Mary Cook
John CaseSpencer33308459 124251879082Case of Berwick-Scotland Shield C_http__casehnz57_com_cas_berx_htmlAbraham HublerJacob HublerMillie Rutherford and Father George Rutherford c 1888HeadstoneSusannaRowlesTitusRowlesHeadstoneHeadstoneCommodoreRowlesANGUS VI Chief Mackintosh husband of EVA  Heiress of Clan Chattan son of FARQUHAR V Chief Mackintosh and MORA MacDonaldEva Heiress of Clan Chattan wife of ANGUS VI Chief Mackintosh daughter of Dougall Dall VI Chief Clan ChattanFARQUHARD V Chief Mackintosh husband of MORA MacDonald son of SHAW IV Chief MackintoshMORA MacDonald wife of FARQUHARD V Chief Mackintosh daughter of ANGUS MOR MacDonald Lord of Islay and ?? Campbell Thomas Holt Murray

Commodore Perry Rowles
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