East Baltimore Station, Marriages, 1838 - 1872

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East Baltimore Station Methodist Episcopal Church, 1801 - 1885., Volume 2. (1801-1885) 2007. This first volume of the United Methodist Historical Society Closed Church Records Series contains four church

registers from the East Baltimore Station Methodist Episcopal Church (formerly Fells Point) spanning the years 1801-1885. These records are presented in their original sequence using high-resolution greyscale images. They include handwritten records and therefore do not include any facility for an automated search. Pre-printed section headings and every page containing historical records are included. Unused ledger pages are typically not included and account for any appearance of missing page numbers. The records in this volume include:Separate Registers- Marriages 1801-1835- Marriages 1837-1872- Baptisms 1838-1872Register 1873-1885 includes:- Members as of 1883-1885- Marriages 1873-1885- Baptisms 1873-1886 Note that both volumes of the East Baltimore Station records (1801-1885 and 1886-1908) can be purchased together at a discount price (Product ID US0452).These records were digitized and made available by Archive CD Books USA in cooperation with the United Methodist Historical Society. Additional volumes in the United Methodist Historical Society Closed Church Record Series will be available as they are completed. The Society maintains these original registers and a wide selection of other Methodist Church records and memorabilia at the Lovely Lane Museum and Archives in Baltimore, Maryland. More information and directions to visit the museum are available though its web site at www.LovelyLaneMuseum.com.




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