Peter Michel (Petro) Lobsinger

Born:Oct 1833 In:  LANGATTE, FRANCE
Died:Apr 20 1892 (at age 58)In:  CANADA

Immediate family

Maria Anna Lobsinger (born Maier)
His wife
Joseph L Lobsinger
His son
Caroline Ruetz (born Lobsinger)
His daughter
Ignatius Franz { Frank }{ Francisci } Lobsinger
His son
August Lobsinger
His son
George Meyer Lobsinger
His son
Simon Lobsinger
His son
Peter Lobsinger
His son
Philip H. Lobsinger
His son
Albert Lobsinger
His son
Paul Lobsinger
His son
Henry {Harry} Lobsinger
His son
Mary {Mae } Ritter (born Lobsinger)
His daughter
Catherine Ward (born Lobsinger)
His daughter
Joseph Lobsinger, Count
His father
Marie Anne Lobsinger (born Weber)
His mother
Jean Louis Ludwig { Ludovicus } Lobsinger, Count
His brother
Joseph Carl Lobsinger
His brother
Anthony Jacob (Antonius) Lobsinger
His brother
Paul Lobsinger
His brother
Mary Louise Arnold (born Lobsinger)
His sister
George William Lobsinger
His brother

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LOBSINGER ANCESTORS -- Chart 1, Number 01:

Updated 21APR1988

Saved As: C1N01/LOB

Compiled By Robert W. Lobsinger

Box 131

Newkirk, Ok 74647

REF: C1N00/LOB, C1N02/LOB, C1N03/LOB, C1N04/LOB, C1N05/LOB,

C1N06/LOB, C1N07/LOB, C1N08/LOB, C1N09/LOB, C1N10/LOB,

C1N11/LOB, C1N12/LOB, C1N13/LOB, C1N14/LOB, C1N15/LOB,

C6N01/LOB, C1N16/LOB, C1N17/LOB, C1N18/LOB, C1N19/LOB
Peter Lobsinger

(Son of Joseph Lobsinger and Maria Anne Weber who lived at

St. Agatha, Ont. Canada.)

Address: Born in France; Came to St. Agatha, Ontario, Canada via St. Louis

and New Orleans from Langatte, France with family. He later lived in

Carrick, Ont., Canada (1866) Born: c??OC1833 Died: 20AP1891




(b. 1837 m. 04JL1854 d. 30NO1914)

(note: George Meyer Lobsinger's obit says his mother was

named Catherine Meyer)

Occupation: Settled on lot 14 Con 13 Carrick Twp; farmer; horseman;

tavern operator; gambler;

German/French Catholic

Issue: 1. Joseph L Lobsinger

Address: Born in St. Agatha, later

Deemerton, Ont.

Born:09AP1855 Died:11SE1929

Spouse:* Mary Grossman

2nd :** Catherine Beitz Lobsinger

(b. 28JA1866 d. 09FE1944)

Occupation: Livery Stable Operator

Issue (REF C1N20/LOB)

2. Caroline Lobsinger Ruetz

Address: Carrick, Ont (b Carlsruhe)

Born: 02JA1858 Died: 05JA1943

Spouse: Frank Ruetz

Occupation: Farmers

Issue: (Large Family - 10 Children)

(REF: Family Tree Compiled by Leo S. Ruetz, Box 583, Shaunavon,

Sask. S0N 2M0)

3. Ignatius/Franz/Frank Lobsinger

Address: Regina, Sask.

Born: 25MR1859 Died: 30SE1930

Spouse: Mary Fehner (b.25JN1859 m. 23AU1881 at

Formosa d. 16DE1927)

Occupation: Homesteaded at Kyle Sask c1900

Lumber Yard Brandon Man 1907

Issue: 5 Children (REF: C1N19/LOB)

4. August Lobsinger

Address: Mildmay, Ont, Canada

Born: 12JA1861 Died: 29NO1943

Spouse: Mary Kramer (b. 1859 m. 03AP1883 d. 1949)

Occupation: Carpenter

Issue: 7 children (REF: C1N09/LOB)

5. George Meyer Lobsinger

Address: Mildmay, later 142 Water St, Kitchener,


Born: 09SE1863 Died: 29NO1943

Spouse: Catherine Kramer (b.1860 d.26NO1943)

Occupation: Farmer, Carpenter

Issue: (REF: C1N21/LOB)

6. Simon Lobsinger

Address: Canada, later

Detroit, MI

Born: 01OC1865 Died: 21MY1949

Spouse: Pauline Good

Occupation: Janitor at Fords

ssue: 4 Children (REF: C1N06/LOB)

7. Peter Lobsinger

Address: Mildmay, Ont

Born: 08JA1868 Died:04MY1934

Spouse: 1. Kate Spahr (d.11JN1923)

2. Mary Boehmer (b.1884, d. 1950,

m. c1925)

Occupation: Blacksmith,

Gave business to nephew John, son of Joseph L

Issue: (REF: C1N22/LOB)

8. Philip H. Lobsinger (REF: C1N16/LOB)

Address: Mildmay, Ont

Born: 15FE1870 Died: 22FE1959

Spouse: Caroline Braun

(b. 1872 d. 21FE1950)

Occupation: Mechanic, worked at Lobsinger

Brothers from 1890 to 1956

Issue: 3. Children (REF: C1N16/LOB)

9. Albert Lobsinger

Address: Bruce Co. Ontario

Born: 24AU1871 Died: 08JN1903

Spouse: unknown, but married

Occupation: fireman at Leslie Bros factory

died in accident, fell from steam boiler he was working on

Issue: none

10. Paul Lobsinger

Address: Buffalo, NY

Born: 06SE1873 Died:14OC1957

Spouse: Kate ?


Issue: 1. Cletus Lobsinger


No further issue

11. Henry (Harry) Lobsinger

Address: Kitchener, Ont

Born: 22DE1875 Died:24AU1932

Spouse: Katherine McDonald

Occupation: Tailor

Issue: 2 Children (REF: C1N17/LOB)

12. Mary (Mae) Lobsinger Ritter

19 Columbia Drive

Williamsville, NY

Born: 08OC1877 Died:29NO1960

Spouse: Edward A. Ritter


Issue: none

13. Catherine Lobsinger Ward

Address: Buffalo, NY or Detroit, MI

Born: 18OC1882 Died: 08FE1966

Spouse: ? Ward


Issue: none

LOBSINGER ANCESTORS -- Chart 1, Number 01:


Updated 21APR1988


Saved As: C1N01/LOB
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