Joseph Lobsinger, Count

Born:June 4 1804 In:  Langatte, Lorraine, France
Died:Nov 3 1876 (at age 72)In:  St. Agatha, Ontario Canada

Immediate family

Marie Anne Lobsinger (born Weber)
His wife
Jean Louis Ludwig { Ludovicus } Lobsinger, Count
His son
Peter Michel (Petro) Lobsinger
His son
Joseph Carl Lobsinger
His son
Anthony Jacob (Antonius) Lobsinger
His son
Paul Lobsinger
His son
Mary Louise Arnold (born Lobsinger)
His daughter
George William Lobsinger
His son
Jean Louis Lobsinger COUNT
His father
Louise Lobsinger (born Ohmer)
His mother
Jean Baptiste Lobsinger
His brother
Marie Barbe Lobsinger
His sister
Louis Lobsinger
His brother
Michel Lobsinger
His brother
Pierre Lobsinger
His brother
Antoine Jean Michael Lobsinger
His brother
Marie Louise Hertz (born Lobsinger)
His sister

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Compiled By: Robert W. Lobsinger

Box 131

Newkirk, Ok 74647

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C7N01/LOB, C8N01/LOB,

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Joseph Lobsinger
Son of Jean Louis Lobsinger and Louise Ohmer of Langatte, France

Address: Born in Langatte, France; Arrived in Canada 07MY1838.

1840-1850: Lot 3 Conc. 5 North Easthope Twp , Perth Cty. Ontario,

Canada. Naturalization Records #59 Huron Cty in 1848.

Born: 04JN1804 Died:

Spouse: Marie Anne Weber (b. c1806 d. c1902 at age 96)

Occupation: Count (by heredity)

Issue: 1. Ludovicus (Jean Louis) Lobsinger

Address: Born in Langatte, France.

1852-1854: Ellice Twp Lot 15 Conc 11

1861: con 14, lot 31 Carrick Twp, Ontario Canada

1876: con 13 lot 23 Carrick Twp, Ontario

Born: 1830 Died: 02NO1886/7

Spouse: Catharina Gehl


Occupation: Ont. Dir. 1869: Sawmill

Bruce Co. Dir: First settler in Carlsruhe, Ont in 1854; built first store

there, opened by I.Kormann. Claimed to be French, per 1867 Directory.

Tan Miller per 1871 census

Issue: at least 17.(REF C4N01/LOB)

2. Peter/Michel Lobsinger

Address: Born in Langatte, France 1833. In1876 Dir:

Lot 14 con 13 Carrick Twp, Ontario, Canada

Claimed to be German Catholic. Buried

Mildmay Cemetery.

Born: ??OC1833 Died: 20AP1891

58 yrs 6 mos

Spouse: Maria Anne Meyer

(b. 1837 m. 1854 d. 30NO1914, 77 yrs

11 mos. German/French nationality.)

Occupation: 1867 Dir: Farmer

Issue: at least 16. (REF C1N01/LOB)

3. Joseph Carl Lobsinger

Address: Born in Langatte, France.

1852: Ellice Twp Lot 15 Conc 12,

Ontario, Canada 1871 or 81 census: Pt.

Lot 31, Con 14, Carrick Twp.

Ontario, Canada.

Also lot 26, Con 14, Carrick Twp

Claimed to be French Catholic. His marriage

certificate of 1863, Culross Twp, lists his

father as Joseph.

Born: 1833/4 Died:

Spouse: Mary Anne Weiler (b. c1836 in

Upper Canada. d.c1861/2)

2nd : Josephina Emil (b. Culross Twp 1844)

Occupation: Farmer per 1871 or 81 census

Issue: at least 5 (REF: C8N00/LOB)

4. Anthony Jacob Lobsinger

Address: Born in Upper Canada. 1867 Dir: Lot

23 Con 13 Carrick Twp. 1875: Lot 22

Con 2 Brant Twp. Claimed to be

French Catholic.

Born: 11AP1838 Bapt: 13MY1838 Died: 1878

Spouse: Agnes Wieler (b. 1838, German)

Occupation: Tavern Keeper

Issue: at least 13 (REF C10N01/LOB)

5. Paul Lobsinger

Address: Born in Canada; Moved to Illinois

then to Braman, Oklahoma where he is buried

Born: 1840 Died: 1907

Spouse: Katharina Otto

Occupation: Farmer; Horse Trader

Issue: at least 8 (REF C7N01/LOB)

6 Mary Louise Lobsinger Arnold

Address: St. Agatha

Bapt: 19JN1842 Died: 1915

Spouse: Joseph Arnold (b.1838 d.1911)


Issue: 9 children (REF: C16N01/LOB)

7. George William Lobsinger

Address: Diemerton or Regina

Born: c1844 Died: 08SE1933

Spouse: Mary Uhersellry

(b.c1844/6 d.20MY1911)

2nd : (Mrs. Joseph) Beechie

Occupation: Farmer; Bank Trustee;

Key Custodian of a prison.

Issue: 10 children (REF: C2N01/LOB)

LOBSINGER ANCESTORS -- Chart 1, Number 00:


Updated 05 Nov 1987


Saved As: C1N00/LOB
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