Three Years in Canada, Volume 2

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Three Years in Canada, Volume 2. John MacTaggart. (1829) This is an early and rare book describing Canada in the form of a report, to the British Government, of its development and the opportunities it offers.

While this is the second of two volumes comprising the whole book it stands in its own right without any loss of information or intelligence. This is because the author, John MacTaggart, does not seem to have been following any plan for the contents or format of the book but simply collected his observations, interpretations and impressions into a random order and published them. Perhaps the only exceptions to this rule may be found towards the rear of this volume where he suggests "advantageous" courses in which Canada's development might be directed. The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to cooperate with local libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.




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