Gerald Francis Virgil (Jare) Arens

Born:Sep 15 1939 In:  Larkin, Nobles, Minnesota, USA
Died:Sep 26 2004 (at age 65)In:  East Longmeadow, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Immediate family

<Private> Arens (born McHenry)
His spouse
Francis Edward Arens
His father
Henrietta Anna (Alma) Arens (born Remackel)
His mother
<Private> Arens
His sibling
<Private> Hendrickson (born Arens)
His sibling
<Private> Gerber (born Arens)
His sibling
<Private> Arens
His sibling
<Private> Arens
His sibling
<Private> Jewett (born Arens)
His sibling


Coast Guard Captian, Lawyer, Teacher.


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You might have to get pieces of the story from each of us. Here?s what I remember. The brothers next door were going to town and asked your Mom is she needed anything. She asked if they could take ?the baby? to town and get him baptized. Evidently, there was some disagreement between your parents about the baby?s name. So when they got to town, the brothers told the priest his name was Virgil and that went on the Baptismal Certificate.

That?s the short version. Hope this helps. Hi to all the family.


Subj: Fw: Thanks for the telephone call

Date: 8/30/2004 8:29:39 PM Central Daylight Time



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Hi Bob. Here's a heavy one:

----- Original Message -----

From: Mac McHenry


Cc: 'Shelly Arens'

Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 9:34 AM

Subject: Thanks for the telephone call

Hi Marv,

Thank you so much for your call last week. There are a couple of things I want to tell you. First, to tell you the pride that I feel regarding your life time accomplishments. I am not certain of all the facts but it is my impression that you financed your education out of your own pocket. I am also proud of your professional field that you chose. By the way, the GI Bill financed most of my graduate studies. Second, I really regret that I did not serve the role of ?big brother? to you that I should have. I actually feel that I was a hindrance in your life rather than being someone you could look up to.

I am having Mac keyboard this email because my hands no longer permit me to do so. And I am not certain of your correct email address so I am sending a copy to Shelly so that she can forward it to your current address.

Mac and I are both relieved that you are seriously looking at retiring. But I am confident that you will choose the best direction for you and your family.

Your brother,


---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------

Gerald's obituary in the Monday, October 4, 2004 in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Arens, Gerald F. - LCDR USCG Retired Passed peacefully on Sept. 26, 2004 at his home in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. In Jerry's words: 'If I had been permitted to write a script for my life before I was born, I cannot imagine improving on the script written for me.' Born in Larkin Township, Minnesota to Francis E. Arens and Henrietta (Remackel) Arens, I am survived by my beloved wife and best friend, P. Maki McHenry; my mother, Henrietta; my loving siblings, Beverly, Rochelle, Dianna, Marvin, Robert, and David; my mother-in-law, Hanako; caring nieces, nephews, extended family and devoted friends. My military career began in the MN National Guard followed by the Navy and the US Coast Guard. SAR pilot stationed at USCG Air Stations Miami, Florida; Detroit, MI; and Cape Cod, MA; also served as an exchange pilot with the USAF 33rd Rescue Squadron at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. Earned a J.D. from Western New England School of Law, Springfield, MA; member of Connecticut Bar Assoc.; retired from Tunxis Community College as Prof. Emeritus of Business Law. Proud to be remembered as a teacher who made a difference in my student's lives - they knew I cared about each of them. I will be remembered as an avid sports fan (Go Twins!), a tinker, a seeker of the 'real' truth behind the headlines, a friend to all those in need, a vigorous advocate for equality, and a devoted husband to my eternal best friend. 'I have had such a fulfilling and complete life.'--GFA

Memorial service 10/17/2004 Enfield, Connecticut. Funeral at Arlington, Virginia 4/7/2005 with full military honors. Donations may be sent to the Gerald F. Arens Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o P. McHenry - ACC, 170 Elm Street, Enfield, Connecticut 06082.

