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Canberra Times (ACT)
Publication:Nov 3 1986
 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Canberra Times (ACT) - Nov 3 1986
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World news Cardinal Sin offers to be a mediator MANILA, Sunday (Rcutcr). — Cardinal Sin, the Philippines' most influential churchman, said he was trying to mediate in the row between President Aquino and her rebellious Defence Min ister, Mr Enrilc, but he added that the problem may have be come too emotional In a weekend interview, Cardinal Sin also said the Church would support a new constitu tion which is being put to the people in a plebiscite in January. However,^he would leave it to Roman Catholic laymen to pro mote a "yes" vote. "The Philippine) Church never participated in partisan politics... because the moment the Church marries a system it becomcs a widow in the next generation," he said. Cardinal Sin's political posture has always seemed uncertain and he acknowledged that some doubt his professed neutrality. Cardinal Sin said the row be tween the President and Mr Enrilc, who has been sniping at Mrs Aquino's Government, sharply challenging its policies and legality, was like one "be tween a husband and wife who also quarrel". "For me this is the aftermath of 20 years of administration by Mr Marcos. The adjustment is quite complicated but they are learning to adjust themselves to the situation." he said. "i think they will solve this problem," he added. "But my role is very clear for me: to be a practical negotiator, a minister of reconciliation, making a bridge to unite people, to promote un derstanding. "I am trying my best but I do not know if I will be successful because it seems to have become already emotional. But I think it will be solved in time." Meanwhile, Mrs Aquino in dicated today that her Govern ment had not made a final de cision on a communist offer of a ceasefire by Christmas to help bring an end to 17 years of in surgency. Officials of the communist dominated National Democratic Front said yesterday at a Manila "safe house" that it had proposed a 100-day "preliminary cease fire" to government negotiators and offered "talking points" to safeguard the accord. Asked for her reaction to the offer, Mrs Aquino replied only, "We will still talk about it." However, the presidential ex ecutive secretary, Mr Joker Ar royom described the offer as a "welcome development" but said the proposal would have to be "analysed and studied". He said Mrs Aquino was to receive a briefing tomorrow by government negotiator Teofisto Guingona, who received the pro posal yesterday from rebel law yers. • MANILA, Sunday (AP). — Mrs Aquino's Defence Minister, Mr Enrile, today denied allega tions that he diverted United States aid money to his personal accounts. "At the outset, 1 categorically deny such allegations and I wel come any investigation into the matter in order to clear the name of my family and my office, which have been clearly slurred by the reports," Mr Enrile said in a statement issued by his office. | On Saturday, US law-enforce ment officials said Mr Enrile was under active US investigation into whether US funds were di verted into his personal ac counts. Federal officials in Washing ton also said the US Justice De partment was tracking down al legations that the money "may have been laundered" by Mr Enrile or his wife, Christina, while he served in the Cabinet of deposed President Marcos. SUPERPOWERS Promise of Reykjavik pursued WASHINGTON, Sunday (Reuter-AP). — The United States Secretary of State, Mr Shultz, pursuing what he calls the promise of Reykjavik, has talks with the Soviet Foreign Minister, Mr Shevardnadze, this week to find out "where we go from here" after the Iceland summit. Each side has blamed the other for the collapse of the October summit while expressing willingness to build upon its dramatic potential achievements in arms control. The fact that Mr Shevardnadze has agreed to two meetings with Mr Shultz in Vienna was seen as a sign that the Kremlin is eager for a thorough examination of superpower relations following the break up of the talks between President Reagan and the Soviet leader, Mr Gorbachev. Since then the relationship has been vexed by arguments about whether the two agreed to ban all nuclear arms after 10 years or only ballistic missiles, and by a tit-for-tat expulsion war in which 55 Soviet diplomats were ordered out of the United States. Mr Shultz is due in Vienna on Wednes day and is to meet Mr Shevardnadze the same afternoon and on Thursday morn ing. Their talks are expected to be domi nated by efforts to build upon the sweep ing arms reduction agreements that were aborted in Iceland when the two sides reached an impasse on Mr Reagan's "Star Wars" missile defence plan. Mr Reagan says the potential accords would have abolished ballistic missiles — but not other types of nuclear weapons — over 10 years, although officials have said the total abolition of nuclear weapons was discussed. Mr Gorbachev insists that the agreement covered all nuclear arms. In Bonn, West German Television re ported yesterday that the Soviet Union had abruptly postponed the signing of a nuclear cooperation pact with West Ger many in protest at Chancellor Kohl's re ported comparasion of Mr Gorbachev with Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbcls. American hostage 'released' LARNACA, Cyprus, Sunday (Reu ter). — Two US military helicopters arrived at Larnaca airport from east Beirut amid unconfirmed reports that an American hostage in Lebanon had been freed, witnesses said. In Beirut, unconfirmed reports said hospital director Mr David Jacobsen appeared at a United Stales Embassy building in Moslem west Beirut and was transferred in a convoy to Chris tian cast Beirut. The witnesses said Mr Jacobsen, who has been in captivity for 17 months, was released in front of the old US Embassy Doraford building at Ein Mreissch. Dynamic and individual. The BMW 3 series. A high quality compact automobile balancing performance and economy in a taut, lean design, incorporating BMWs renowned L-Jetronic fuel injection and 5 speed gearbox The 325e also offers the new fuel efficient 'eta' engine - a result of applying the very latest technology. Only BMW's uncompromising pledge to perfection could produce such a balance, resulting in the ultimate driving machine. In Canberra, only Slaven BMW possesses the knowledge, BMW expertise and facilities, necessary to give your BMW the ultimate in service. 