Kenneth Hartley 'Bob' Quinlivan 1917-1992 – 1917

David Hanlon
Gaynor James  My mother's brother Kenneth (Bob) Quinlivan the last o f the Quinlivan dynasty of horse trainers .He married Jean Angus of Wellington after the war. He had flaming carroty hair and was renowned for his quick wit. He trained the famous GAME who winning 11 gold cups.
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Gaynor James  Also on tree -
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Florence Adeline Quinlivan   1915-1996 ( Nook)Florence Adeline QUINLIVANFlorence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996Kenneth Hartley 'Bob' Quinlivan 1917-1992Ken Quinlivan 1891-1956Ken Quinlivan Trainer-1891-1956Florence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996Margaret Eileen Hay 1893-1986Margaret Eileen HAYFlorence Adeline QUINLIVANFlorence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996
Elizabeth Kaina - Lawrence Hanlon MC 1882
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Kenneth Hartley (Bob) Quinlivan
With thanks to Gaynor James for providing this photo.
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