Guest Book for

Gerald F. Arens

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October 29, 2004


Wonderful, wonderful memories. I watched Jerry grow from a black haired little boy to a very adventurous young man to a very gentle loving husband. He was truly blessed with a beautiful,

compassionate and loving wife. I've said many times I've never seen so much loved shared in a couple as what I saw shared between

you and Jerry. The two of you even

shared the same blood type. All of

these wonderful memories will give

you comfort during the lonely and

empty times you are experiencing.

We love you Mac and care.

Jerry's older sister, Bev

Bev Gerber (Richfield, Minnesota )

October 29, 2004

Mr. Arens was my advisor at Tunxis. I am 43 now with 3 children, a full time job and a wonderful husband. I have all this and I still have a strong desire for one more thing...a degree. This man was amazing. He was unselfish and hardworking. He helped me in so many ways over several years...I can't even tell you. He was an inspiration to me. I am the person he wrote the letter of recommendation for when I lost my job in May 2003. I am convinced that his beautiful and thoughtful words assisted me to reinvent myself at my place of employment. Thanks to Mr. Arens letter, I found the confidence and courage to actually pursue a higher goal rather than settling for unemployment. I am happy to say I have a wonderful job and work with wonderful people...and Mr. Arens helped me achieve this! I will miss him. (and I will miss catching him eating his dinner...usually a big his desk while talking with students such as myself).

Sandy McCauley (Burlington, Connecticut )

October 28, 2004

Mac -

Well again, my sister took the words right out of my mouth (Darcie Klein)! All of her words are truly the way I also felt about Uncle Jer. I think we made him tell the story about the helicopters so many times to us when we were young that he probably perfected it to a "t". (The poor dogs that suffered!!)Thanks for all of the memories you both have given to us over the years. You were and are a "true" member of "our" family. I will always remember Uncle Jer's laughter as he told story upon story, just as Grandpa always did. Boy, the people in heaven are in for a treat!!! What a great person, uncle and friend to have known - no one can take away our memories..........


Dawn Ammann (Gerber)

Dawn Ammann (Gerber) (Lakeville, Minnesota )

October 28, 2004


What a wonderful uncle and role

model Jerry was to me in so many

ways. The loving bond the two

of you shared was truly very

special and unique. A bond with

wonderful memories for you to forever treasure. What a wonderful

loving, caring wife Jerry was blessed with. Know my heartfelt sympathies are with you in your loss. Many happy memories of Uncle

Jer here in Minnesota. Especially

those of summer state fair visits

to see Willie Nelson. Never will

forget Jer's relentless teasing

of Oscar dog with his rendition

of "Oscar, the Hueys are coming".

Together with Oscar, Blackie and

Crystal, Jer has wonderful Angelic

companions. What an inspiration

Jer was to everyone.

Sincerely, always your friend,

Darcie Klein

Darcie Klein (Richfield, Minnesota )

October 26, 2004

Dear Mac,

Jackie and I want to express our deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved husband, Gerry. As Gerry's colleague at Tunxis Community College, I want to share with you comments made to me by some students when they were informed of Professor Arens' passing. Hopefully, these comments will add to your wonderful memories:

"He was that once in a lifetime instructor that you are fortunate to have studied under"

"He wrote a letter about me that I believe was the reason I was rehired after my layoff and I now have a great job"

God bless you and Gerry.

Jack Colgan, Tunxis Community College

John Colgan (South Windsor, Connecticut )

October 18, 2004


I am so sorry to learn about your husband. I can't imagine the pain that you must be feeling. Following a death in my family, a wise friend said that in time the pain would be replaced with happy memories. She was right, eventually this does happen. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Laurie Novi

October 17, 2004

Dear Mac,

On behalf of all the faculty and staff at Tunxis Community College, I send you deepest sympathies. You and he went through so much together; your bonds will be stronger for that. May the strength that you earned through that shared struggle sustain you throughout your life.

Jerry, of purple and pink Izod shirt fame, of cool hightop sneaker fame, of outstanding lecturer fame, of erstwhile dedication to fairness and justice fame at Tunxis Community College--we miss him so much.

