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Canberra Times (ACT)
Publication:Nov 26 1986
 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Canberra Times (ACT) - Nov 26 1986
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Woirld news Ceasefire soon, say negotiators Aquino accord with NPA seen likely MANILA, Tuesday (Reuter-AFP). — A Philippine Government nego tiator said today that a ceasefire agree ment with communist New People's Army guerrillas looked imminent. "There have been a number of developments in the last few days that may have changed the picture and our ; relationship with (communist) nego tiators," Mr Ramon Mitra said. President Aquino has a November 30 deadline for signing an accord, but the ceasefire talks were set back when leftist labour leader Mr Rolando Olalia was murdered earlier this month. Asked whether the dismissal from the Defence portfolio of Mr Enrile, i who opposed Mrs Aquino's ceasefire I efforts, was linked to the changed ; situation, Mr Mitra said, "I think so." He declined to give details or say what the new developments were, but , added, "I don't think there is any thing wc can talk about that won't be superseded by events today I . think a ccasefire can be in place with what wc have already agreed upon." Sources close to the government ' negotiators said Mrs Aquino wanted : to sign the ccasefire agreement on Thursday, birthday of her as ' sassinated husband, Mr Benigno Aquino. The other government negotiator, Mr Teofisto Guingona, said agree ment had been reached on 70 per cent ! to 90 per cent of the points discussed with the communists. He, too, de clined to divulge details of the new developments, but he said nego tiations were now on the home stretch and he was confident the November 30 deadline could be met. The talks broke down as the two sides were about to sign an agreement that would have led to peace talks. The communists saw Mr Enrile as a major stumbling block because of his constant criticism of Mrs Aquino's efforts, and they still want an as •. surance that the military will go along : with her policies. The presidential spokesman, Mr * Teodoro Benigno, has said that all ; doors to pcace with the communists, who it is estimated have more than 20,000 guerrillas under arms, will be shut on November 30 if agreement is not reached, and that the military would then be free to wage the sort of war it wanted against them. Mr Benigno, issuing also new de tails about the coup plot that led to Mr Enrilc's dismissal, said one scenario had envisaged killing Mrs Aquino. He accused military officers who supported Mr Enrile of conspiring with supporters of the deposed Presi dent, Mr Marcos, either to remove her from office or keep her as Presi dent as a ploy. "Eventually their target was to bump her off," he said. But Mr Enrile's replacement, General Rafiel lleto, said, "I have no hard evidence of a plot." His ministry was conducting an informal in vestigation. In a further development today, spokesmen for the right-wing opposi tion Nacionalista Party told AFP that leaders of the party had asked Mr Enrile after he was sacked on Sunday to head it. The invitation followed one from the New Society Movement (KBL), which has said Mr Enrile is welcome to rejoin his old party. He left it in February when he led the military uprising which toppled Mr Marcos, his longtime patron. A KBL leader said yesterday that a third possibility was a merger of the KBL and the Nacionalista Party, which is largely composed of former KBL members, with Mr Enrile as the logical head of the merged party. But Mr Enrile has not made a statement on recent events, and a Manila newspaper quoted his associ ates today as saying he had no definite plans. The KBL and the Nacionalista Party are campaigning for the rejec tion of the proposed new Constitution which is to be put to a plebiscite on February 2, after which legislative elections are set for May. Mrs Aquino has staked her Gov ernment's legitimacy on the charter, and the KBL said today that if the draft were ratified the party would interpret it as the will of the people and would take part in the elections. Richard Fariner Now at Manuka A Prudent Wine Merchant Who Doesn't Profiteer The massive fall in the value of the Australian dollar is beginning to show up in very high prices for imported wines. But before the currency's collapse I bought French francs forward which enables me to still offer last year's prices on a range of imported wines. So this summer you can still afford to drink my Beaujolais. The Beaujolais Villages (Faye) of the great 1985 vintage is still $6.99 a bottle and the Faye Beaujolais 1985 just $6.49 a bottle. Compare that with the $14 a bottle or so that the 1986 Beaujolais Nouveau will shortly be selling for! Beaujolais Villages 1985 $6.99 Light Beer Rip Off? The government collects some 96 cents a case less in revenue on a case of light beer compared with full strength varieties. But some retailers actually charge the public more. I don't understand why. It's certainly not the case at the three Richard Fanner stores. I pass on the excise and licence fee savings to customers with prices like these for two dozen cans: • Carlton Light $16.49 — • Tooheys 2.2 $15.99 Manuka Opening Specials (All Bottles 750ml) • Vat 69 Scotch $12.99 • Kaiser Stuhl Champagne $2.65 • Hardy's Black Botde Brandy $11.99 • Beefeater Gin $12.99 • Black & White Scotch $13.49 • Richard Farmer NV French Champagne $14.99 Manuka Endeavour House Franklin St. O'Connor O'Connor Shops Sargood St. Phillip 17 Dundas Ct llRICffARDl CANBERRA Tl MES CLASS I FIE OS 450555 sac PROJECTLIGHTING HAVESOME BRIGHT CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Childrens Novelty Lamps Desk Lamps Standard and table lamps Overhead Lighting Sweep Fans Rechargeable Torches BIG DISCOUNTS Project Lighting Pty. Ltd. 