Mary Walker (born Catt)

Born:Mar 25 1776 In:  Huntington Twp, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Died:1875 (at age ‎~99‏)In:  Knox County, Indiana

Immediate family

Philip (Scratch) Catt (Katz), Sr.
Her father
Mary Magdalena Catt (born Main)
Her mother
Ester Crow (born Catt)
Her sister
Elizabeth Decker (born Catt)
Her sister
Phillip Catt, Jr.
Her brother
Sebastian/ Sabastian Catt
Her brother
John Catt
Her brother
Rebecca Catt
Her sister
Susan Gray (born Catt)
Her sister
Daniel Catt
Her brother
Eutha Malinda Spade (born Catt)
Her sister
Zipporah Trayler (born Catt)
Her sister

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See "Catt letters," two letter that were written and past down thru the Walker family line, it's correspondence with Mary and her children, of the DeVore family line in Indiana, then living in Indi

ana and Illinois.




Phillip DeVore married Mary Catt about 1789, she was born in Fredricks County, Virginia. Maybe near the city of Winchester, which is

located near today's North/Sou

th corridor for Interstate road I-81 and US 11 near the East/West corridor of US 522 to the state of Pennsylvania and the Ohio River, by way of the old National R

oad, of US 40. And the southern route

to the East/West corridor of US 50, thru the state of West Virginia to Kentucky, maybe stopping at Fort Milroy in the Shenandoah Valley before proceeding t

o Kentucky by way of the Cumberland Gap, down

the Cumberland River, and switching over to the Green River, then down stream to Munfordsville, Kentucky. Somewhere before or during this trip to K

entucky, Philip lost his first wife and John B. his



Whether Phillip met Mary Catt in Virginia, or Kentucky, I have no idea. But I do believe that they may of been neig

hbors or traveling companions on their way to Kentucky, or Philip and J

ohn B. may of worked for the Catt family or were neighbors, anyway Philip met her in his travels to or before there arriva

l and then married her at Munfordsville, Kentucky.


It seems that Philip

and Mary Catt met during their migration to Munfordsville, Philip had lost his wife and he soon marrie

d a daughter of Philip Catt, who's family was on their way to settle in Knox County, Indiana, whe

re other family members had settle earlier. Philip DeVore was also going to Indiana for his land

grant claim, and I'm sure that he had inquired if anyone had been there or was going to make a similar

claim as he was in that region of Indiana, and upon meeting Philip Catt's daughter he fel

l in love with the very young Mary. As they laid over in Kentucky and raised a family, Philip and Mary had seve

ral children, and when Mary father was in Indiana, she soon wanted to go on to Kno

x County, Indiana. Philip and Mary DeVore left Kentucky to settle near the Catt's. After Philip death, his children an

d wife may of inherits his estate, shortly after Philip DeVore death, Mary

own father dies and she and her family also inherits a part of her father farm and it is soon found that she marries a John H

odge. (Something happens to John Hodge, what ever happens to him is

unknown), but then she is with a Hiram Walker, who purchase or goes to claim land in Missouri, and him and Mary "Catt, DeVore" Walke

r and family soon settle there. It is rumor that Mary had a c

hild out of wedlock, "Hiram Gilbert Walker, Jr." in 1808? and many of the DeVore children are known or called as Catt's or Walkers.



n the marriage Index in FTM shows a Mary D

eVore marring a John Hodge, April 1, 1815 in Knox county. Could this be Mary Catts DeVore or a sister or daughter that's full name is not shown. I believe tha

t it may of been Mary "Catts", DeVo

re for if Phillip had just died, she may of needed to get married soon after his death, to have someone to provide for her and her children.


It can be seen th

at John Hodge ma

rried Mary in June 5, 1815 (NOTE: my records show June 5, 1817) and Mary eldest son Philip Jr. married May 9, 1812 before Mary marriage. What happen to John Hodge, did she divorce him,

or was h

e killed, or did he die from an illness or accident, or did he change his name to the mystery man Hiram Walker, to loose himself and the Devore family from the law or her family (descendants


the Walker family have no idea where he came from.) There no idea where or what happen to John Hodge, he may of left Mary or she him.




Note: In a genforum inq

uirey posted 6/26/1998

a Julie Glauninger, posted a message: "Looking for desendants of Philip DeVore, b. ca. 1730, NJ/PA, died 10-3-1812, IN. If this is so than Mary left Philip before he died

, he was about 77 then, and h

e died at the age of 82. Mary would of been 31, still a young woman, and if she left him, she was now near her father and family in Knox County, Indiana for support





Interesting thin

g, in Moniteau County, Missouri near the town of Eldon. Mary "Catt, DeVore" Walker is rumor to be buried in the Phillips Cemetery alo

ng side her husband in an unmarked grave, also with her is her son

and his family and several members of her descendants, who are also in unmarked or marked graves. Yet very near by are two cem

eteries, a Walker Cemetery and Gray Cemetery whom a number of her daughter

s and family had married into those families surname, I would believe that those two cemeteries need to be look into, t

hey may also hold descendants of the children of Philip and Mary Catt DeVore.



Hiram Gilbert WALKER b. 3 Mar 1808 in IN and his mother Mary CATT DeVORE WALKER were in Cole

County, Missouri.




There is one nagging, problem if Mary Catt married Phillip DeVore at ag

e 15, what was the attraction, why would her father allow such a

marriage of a 15 year old girl and an old 60 year man?
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