History of the Town of Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts from 1669 to 1859

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History of the Town of Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts from 1669 to 1859. George Faber Clark. (1859) 2006. Clark surveys the history of the town of Norton, Massachusetts, from the time of its first settlement to the date of publication.

The author makes extensive use of transcripts of original town, county, colony and state documents, and places special emphasis on the history of the churches of Norton.The town of Norton grew out of the North Purchase of Taunton and contiguous parts of the original Taunton purchase. As Taunton matured, this northern part of the town was granted precinct status, and then set off as a separate town in 1711. In 1725 part of Norton was set off as the town of Easton, and in 1775 another part of the town was set off as the town of Mansfield.The author included complete transcripts of many of the official petitions and court orders leading up to the establishment of the town and the first church. There are many lists which include the names of large numbers of the residents of the town, including tax lists, militia lists from the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars, as well as the complete 1855 state census for the town.There are brief biographical sketches of the earliest settlers of the town, and also of judges, physicians and college graduates associated with Norton.Clark pays special attention to the history of the Congregational Church of Norton, including lists of admissions to membership in the church during the eighteenth century. He also includes information on later churches established in the town.




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