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Vincent do Paul Centres in:— Belconnen Curtin Dickson Kambah Narrabundah Queanbeyan Cooma Goulburn Yass Phillip ma MEAT CITY'S PRICES ARE AMONGST THE CHEAPEST IN THE WORLD A debatable point perhaps, yet figures from the National Farmer Magazine show that Australia's Meat prices are 52% below the world average (based on sirloin steak) MIGHTY MEAT CLEAVER BELIEVES HIS SERVICE, FREE RECI PES, FREE DELIVERY AND BELOW MARKET PRICES MAKE MEAT CITY AMONGST THE BEST AND CHEAPEST MEAT IN THE WORLD. TAKE A LOOK AT MIGHTY MEAT CLEAVERS PRICE FOR VIST THE HOME OF MIGHTY MEAT CLEAVER TODAY AND HIS FRIENDLY STAFF WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY TO FEED YOUR FAMILY PROTEIN PACKED ECONOMICAL MEAT. YOU CAN WIN THIS FABULOUS AMERICAN MADE B.B.Q. BY SIMPLY FILLING IN THIS FORM AND TAKING IT TO MEAT CITY. NAME ADDRESS. PHONE. 1 FARMERS. MARKET WODEN SHOPPING SQUARE 82128S Saved fromTax "May I recommend Minister, that we make the most of our tax savings by investing them at top interest rates with CPS Credit Union. CPS give you a good choice of savings and investment accounts - and all at top interest rates. I suggest you take the time to call them now Minister, before you find your tax savings have just wasted away to nothing." 'Extra tax savings mean even more interest with CPS, Ministeri " ' v CPS Credit Union Co-operative Limited '' j Telephone 95.) 955 Leaders in Finance. ISRAEL Inquiry finds 'only weak evidence' on Waldheim JERUSALEM, Tuesday (AFP). — An Israeli Government commission inquiring into alleged war crimes against Jews by the Austrian Presi dent, Dr Kurt Waldheim, has turned up only weak evidence against him, the Jerusalem Post reported yester day. The newspaper said that this evidence was not suflicicnt to justify any hypothetical request for Dr Waldheim's extradition to face trial in Israel. The commission was formed in April by the then Prime Minister, Mr Peres. Its chairman is Mr Denis Gouldman, director of the Interna tional Department at the Ministry of Justice. The Gouldman report has not been published, and the Jerusalem Post reported Justice Ministry officials as saying that the Prime Minister, Mr Shamir, and Mr Peres, now Foreign Minister, would decide what steps to take. Earlier this year the World Jewish Congress charged that Dr Waldhcim, formerly United Nations Secretary General, had as a German Army of ficer been involved in the deportation of Jews, Gypsies and civilians in the Balkans during World War II. He has denied this. Ring of light in orbit for centenary of Eiffel Tower PARIS, Tuesday (Reuter). — Euro pean space authorities were planning to put a ring of light, visible through out the world, into orbit in 1989 to mark the centenary of the Eiffel Tow er, a spokesman for the project said yesterday. j The project involves launching a half-tonne package from an Ariane rocket. It will inflate in space to form a string of 100 reflectors linked by narrow plastic tubes each 240m long. The ring will be 24km in circum ference, and from an orbit of 800km above the Earth will appear slightly larger than the Moon to the naked eye. It will circle the Earth every 90 minutes and will reflect sunlight so that it can be seen at night. During each orbit it will be visible to a sta tionary observer on Earth for about 10 minutes. The ring of light was designed by a team of French architects led by Mr Pierre Pommereau, head of research at the French Scientific Research Centre, and was chosen from a short list of three projects by the Eiffel Tower Company to mark the cen tenary of the Paris landmark. The ring, which will be launched free, is likely to cost up to 10 million francs (SA2.34 million) to build. Its creators expect it to stay in orbit for two years before breaking up and burning up in the atmosphere. Barclays gives South Africa jitters Sir Timothy Bevan: political and commercial pressures. JOHANNESBURG, Tuesday (Rcuter-AP). — South Africa was waiting today to sec whether other Western firms would follow Britain's banking giant Barclays in withdraw ing investment from South Africa, quickening a tide of world sanctions. Share-market analysts were assessing the impact of the announce ment by Barclays yesterday. Barclays was the first major British company to join a growing list of United States firms, including leading ones such as