New South Wales Police Gazette 1887

427 records
New South Wales Police Gazette 1887. 1887. A unique and valuable record, the New South Wales Police Gazette was issued once a week, and contains any information on 'cases of felony and misdemeanors

together with description of offenders, and every particular which may lead to their apprehension'. They contain an enormous amount of information which cannot be found elsewhere. Apart from any changes within the police force which are all listed, information is also given on housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, lost horses and cattle, deserters from wives and families and also deserters from service, missing friends, escaped prisoners, reports on those released. Notices from interstate police gazettes are sometimes included. Example entries taken from the 2 February 1887 issue: Deserters from the New South Wales Artillery No. 1,520, Gunner Alfred Hurd, born at Eccleshaw, Staffordshire, 25 years of age, 5 feet 8 3/4 inches high, hazel eyes, brown hair, fair complexion; a butcher; dressed in regimentals. Under two years' service. Missing Friends Missing from his home, No. 22, Grose-street, Camperdown, since the 3rd ultimo,-William Edwards, 15 years of age, small for his age, very dlicate-looking; was formerly page boy at "Bowden's Club Hotel", Sydney. This CD contains all 52 issues that were produced for the year 1887, and this truly is a fascinating read for learning about the social history of the time, even if you don't have family there.




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