Sedbergh School Register

1,097 records
Sedbergh School Register. This Register of Sedbergh school in Yorkshire, covers the years 1546-1909. It gives excellent biographical details about the scholars, including some details of employment after

leaving the school. Also includes details of sporting teams, and a list of former pupils who served in the South African (Boer) War. Accompanied by plans of the school plus some photographs of headmasters. Plus The History of Sedbergh School By Henry Lowther Clarke and W.N. Weech. The history of Sedbergh school from 1525 up to 1925. Plus Sedbergh School Songs. Words by R. St. J. Ainslie, music by P.A. Thomas. A collection of eleven songs written by the masters describing the life and times of Sedbergh. Published in 1909.




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