IBM, Coca-Cola and General Motors, which have decided to wind up busi ness in South Africa. Dozens of foreign companies have left South Africa in recent months, many of them under pressure at home to sever links to help force an end to apartheid. Barclays, which employs 25,000 South Africans, said it was selling its remaining 40.4 per cent stake in Barclays National Bank South Africa to local business interests led by the Anglo-American Corporation mining conglomerate. In London, the Barclays group chairman, Sir Timothy Bcvan, said at a news conference that a combination of political and commercial pressures had prompted the bank to sell its subsidiary, and acknowledged that it had done so at a 20 per cent discount on current share prices. South African officials said Barclays would pull its investment out through the financial rand ex change rate, meaning that the 527 million rand selling price will convert to the equivalent of SA181 million instead of$A366 million at the com mercial rate. "Hindsight is always an exact sci ence," Sir Timothy told reporters who repeatedly asked whether he thought the bank's policy over the past two years of resisting growing pressure for disinvestment had been a mistake. "Wc now feel that it is right to sell that holding and concentrate our ef forts on Europe, the Far East and Australasia and, above all, in North America," he said. There was no hid ing the fact that Barclays' business had been affected by its South African involvement. Barclays, with assets of £65.2 billion (SAI44.54 billion), is Britain's second-biggest bank and was among the biggest single corporate foreign investors in South Africa. UNITED STATES No sackings on Iran Issue, says Reagan WASHINGTON, Tuesday (Rcuter). — The United Stales President, Mr Reagan, insisted yesterday that his policy of secretly shipping arms to Iran was no mistake and said he had no plans to dismiss anyone as a result of the crisis over the affair. "I'm not going to lie about that," he told reporters at the White House. "I didn't make a mistake." Flanked by the Secretary of State, Mr Shult2, the national-security adviser, Mr John Poindexter, and the White House chief of staff, Mr Donald Regan, all central figures in the affair, Mr Reagan repeated that he had no plans for a shake-up. "I'm not firing anybody," he said. Asked whether he was happy with his staff, he murmured, "Uhuh." Then, responding to a question about whether that meant there would be no changes among senior Adminis tration personnel, he said, "I'm not commen ting either way. I'm just telling you how I feel." Mr Reagan and his senior advisers were meeting later today to discuss Middle East policy in the light of the Iran affair. "We're reviewing the whole Middle East situation," the President said. Meanwhile, a top State Department of ficial, appearing to contradict Mr Reagan, said the US had evidence of continuing involvement by Iran in terrorist acts. As Congress opened its first public hear ings into the arms shipments, the Deputy Secretary of State, Mr John Whitehead, ad mitted that the Adminstration might have reached out to the wrong people in trying to improve relations with Iran. He said he was not optimistic that the initiative would bear fruit, but argued that, while risky, it should be pursued. A Democratic Representative, Mr Lee Hamilton, of Indiana, asked Mr Whitehead to comment on Mr Reagan's assertion on November 13 that since secret US contacts with Iran had begun 18 months ago there had been no evidence of Iranian Government complicity in acts of terrorism against the US. "Well, I don't like to differ with my President, but I believe there is still continu ing evidence of Iranian involvement with terrorism," Mr Whitehead said. Mr Reagan and other officials have said the arms shipments were an effort to signal "moderates" in Iran that the US was serious about restoring a relationship that ended after the 1979-81 hostage crisis in which 52 Ameri cans were held in Teheran for 444 days. Mr Whitehead, insisting that the State Department had been shut out of the Iranian operation, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that he did not know what arms were sent or how much they had cost. Con gressional leaders have said the weapons were worth at least $US12 million ($A 18.7 mil lion) and included 2008 TOW anti-tank mis siles and at least 235 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles. In San Diego yesterday, despite defencc claims that the Administration sanctioned such shipments, five peoplc-sverc sentenced to a total of 16 years' jail for their part in a SUS10 million ($A 15.59 million) scheme to send fighter-plane parts to Iran via London. "Regardless of what appears in the news papers, what happened in Iran in the last few weeks is of no concern here," Judge Leland Nielsen said. Rallying round Reagan; Sharpe's view. — Page 2 SHELVING 1) CABOUSELS C Saving Time and Space Solving Storage Problems J Brownbudtumited ' :V^r * ' 88Townsville,Street,» I%4^^S?FYSHWICK.AjC.T.2690 » v . - '> ! > ,<;>'^TELEPHONE'-/' - '
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