Marienkirche – 1805, St Mary's

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Johannes Friedrich Schultze
Carl Gustav's grandfathers escape
<p>Johann Schulz, was a civilian volunteer in a 1805 revolt against Napolean. The 2nd Brandenburger Hussars and their volunteers were defeated and the fortified island of Stralsund taken. Johann was imprisoned in St, Mary's. He said to his two friends,"Look the French guard is asleep. Let's escape!" So they climbed the steps up the tower and thru a door out onto the roof. Slid down the upper roof, slid down the lower roof, then dropped to the ground. Carl Gustavs grandfather (Johann Schulz) landed in the bushes. The other two missed and broke their legs. The captive Stralsunder volunteers were all (hundreds) executed by firing squad the next day. Thanks to Johann Schultz I'm here writing you this letter. regards musician!
<p> George Tramp
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