Jack and Nellie Whitaker

Eileen Dorothea Whitaker
Ted ParnellTessie (nee Quigley and Ted Parnell - 22 March 1941Dad on the doorstep of Avondale (obviously!) I remember going there and it was a lovely big house.Arthur Edward &quots;Ted&quots; ParnellArthur Edward &quots;Ted&quots; ParnellKathleen Theresa &quots;Tessie&quots; Parnell (born Quigley)Kathleen Theresa &quots;Tessie&quots; Parnell (born Quigley)Arthur Edward &quots;Ted&quots; ParnellJack and Nellie Whitaker 2Jack and Nellie WhitakerBirth Certificate for John Stanley Whitaker 19-11-1913Death Certificate for John Stanley Whitaker 11-10-1999Ellen & Jack Whitaker Marriage DayFront Row - Brian-Sheilagh-Michael-Dennis- Eileen - Back Row - Jack & Ellen WhitakerGillard-Stapleton Family

Justin George Gillard-Stapleton, Esq.
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