History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia, 1748 - 1920

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History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia, 1748 - 1920. Wm. C. Pendleton. (1920) 2007. Pendleton tells the history of Tazewell County by placing it firmly in the larger context of the migrations

into southwest Virginia, and then focusing in detail on the settlement of Tazewell County itself. The author pays special attention to the Indian conflicts and the resulting losses of life.In parallel with other historians who have written about this part of the frontier, Pendleton prefaces his work with the broader picture of English penetration of the mountainous west, but he paints with a broader brush than most others. He goes more deeply into the prehistoric, pre-English period, for example.The long section on the pioneer years is followed by a section of biographical sketches of many of the earliest families in Tazewell County. This is followed by an equally long section in which he relates the stories of many conflicts between the Indians and individual frontier families, in the course of which much biographical and genealogical data on these families is set forth as well.The volume includes many photographs depicting the topography and buildings of Tazewell County, as well as photographs of many individuals born in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Finally, there is a list of all those from the county who served in World War I.




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