Florence Adeline Quinlivan 1915-1996 ( Nook) – April 14 2007

David Hanlon
David Hanlon  Gaynor James - my mother Florence (Nook) James taken before going to a ball in Wellington nz at Karaka Bay. the dress was a stunning shade of purple. The Majestic Ballroom was the place to go in the war years! . Her brother Bob was staoned at Forst Dorset nearby before being shipped overseas. GJames
4 years ago
Florence Adeline Quinlivan   1915-1996 ( Nook)Florence Adeline QUINLIVANFlorence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996Kenneth Hartley 'Bob' Quinlivan 1917-1992Ken Quinlivan 1891-1956Ken Quinlivan Trainer-1891-1956Florence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996Margaret Eileen Hay 1893-1986Margaret Eileen HAYFlorence Adeline QUINLIVANFlorence Adeline Quinlivan(Nook)1915-1996
Elizabeth Kaina - Lawrence Hanlon MC 1882
2012-4-6 Waddoups - emigration summary

Florence Adeline (Nook) James (born Quinlivan)
With thanks to Gaynor James for providing this photo.
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