Axel Christmas 1969

stephen wassman
Wilhelmina WernerGwendoline Carey born MauchlanRichard and Mary YEO nee WiltonJoseph Frederick Henry HardwickFrederick William Parish Die-Opfer-des-BombenattentaHome of Walter, Else Katl and Axel in Munich 2Home of Walter, Else Katl and Axel in MunichAxel @ Hinterbruhler See Axel Christmas 1969Katl, Axel & ElseJohn Joseph Valentine Outhwaite with (L-R) Cheryl Outhwaite on Glenda Outhwaite's lap, Leonard Evans  (Eileen's son) and Dennis Outhwaite (with hat)Coral (left) Beverly (right)EvansEvelyn Outhwaite's daughters Glenda and Dennis Outhwaite centre.Back row 2nd left Glenda Outhwaite middle row of girls Lorraine McCart last on right, front row girls third from left Coral Evans.Minnies children 0002
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