3-5 Botany Street, Phillip Phone : 82 2455 MQH&G 8381 NICARAGUA Rebels offer to swap prisoners MIAMI, Sunday (Rcuter). — Nicaraguan rebels said yesterday that they would soon offer to free 30 prisoners they held in ex change for a downed American flier on trial in Managua and five rebels held by Nicaragua's Sandinista Government. The United Nicaraguan Opposition, the umbrella group for US-backed rebels fighting the leftist Nicaraguan Government, planned to make a formal proposal for a prisoner swap in the next few days, UNO spokeswoman Marta Sacasa said. She said rebels officials would make the offer using a third country as an in termediary. The Nicaraguan Government has consistently refused to negotiate directly with the insurgents, charging they are instru ments of US policy. Mr Eugene Hasenfus was the sole survivor of the crash of an arms-laden plane shot down over Nicaragua on Octobcr 5 in what Sand inista officials called a supply mission for rebel forces. He is being tried by a Sandinista people's tribunal on charges of terrorism and violating state security. In Managua, President Ortega said yester day Nicaraguan troops had engaged US backed rebels in heavy combat this week on the northern border with Honduras. Mr Ortega said in a radio broadcast from the northern provincial capital of Jinotega that Nicaraguan troops killed 80 rebels and wounded 120 in "intense combats" between October 24 and 29. He said 21 government soldiers had died and 16 were wounded in a successful sweep by four battalions to break up a large concen tration of rebels poised to penetrate northern Nicaragua from Honduran base camps. "The mercenary forces have not been able to get through, nor will they ever get through," Mr Ortega said. Some of the battles were fought just over the border inside Honduras, according to sources on both sides. Tunisian party 'illegal' TUNIS, Sunday (Reuter). — The leader of a fledgling Tunisian opposition party, the Socialist Progressive Party, and 13 of his followers were jailed yesterday after a Tunis court outlawed the party on the eve of a virtually uncontested general election. Opposition groups were already boycotting the poll and the case will not affect today's vote. Visionhire your TV and Video without being tied up., We know whai it's like when you're renting or sharing, so Visionhire offer flexible contracts from 3 to 12 months. It's hassle-free renting from as little as $3.81 per week for a TV or just $7.27 for a VCR. Callus. 82 3544 r*WiylH notional press club! MONDAY 3 NOVEMBER MELBOURNE CUP EVE FASHION PARADE 6.30pm CARLA ZAMPATTI'S SUMMER COLLECTION MEMBERS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS TUESDAY 4 NOVEMBER MELBOURNE CUP LUNCHEON 11.00am MEMBERS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS THURSDAY 13 NOVEMBER National Press Club Luncheon 12.30pm Willy DE CLERCQ — EC Commissioner for External Relations and Trade PolicY "EEC and Australia Building a Partnership" MEMBERS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS WEDNESDAY 19 NOVEMBER National Press Club Luncheon 12.30 DAVE HILL — Chairman, ASC MEMBERS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS —r„-i— FRIDAY 21 NOVEMBER National Press Club/Westpac Tenth Annual Charity Golf Tournament GOLF DINNER 7.00pm MEMBERS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS TUESDAY 25 NOVEMBER National Press Club Luncheon 12.30pm Paul EDDINGTON — 'Yes Minister — (and 'Yos Prime Minister') MEMBERS ANO ONE GUEST SMORGASBORD LUNCH every TUESDAY 12 noon-3pm SEAFOOD DINNER every SATURDAY from 6.30pm For all enquiries please phone 733644. 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THE LAST DIET YOU'LL EVER START COULD BE A PHONE CALL AWAY.* BELCONNEN Shop 6, Nettlefold Plaza, Nettlefold St. 516366 QUEANBEYAN City Arcade, 1st Floor, 71 Monaro St. 976066 WODEN Mezzanine Fl, MLC Tower, Keltie St 851000 AHBITJSI S TKllWliKinolWTWON IIIKIWK.KVM JCCC.IX .11* Firemen hose down Sandoz chemical plant in Muttenz, near Basel, Switzerland, on Saturday morning. The fire caused damage estimated at SA10 million. A gas cloud, emitted by the fire, spread to West Germany and France yesterday and dead fish were found in the Rhine River. Gas cloud spreads in Europe BASEL, Switzerland, Sunday (AP). — A huge cloud of fetid gas and smoke, emitted by a fire at a chemical plant near Basel yesterday, spread to neighbouring France and West Ger many and authorities reported thousands of dead fish in the Rhine River. No casualties were reported. Dam age to the Sandoz company ware house in Muttcnz was estimated at about 10 million Swiss francs (SA10 million). Sirens woke residents of the Basel region three hours before dawn when authorities decided to declare an emergency because of the billowing, toxic cloud over the site of the fire, a 6000 square metre storage hall of the Sandoz company. Police and government officials said the gas cloud — a combination of sulphur dioxide, phosphorous acid and mercaptans — was not concen trated enough to harm the popu lation. It took 160 firefighters to control the fire and witnesses reported seeing flames that shot up to 60 metres high. The cloud had lost density by after noon but had reached the French and German borders. Authorities said the fish in the Rhine River may have died from pollution caused by run-oft of water used to combat the fire. Cause of the fire was still under investigation, police said.
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