Medical Directory 1915

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Medical Directory 1915. 1915. The Medical Directory contains a large amount of statistics and current medical information for all of the Australian states, New Zealand, the Pacific islands, South East

Asia, China and Japan. It contains information including the following:laws applicable to the medical profession, a directory of medical associations and departments  information regarding medical courses and university regulations, ethicsAboriginal healthmedical Actsmedical fees, a complete directory of registered doctors, surgeons etc listing their qualifications and past experience obituaries as well as relevant geographical information for the different states, a general gazetteer and local directory for several country towns,lodgesstatistics andlists of medical periodicalsThese books include a large amount of useful information for social historians and those interested in medical history, as well as those with ancestors within the medical profession.The Australasian Medical Directories held by Archive CD Books Australia are available as a compendium at a discounted price. Click here for more details and to order the compendium.




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