Knickerbocker's History of New York (1887)

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Knickerbocker's History of New York (1887). This book was first published in 1809 and has a fascinating story behind it. Deidrich Knickerbocker disappeared mysteriously from his lodgings in New York.

His disappearance was advertised in the New York Evening Times, and was responded to by Seth Handside, the owner of the lodgings. "A curious kind of a written book has been found in his room, in his own handwriting. Now I wish you to notice him, if he is still alive, that if he does not return and pay off his bill for boarding and lodging, I shall have to dispose of his book to satisfy for the same."The book was duly published, without Knickerbocker's knowledge, in November 1809 and advertised as:"Containing an account of its discovery and settlement, with its internal policies, manner, customs, wars, &c. &c. under the Dutch government, furnishing many curious and interesting particulars never before published, and which are gathered from various manuscript and other authenticated sources, the whole being interspersed with political speculations and moral precepts."This book was published by Cassell & Co. in 1887 (written by Washington Irving) and it is this wonderful little volume that we have been able to obtain and present on CD. But don't take the history too seriously! Irving's other masterpieces include such titles as "Rip Van Winkle" and "Sleepy Hollow", and "A History of New York" was his first major work. Gentle satire rather than real history.




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