Heinson Louisa 1

stephen wassman
1882 BR - Jonathan b 1867 & Thomas Henry 1865, Girl Standing is Augusta b 1869, Hannah seated with James Veteran b 1880,Hannah -Jones- Steele aged about 46, taken after James' death 1888Bessie Brotherton -nee Steele, daughter of Hannah & James SteeleWilliam Yeo C1898 , Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaBR Andrew Nelson, possibly his father & wife Ethel-Ettie- Nelson -Heinson-Seated their children and maybe Andrew's mother. Charters TowersEthel Heinson and Andrew Nelson Wedding Photo 23 Oct 1907 Charters TowersLilian Nelson Charters TowersLilian Jane Young nee Heinson c 1916Fred and his mother - Louisa Heinson in SydneyHeinson Louisa 1Heinson,LouisaKevin Franklin WatersAdrian John -Barney- Waters, Jun 1943 in SydneyAnn Hannah Payne b 1823Ann Hannah PAYNE [HANRATTY]
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