George Roesen Shoemaker or Schumacher

Born:1635 In:  Dollendorf, Herzogtum Berg, Kurpfaltz, Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation
Died:Jan 1686 (at age ‎~51‏)In:  Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania Colony, British Colonial America


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Immediate family

Arnold [Arnst] Dedenborn Schumacher
His father
Agnes Niegen Schumacher (born Roesen)
His mother
Jacob Rosen Schumacher
His brother
Peter Phillip Schumacher
His brother
Arnold Roesen Schumacher
His brother
Martin Schumacher
His brother
Adele Adelegen Schumacher
His sister
Adelgen Schumacher
His brother
Arndts Roesen Shoemaker
His brother
Trienchen (Catherine) Roesen Schumacher
His sister
Trienchen Roesen Schumacher
His brother
F Schumacher
His sister
Johann Peter Schumacher
His brother

Source citations

Confidence: Direct and primary evidence
Citation text:
George Roesen Schumacher
Gender: Male
Birth: Circa 1645 - Dollendorf, Herzogtum Berg, Kurpfaltz, Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation
Occupation: Germany
Marriage: Spouse: Sarah Schumacher (born Hendricks) - Circa 1660 - Germany
Death: Jan 1686 - Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania
Father: <a>Arnold [Arnst] Schumacher</a>
Mother: <a>Agnes Niegen Schumacher (born Roesen)</a>
Wife: <a>Sarah Schumacher (born Hendricks)</a>
Children: <a>George Shoemaker</a>, <a>Sarah Schumacher</a>, <a>Barbara Schumacher</a>, <a>Abraham Schumacher</a>, <a>Isaac Shoemaker</a>, <a>Susanna Price (born Shoemaker)</a>, <a>Elizabeth Schumacher</a>, <a>Benjamin Shoemaker</a>
Siblings: <a>Peter Phillip Schumacher</a>, <a>Martin Schumacher</a>, <a>Jacob Schumacher</a>, <a>Adele Adelegen Schumacher</a>, <a>Trienchen (Catherine) Roesen Schumacher</a>, <a>Arnold Roesen Schumacher</a>, <a>Johann Peter Schumacher</a>
Confidence: Direct and primary evidence
Citation text:
George Roesen Shoemaker or Schumacher
Birth names: George Roesen SchumacherGeorge Shumacher ShoemakerGeorge ShumacherGeorge Schumacher Or ShoemakerGeorge Rosen Shumacher ShoemakerGeorge Shoemaker Sr. FSGeorge Schumacher
Gender: Male
Birth: 1635 - Dollendorf, Blankenheim, Euskirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Marriage: Spouse: Sarah H Kendricks - 1662 - Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
Death: Jan 1686 - Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean, Oceans
Burial: Atlantic Ocean, Oceans
Parents: <a>Arret Arnold Dedenborn Schumacher</a>, <a>Agnes Niegen Rösen</a>
Wife: <a>Sarah H Shoemaker or Schumacher (born Kendricks)</a>
Children: <a>George Schmacher</a>, <a>Rheinhard Schumacher</a>, <a>Barbara Shoemaker</a>, <a>George Heinrichs Schumacher or Shoemaker</a>, <a>Barbary Shoemaker</a>, <a>Isaac Shoemaker</a>, <a>Benjaman Schumacher</a>, <a>Georg Schumacher</a>, <a>Sara Catherine Eaton (born Schumacher)</a>, <a>Elizabeth Henrichs Luber (born Schumacher)</a>, <a>Abraham Shoemaker</a>, <a>Susannah Schumacher</a>
Siblings: <a>Jacob Rosen Schumacher</a>, <a>F Schumacher</a>, <a>Arndts Roesen Shoemaker</a>, <a>Adelgen Schumacher</a>, <a>Trienchen Roesen Schumacher</a>, <a>Arnold Schumacher</a>, <a>Adel Adelegen Schumacher</a>, <a>Martin Schumacher</a>, <a>Peter Phillip Schumacher</a>, <a>Johnann Peter Schumacher</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;Additional information: <br> <br>LifeSketch: From: THE SHOEMAKER FAMILY of Pennsylvania Contributed By: WilkersonLynn · 30 November 2015 "The Pennsylvania family of Shoemaker is of pure German origin, the name being Anglicized from Schumacker and Schoonmacker. The earliest record we have of the family begins at about the middle of the seventeenth century, when several of the name were residents of the little rural village of Kriegsheim, Upper Rhine, some thirty miles from Worms in the midst of the fertile valley of the Palatinate. They were among the early disciples of Menno Simon until about 1659, when William Ames and George Rolfe went to Kriegsheim to preach the doctrines of George Fox, after visiting a few small meetings of Friends in Holland, established some years previously by a colony of English Friends, whom the chances of misfortune had planted on the soil of the Low Countries. Arrested in their native country for holding non-conformist meetings, they were sentenced to exile in the English Colonies of the West Indies, and placed upon an English vessel to be transported thither, but their ship being captured by a Dutch privateer, they were landed in Holland, where they soon after established meetings, which were visited by George Fox, and new converts added to their flock. Among the converts of Ames and Rolfe at Kriegsheim were Peter and George Schumacker, both of whom suffered persecution for "Truth's sake" as recorded in "Besse's Sufferings of Quakers" Peter Schumacker had two cows distained in 1663 for the payment of fines imposed for non-support of the established church, and in the same year his brother George also had goods distained to a considerable amount. William Penn visited Kriegsheim early in 1682, and induced a number of Palatinates, both Mennonists and Friends, to found a colony in his new Province of Pennsylvania. As a result of this visit, three of the family of Schumacker, Jacob, Peter and George, emigrated to Pennsylvania at different periods." "GEORGE SHOEMAKER, third of the Kriegsheim family to emigrate, was married at Heidelberg, Germany, 1662, and lived at Kriegsheim until 1686, where nine children were born to him. He was a member of the Society of Friends and suffered persecution for his religious convictions at various periods between 1663 and 1686 as before recited. With his wife Sarah and children, George, Abraham, Barbara, Isaac, Susanna, Elizabeth and Benjamin, he sailed on the ship "Jeffries" for Philadelphia, but died on the passage, his family arriving in Philadelphia, March 20, 1685-6. His widow Sarah purchased, February 29, 1686-7, two hundred acres in Cheltenham township, near the present town of Ogontz, long known as Shoemakertown, Philadelphia, (now Montgomery) county. The time intervening between her arrival and the date of the purchase being probably spent with relatives in or near Germantown, where her third son Isaac remained, on her removal with the remainder of the family to Cheltenham. On September 28, 1708, she conveyed to her eldest son, George Shoemaker, one hundred and sixty acres of the homestead, and a few years later conveyed the balance, forty acres, to her daughter Sarah, who had married Edward Eaton, of Abington. The family were members of the meeting known for a time as Cheltenham Meeting, held sometime in the house of Richard Wall, at Shoemakertown, which became the home of the Shoemaker family in 17oo and was occupied by them for many generations. The meeting was later removed to Abington Township, and is known as Abington Meeting."
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