I remember that he always brought rationality and balance to college discussions. Bless him!

His ability to face life on its terms is a model for all of us!

Let us take a lesson from the book of Jerry's life.

Colleen Keyes (Dean of Academic Affairs, Tunxis Community College, Connecticut )

October 16, 2004

Mingmin Liu (New Britain, Connecticut )

October 14, 2004

Dear Mrs. Arens, My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Your memories of Jerry will sustain you through this most difficult of all times.

I began to teach Business Law when Jerry went out on Medical Leave. His students respected, admired, and cared for him very much. Jerry was a tough act to follow especially for BL2 students who had him the previous semester. .

I e-mailed Jerry to update him on how his students were doing and how the course was going. He responded back a few days before his passing. How priveledged so many of us were to have Jerry touch our lives.

Again, my deepest regrets and sympathy go out to you and your family. God Bless you.

Lauren A. Klecha

Lauren Klecha (Bristol, Connecticut )

October 14, 2004

To Jerry's family: It is with sincere sympathy that I express my condolences to all of you. I still remember the interview when I first met Jerry here on campus. He was dedicated to his teaching and to making a better life for his students. As a colleague he was respected and sought out for "legal" advice. We will all miss him and I will not forget him. You are all in my prayers. Sincerely, LUcille Cusano

Lucille Cusano (Southington, Connecticut )

Guest Book for

Gerald F. Arens

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October 13, 2004

I am very sorry to hear of Gerald's passing. We never met, did not work on any military missions together, and did not attend any of the same schools, but share a common bond never the less. I read of his life and military career and wanted to pass on my thanks for his service and good wishes for his family! Stay strong in your time of need.

CG Aviator #3300

Lloyd Malone (Camden, DE )

October 13, 2004

I am so sorry to hear of Gerry's death. His obituary brought back many fond memories our days at CGAS Miami: He was my first roomate in the Duty Standers BOQ back in 1970.

We lost touch many years ago, so reading of Gerry's many post-USCG accomplishments was a special treat and great way to remember him. It is ironic that my wife & I began our vacation at the Enfield-Granby-Winsor Locks Airport just 3 days before Gerry's passing - if only we had known. Long live the memories of "The Answer Man".

Peter Heins (Thousand Oaks, California )

October 13, 2004

Dear Maki,

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. Please accept my condolences and know that you are in my thoughts.

Louise Myers (Wolcott, Connecticut )

October 13, 2004


You have my deepest sympathy in the passing of Gerry. We served together in the 33rd ARRS, Kadena AB, Japan when I was in the Air Force and later at CGAS Cape Cod after my transfer to the USCG. Gerry was a great friend and accomplished helo pilot. He made a difference and will be sorely missed.

Gary Blokland (Kennesaw, Goergia )

October 11, 2004

We were both ex-Navy & from Minnesota stationed at CGAS Miami 1970-1974, so we had lots of great times flying rescue and drug enforcement missions. He was always an inspiration and full of extra energy.

No wonder he had such a distinguished career after the Coast Guard.

I only regret that our paths didn't cross again on this earth, but I know that we'll get to fly together in formation someday.

Ed Murnane



October 11, 2004

I remember Jerry well from days of flying at Cape Cod. He made a major difference in my life. My deepest sympathies go out to you!

Steve Hilferty (Danville, California )

October 10, 2004


Jerry will truely be missed. He was a good friend, fellow pilot, and mentor. His memory will always live in the form of the "Jerry Arens stories" we hold so dear.

