Wilhelmina Mossinger (Huber)

Born:Jan 15 1852 In:  Koendringen, Germany
Died:1931 (at age ‎~79‏)In:  Fergus Falls, Minnesota


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Immediate family

George John Huber
Her husband
Anna Marie Huber (Stulken)
Her daughter
George Huber
Her son
Minnie Belle Huber (Handke)
Her daughter
Charles Huber
Her son
Georg "Karl" Mossinger
Her father
Carolina Jenne (Mossinger)
Her mother
Karl Adolf Mossinger
Her brother
Caroline "Also spelled "Karolina"" Mossinger (Blum)
Her sister
Emil Theodore Mossinger
Her brother
Gustav Heinrich Mossinger
Her brother
Fredericke "Louise" Mossinger (Blum)
Her sister


The following history was gained through converstation with Lawerence Duerr concerning the life of Wilhelmina (Minnie) Moessinger Huber. There are also notes taken in 1962 from Minnie Hanke.

In 1883, Andrew Blum secured passage on a steamship for the sister of his wife, Louise. Wilhelmina, and the mother of Louise and Wilhelmina, Caroline Jenne Moessinger.

Caroline Jenne Moessinger, born August 16-1822

Louise Moessinger "Blum", born 3-15-1860

Wilhelmina Moessinger "Huber, born 12-5-1851

Also coming on the steamship in 1883, was Andrew's brother, Gustav Blum. Andrew also paid the rail passage for these three family members to Council Bluff, Iowa. Andrew had to guarantee food and a place to stay for one year.

Wilhelmina was married to John George Huber sometime between 1890 and 1895. Wilhelmina had a son, Eugene Moessinger. John George and Wilhelmina had four children, Anna, George, Minnie, and Charles. Charles was the youngest and was born 7-2-1896. They lived on the west edge of Louisville, Nebraska, in 1895, near the Burlington Railroad tracks. The Huber family was instrumental in getting Andrew Blum to travel to Louisville in 1899 to look at the parcel of land at South Bend, Nebraska, which Andrew purchased in 1900 because it was so much like the Black Forest area near Koendringen, Germany.

Wilhelmina and her family moved from the Louisville, Nebraska area in the early 1900's to Neola, Iowa, a town approximately 29 miles north east of Council Bluffs, Iowa. John George died and is buried at Louisville, Nebraska in the town cemetary.

Wilhelmina brought her family back to Louisville, Nebraska, and lived in the stone house one mile south and two miles west of Louisville which was across the road near the Katie Gakemeier farm. Albert Blum rented and farmed there from 1910 to 1916 or 17. Alberts sisters, Louise and Marie, and brother William, would have dances in the big house on weekends and the Huber children who were first cousins, would join them.

Wilhelmina's son, George, was called to be in the Army in 1918, but the war ended and he did not have to leave the U.S.

Wilhelmina and the family purchased a farm in the winter of 1918/19, while the snow was on the ground, near the town of Vesta, Nebraska, which was located south of the present town of Palmyra, Nebraska. In the spring it was discovered that the ground was so rocky a plow could not be used to prepare the soil for planting crops. They stayed at this location for two years and they sold this farm and moved to Fox Holme, Minnesota. At this location the weather was dry and the crops were bad. George moved to Clintonville, Wisconsin. Charles moved to Lengby, Minnesota.

Eugene Moessinger was married to Minnie. She died and he married Ella. He died, October 6, 1957 at the age of 87 years. He spoke highly of both wives. His home was in the Lawrence Kansas area. In 1915, Eugene went to live with Charles and Emma Blum in Galena, Illinois, before his marriage and moving to Kansas. His children wer Edgar, the oldest, Rosetta, and Leslie.

Ann Huber married Henry Stulken, and lived at Selby, SD. Their children were Herbert, Russel, Elsie, Charles, Melvin, Marie, and Hebert. Anna died September 7, 1948

Russel was married to Thelma Stensby. His Children were Marion, Jerald, Sherwood, Marilyn, Sharyn, Mavis, Tamara, and Naomi.

Elsie was married to Lawrence Duerr. Their children were MarieAnn, Marlene, and Gail.

George Huber married Alice Cuff, and lived at Clintonville, Wisconsin. They have one son, Stewart. He married Larraine Myhre. Their children are Ray, Benjamin Charles, and George Alexander.

Minnie Huber married John Hanke. They had four children. Dorothy Hanke married Walter Garret of Miles City, Montana, and they had one child Candis.

Joyce Hanke married Ned B. Grossman.

Gerald Hanke married Florence Johnson. They have two children, Jeri Lynn and Chandra.

Elaine Hanke married Dr. Jerry Norman (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Marcella Hanke married Ray Wood (Jacksonville, Florida)

They have two children, Joe and Debra

Charles Huber, born July 2 1896, died October 10, 1961. He was married to Grace Huffman. Their children were Margaret, Marie, Carol, and Kathleen.

Margaret Huber married Arles Ihrke. Their children Robert, Willis, Barbara, Bennett, Diane, Allen, and Joyce. In 1971 their ages were 20,18,16,15,14,12, and 9

Marie Huber married James Amberson. Their children are James and Richard Charles.

Carol Huber married Martin Bradehoft. They had a daughter, Cindy Lynn, born 3-26-1970

Kathleen Huber married Daryl Mustomen

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