JOHN WILLIAM HAND SR. – August 15 2008, westfield , n.j.

john hand
JOHN WILLIAM HAND SR.john jr. ( jay ) and his mom ( eileen keilty ) at his weddinghead stone of william m. hand b.1868  d. 1935  and his wife mary jane franks b.1868 d.1922headstone arthur william hand b. feb 13 1901 d. aug 1965 and hazel viola guerin b. july 6 1911 d sept 1981. headstone for william hand b.1828 d. 1903 and emma hoover b. 1828 d.1887JOHN W. HAND sr.  2008william hand and emma hoover head stonearthur william hand abt 1930

<Private> Hand, Sr.
<Private> hand (born Keilty)
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