Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England

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Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England. Ernest Flagg. (1926) 2006. Flagg goes well beyond the title of this volume and provides extensive information on more than one hundred early New England families, in some cases for several generations.

He includes extensive biographical information, full lists of children, and, where available, data on their English origins.The book is structured as an account of the author's own ancestors, but goes far beyond this. An extensive introduction provides historical background on the settling of New England and the conditions of life in colonial times.This is followed by an outline presentation of the author's ancestors in pedigree form. This section is supported by the core of the book, which devotes a page or more to each ancestral couple, including biographical data and the list of children. Flagg is careful to tell us the sources of his information. There are portraits of many of the subjects of the accounts.Note: This book is also among the 22 volumes in our popular Compendium of New England Pioneers.Next comes a substantial section presenting what the author had learned of the English origins of more than fifty of the families treated above. In a number of instances, these are the definitive accounts of the English origin, with extensive abstracts from English records, especially parish registers.The volume concludes with a section that looks more closely at some of the difficult genealogical problems in the book, or presents copies of documents relating to some of the families.




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