Buck and Nancy Baley (East Sandwich, MA )

October 9, 2004

Dear Mac,

When I received your email of Jerry's passing, my heart grew heavy and sadness filled my soul. He will be greatly missed by those whose lives he touched. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. I don't have any words that will take away the sorrow, but I want you to know that I send my heartfelt prayers,care, and comfort. May you be blessed with fond memories and healed with the peace that only Heaven can bring. Love, Diane

Diane Goguen (East Longmeadow, MA )

October 9, 2004

It is with deep sadness that I hear of Gerald Arens passing. He was an excellent teacher who always went the extra mile for any of his students. I have lived my life by some of the things he taught in his class. I know he made the world a better place. RIP

Wendy Wilk (Bristol, Connecticut )

October 7, 2004


I am so sorry for you loss of your husband, Jerry. Life does not make sense and I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I can truely understand how you feel. Love Sue Champagne

Sue Champagne (South Windsor, Connecticut )

October 6, 2004

Dear Mac & Hanako,

It is with great sadness that I read of Jerry's passing. He was an amazing person and I know that there will be an unfillable void in your lives. May you feel his spirit touch you with every passing breeze and soaring bird.

Barbara Elsner (Longmeadow, MA )

October 6, 2004

It is with the deepest sadness that I read about Professor Arens' death. What a remarkable professor, he put his heart and soul into his teaching. I am a better person for knowing Professor Arens. My condolences go out to his family. Hold the memories close in your hearts.

Kristen (Zdankiewicz) Martin (New Britain, Connecticut )

October 5, 2004

I thank you so much for being a part of my life and enriching it with all of the wonderful memories that I have of our times together. The times at Selfridge Air Force Base in Mt. Clemens checking out the helicopter (that my sister mentioned too), that weiner dog that Jerry loved at the base, dinner at Yees... My heart feels your loss, and the world is a poorer place without the Lt. Cmdr

Michael Brouwer (Saint Clair Shores, MI )

October 5, 2004

Remembering Professor inspirational and intelligent man who made learning exciting.

I always looked forward to his law lectures, point of view on current events and his personal experiences that shaped his life.

My sympathies to his family and friends at this time.

Katherine (Cianci) Monsonis (Farmington, Connecticut )

October 4, 2004

Peggy, I will never forget the picture of your blood blending with his to give him strength for more days together. May God surround you with love.

Merle Brouwer (Clinton Township, MI )

October 4, 2004

Dear Ms. McHenry,

I have very fond memories of the times that my brothers and I spent with you, your husband and your horses here in Michigan. I still remember the visit to Selfridge Air National Guard Base to see a helicopter. Thank you for all the experiences that you and your husband gave us and that I still remember to this day.

My heartfelt and most sincere condololences in this time of loss,

Christine Brouwer

Christine Brouwer (Sterling Heights, MI )

October 4, 2004

Dear Peggy & Hanako

The prayers of our family are with you. Jerry is still with you in your heart and your remembrance will warm and sustain you. God bless you.



LeRoy Smith (Tucson, Arizona )

October 4, 2004

To Bob Arens: Bob, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. It sounds like he was a wonderful person; he looks so much like you. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family. May God comfort you and Gerald's loved ones with wonderful memories of Gerald.

Trudy Baltazar (St. Paul, Minnesota )

October 4, 2004

I had the pleasure of working with Gerry Arens at Tunxis Community Colllege as a Faculty Secretary. He always had a smile for us in the office as well as for his students in the classroom. Gerry was a wonderful person in the Tunxis Community and we will forever miss him!

Linda Kaupas (Farmington, Connecticut )

October 4, 2004

We are so grateful for your presence in our lives, Jer. We know, too, that you have left your beloved Mac in our care; we honor you in our love and care for her. God bless, with love, Kathy

Katherine Brouwer (Clinton Township, MI )

October 4, 2004

Maki and all the extended family, my

thoughts are with you. I just smiled when

I looked at the picture on this "guest book". The memories are lovely. I know the loss is great. I send my love to you.

Judith Shaffer (Northampton, MA )

October 4, 2004

Dear Peggy,

Even though we are not with you at this time, please know we are with you in spirit. You had a wonderful husband and will have so many great memories to get you through this hard time. Keep your mom with you as long as you need and we'll keep the home front watched.


Dan & "Sam" Newton (North Miami, Florida )

October 4, 2004

Dearest Mac,

You and Jerry are being held gently in the White Light ~ may you find peace and comfort.

with love, light, huggies and fluffies,

Mushiba (Enfield)

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