John Shriley Read

Eileen Dorothea Whitaker
Micheal and Eileen WhitakerTessie Parnell and Eileen WhitakerWhitaker Family 001Eileen in front of the infamous Rhododendrum bush at the back of Aunt Jessies (Miss Hart....not really a relative, but a very close friend,  just respectful title as we did then)Mike Whitaker, Geoffrey & Eileen StapletonMum me & EileenSheilagh & Eileen WhitakerThe family at the back of 35 Cook RoadWhat a beautiful picture of Eileen & Mike WhitakerJohn  Shriley ReadShriley Read and Deacon Mawer ReadShriley Read and James AldridgeShriley Read AldridgeShriley Read and Kayleigh Beth Gillard-StapletonNanny and Kayleigh - First Birthday

<Private> Read (born Aldridge)
John Read
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