New England Gazetteer; Containing Descriptions of All the States, Counties and Towns in New England

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New England Gazetteer; Containing Descriptions of All the States, Counties and Towns in New England. John Hayward. (1839) 2007. This volume combines in one alphabetical listing an exhaustive survey of

the political divisions, from town to state, and the physiographic features of all six New England states. The entries range from a paragraph to several pages, covering location, population, history and commercial activities.This reference work describes New England at an important transition point in its economic history. First, by 1839 the use of water power for large-scale manufacturing had been on the rise for a few decades. As a result, Hayward devotes special attention to the number of mills in each town and city, and the products produced by these businesses. In association with this, the author also takes care to describe the watercourses that drained each town, thus supplying the water power.Note: This book is also among the 10 volumes in our popular Compendium of New England Gazetteers, which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately.Likewise, in his descriptions of rivers he traces each from its headwaters to its outlet, listing each town through which it passed.Second, the railroad age had begun just a few years before this compilation was made, and in his preface to the volume Hayward shows that he was fully aware of the impact this new means of transportation would have on the geograpy of New England. As yet, however, relatively few towns and cities were served by railroads. As a result, this gazetteer provides a snapshot of New England just before the tremendous changes brought about by the synergies of water power and the railroad.




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