Australian Lutheran 1938

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Australian Lutheran 1931-40. 1931-40. Now available for the first time on CD-ROM. 'The Australian Lutheran' was the nationwide magazine for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia (ELCA)" from 1913-1966.

It gives an amazing insight into the issues of the day and the development and role of the Lutheran Church in Australian history and also provides a large amount of information on specific events and people in the Australian Lutheran churches past in the form of notices, including many marriages, deaths and obituaries.It contains a huge amount of valuable and interesting information for historians and researchers in many areas, and will prove a valuable resource for many.This title is the third decade in a series of 'Australian Lutheran' magazines ranging from 1913-1966. Following is a complete list of Australian Lutheran digital products. The Australian Lutheran 1913-20 The Australian Lutheran 1921-30 The Australian Lutheran 1931-40 The Australian Lutheran 1941-50 The Australian Lutheran 1951-60 The Australian Lutheran 1961-66 The Australian Lutheran 1913-66 - complete set of the entire 'Australian Lutheran' magazines a special set price




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