Memorials of the Dead in Boston, King's Chapel Burial Ground

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Memorials of the Dead in Boston, King's Chapel Burial Ground. Thomas Bridgman. (1853) 2006. Bridgman begins this book with transcriptions of hundreds of surviving tombstones in Boston's King's

Chapel Burial Ground, and supplements this source material with narrative and genealogical accounts of many of the families who used this cemetery, identifying thousands of relatives of the deceased.The burial ground treated in this volume was the first in Boston, used from the first years of the town's existence. King's Chapel, the first Episcopalian church in Boston, was not built on these grounds until more than half a century later. Since this compilation was prepared in 1853, many inscriptions that no longer exist or are no longer legible appear here.Most of the tombstones represented here are from the seventeenth century or the early eighteenth century. A few of the plots continued to accept burials in the early nineteenth century, but other burial grounds, including Copp's Hill and the Granary, had long been available by that time.The second half of the book has dozens of articles on those families with many burials in the King's Chapel grounds. These articles were contributed by several writers, with some being composed in narrative form and others in a more standard genealogical arrangement. In either case, these accounts place those buried here in a broader context, and described thousands of individuals related to the deceased, most of whom died and were buried elsewhere.




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