laxalt, a Nevada Republican and a close friend of Mr Reagan's, dismissed the use of a president ial pardon to clear the air. "it's an appealing suggestion in terms of being simplified and a way to get at the facts," he said in a television interview. "It's npt flying. No-one seems to have an appetite for it. The reason is — let's get more of the facts put before you talk about pardon." In London, The Observer newspaper has said that the eldest son of the Speaker of Iran's Parliament is believed to have fled to Canada with at least $US6 million ($A8.99 million) in commissions from the US arms deals. CHINA Threat of blacklisting students BEIJING, Monday (AFP). — Student demonstrations calling for more de mocracy have reached the southern me tropolis of Guangzhou, while in the northern city of Xian officials have warned dissenting students that they could be blacklisted, sources said today. Several thousand students, took to the streets of Guangzhou on Saturday calling for more democracy in line with demands made by students across the country in the past two weeks, a foreign student who saw the demonstration said. Meanwhile university officials at the prestigious Xian university, in the northern province ofShaanxi, have issued a circular threatening action against stu dents expressing "ill-feelings" towards them, foreign students in Xian said. The circular warned that dissenting students risked being blacklisted, deprived of their diplomas and banned from en rolling at any university in China. A foreign student contacted by phone in Guangzhou said that preparations for the demonstration on Saturday at Zhongshan University had taken on the "air of a fete" and that several thousand students took part. Witnesses from other parts of the country also gave fresh details of the first student demonstrations in the recent un rest, which took place on December 9 in Wuhan, central China and in Hefei, eastern China. Students have since protested in some 10 other cities, notably Shanghai. The reports in the foreign news pages are contributed mainly by Australian Associ ated Press (AAP), Associ ated Press (AP), the Press Association (PA), Agence France-Press (AFP), Reu ter, The Guardian and The Independent Drug death LONDON, Monday (PA). — One of the two men arrested with pop star Boy George died yes terday from a suspected drug overdose. Mr Mark Golding, 20, was taken from a house in Paddington, London, after detectives received an anonymous telephone call from a woman. He was found at the home of the third man arrested with Boy George, Mr Mark Batham. Heroin charge I SINGAPORE, Monday (AFP). — A Singapore taxi driver has been ar rested for allegedly trying to smuggle 1.5kg of hero in out of Singapore, police said yesterday. The 44-year-old man was apprehended at the airport before boarding a flight for Sydney. He was believed to be acting as a courier for a syndicate, police said, and the al leged leader of the drug ring, a 39-year-old sales executive, has also been detained. Bus crash I NEW DELHI, Monday (AFP). — At least 20 people were killed when a bus plunged down a Hi malayan ravine in darkness early yesterday, the Press Trust of India reported. Twenty bodies had been recovered, the agency said, but up to 30 people could have been aboard the bus when it crashed near Shimla in the northern state of Hi machal Pradesh. Ford Vehicle Safety Recall Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited is recalling immediately the vehicles identified below to inspect for, and provide protection against, the possible occurrence of the condition described below. Recalled Vehicles The vehicles being recalled and the Build Dates within which they were produced are: Vehicle Model Prefix Build Date XF Falcon station wagons, JG January 1986 to December 1986 utilities and vans (01.86) (12.86) XF Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia station wagons This Safety Recall relates to vehicles fitted with engines using unleaded petrol only. Note: The Build Date is stamped on the Vehicle Identification Plate affixed to the left-hand inner guard panel in the engine compartment. Condition & Rectification Investigation has indicated that, in some instances, the valve in the fuel filler cap, which assists in the control of fuel tank pressurisation, may become inoperative. If the pressure in the fuel tank increases sufficiently, a fuel leakage may occur and may cause fumes to enter the passenger compartment of the vehicle. This condition will be rectified by an interim adjustment to the fuel evaporative emission system and, at a later date, when supplies of a revised fuel filler cap become available, the fuel filler cap will be replaced. Action Required by Owners of the Vehicles Owners of the recalled vehicles are strongly recommended to have the inspection and interim adjustment carried out, free of charge, by an Authorised Ford Dealer as soon as possible. Owners will be notified by letter from Ford or an Authorised Ford Dealer of the action they should take to arrange for the inspection and interim adjustment. Owners will also be advised as soon as possible of the commencement date for the replacement of the fuel filler caps. Further information can be obtained from an Authorised Ford Dealer. Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (Incorporated in Victoria) ' 1735 Sydney Road, Campbellfield, Victoria Phone early or late and avoid the wait Almost everyone in the world calls friends and relatives over Christmas. So, unfortunately there are peak times when overseas exchanges can't handle^he calls. To cut out waiting time, simply cut out these recommended Australian dialling times and keep them by your phone. It is also a good idea to double-check your international phone numbers. Because during the Christmas period many countries don't provide directory assistance. For information, just dial 01,03 today or tonight. Keeping your world in easy reach U.K.& EUROPE Call before 7.30 pm or after 9.30 pm Christmas and Boxing Day New Year's Day before 8 am after 12 noon NEW ZEALAND Call before 6.30 am or after 10.30 am Christmas Day New Year's Eve before 8 pm after midnight AMERICA Call before 830 am or after 11.30 am on Boxing Day New Year's Day before 4.00 pm after 7.00 pm llli'WMIit*** WteU.
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