Korean War Casualties, 1950 - 1957

109,974 records
This collection contains records about U.S. Army officers and soldiers who died or were wounded in the Korean War, between 1950 and 1957

According to the Casualty type field, 27,727 records are for Army personnel who died, including personnel who died while a prisoner of war or missing in action. The remaining 82,248 records are for nonfatal Army casualties. The information on each casualty includes: name, service prefix and number, grade, (Army) branch, place of casualty, date of casualty, state and county of residence, type of casualty, detail/previous casualty type, casualty group, place of disposition, date of disposition, year of birth (for deceased casualties only), military occupational specialty, organization troop program sequence number, element sequence, unit number, race, component, and disposition of evacuations.


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