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Carly Simon
Aliases:carly_simon, Simon, Carly, Carly Elisabeth Simon
Birth:June 25 1945
 New York City
Nationality:United States of America
Ethnicities:African American, Jewish people
Occupations:Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Writer, Actor, Film Score Composer, Author
Marriage:Spouse: James Taylor
Nov 3 1972
Marriage:Spouse: James Hart
Dec 23 1987
 The Bronx
 Martha's Vineyard
 Riverdale Country School
 Sarah Lawrence College
MotherAndrea Heinemann SimonMar 24 1909
FatherRichard L. SimonMar 6 1899
SonBen TaylorJan 22 1977
DaughterSally TaylorJan 7 1974
SisterJoanna SimonOct 20 1940
SisterLucy Simon1943
BrotherPeter Simon1947
HusbandJames TaylorMar 12 1948
HusbandJames Hart
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