Walter Coningham

Died:Nov 9 1781 In:  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Immediate family

John Coningham
His father
Jean Coningham (born Boyle)
His mother
Mary Coningham
His sister
John Coningham
His brother
Walter Coningham
His brother
William Coningham
His brother
Robert Coningham
His brother

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Walter Coningham

• Born 1711 .

• Seems to have had a business called Harry Alexander, a native of Scotland, who went to Antigua in the 1740’s, where he married Lydia Martin. Sometime after 1763, they moved to St. Vincent, where Lydia died in 1771. By 1776, Harry Alexander had moved again to British West Florida, in present-day Louisiana and Mississippi, USA, but kept ties to St. Vincent .

• For more on Harry Alexander’s life, click the link below:

• Note in The Royal St. Vincent Gazette and General Advertiser of 11 November 1786... “Just imported and to be sold by Walter CONINGHAM: Madeira Wine in pipes, hhds. and quarter Casks, Porter in barrels and bottles, hams and cheese, refined sugar, hyson tea, ling-fish and potatoes, butter in sirkins, split pease, pearl barley, ship bread, white ditto in kegs, pickles, mustard, ketchup, India soy, white wine vinegar, basket salt, spices, Huxham’s tincture, Henry’s magnesia, Stoughton’s elixir, Turlington’s balsam, China bowls, ditto mugs, ditto cups and saucers, tea-pots, & c. Irish linen, ditto sheeting, Russia sheeting, India dimity, Nankeen, carded dimity, sattinet, joanet, Russia drab, India chintz, callico gown patterns, humhums, diaper and damask tablecloths, huckaback, bordered handkerchiefs, pullicat ditto, platillees, mens gloves, ounce and stitching thread, Holland tape, brown linen, flaxen Osnaburg, 1/4 check, 1/8 ditto, mens white and black hats. Cordovan boots, mens shoes, ladies fine Morocco and Callimanco ditto, young ladies ditto, ladies cotton and thread stockings, mens ditto rib’d and plain, dressing glasses, wood and iron hoops, rivets, truss hoops, oats, lime, ladles and skimmers, brass-wire sugar strainers, hoes and bills, cutlasses, guaging-rods and babbles, lamp and paint oil, brass butt and wine cocks, Carpenters and Coopers tools, tallow, negro jackets, frocks, trowsers, wrappers, petticoats and hats, napt blanketing, bar and pig iron, cotton bagging, mens saddles, snassle and Pelham bridles, leather collars, curry-combs and brushes, spare reins, girths, sursingles, cruppers and stirrup leathers, whalebone whips, plated spurs, ditto shoebuckles, pen-knives, ivory, buck, and horn handled knives and forks, iron, tin, and copper tea-kettles, tin fish kettles, black-jacks, tin pots, coffee-pots, sauce-pan: and funnels, brass pillar candlesticks, flat ditto, japan’d ditto, block tin ditto, iron pots, frying-pans and gridirons, sad-irons, marking-irons, 6d, 8d, rod, and 20d, nails, pump tacks and scupper nails, hooks and hinges, garnet and HL hinges, shutter bolts, iron-plate bolts, casement stay turn buckles, stock locks, twice dead ditto, iron rimb ditto with brass handles, single and double bolted padlocks, white lead, red ditto, lamp black, hair brooms, cloaths brushes, shoe brushes, caulking irons, marline-spikes, serving-mallets, pump leather, tallow, scrubbing and paint brushes, single and double blocks, hand trumpets, horn lanthorns, tin ditto, tinder boxes, ship scrapers, time glasses, palm irons, sail needles, pump boxes, 12 thread ratline, marline, cordage from one and half to four and half inches, small anchors, 6, 7 and eight inch hawlers, folio and quarto post paper, fine writing ditto, ink powder, Irish wafers, sealing wax, quills and pounce, superfine flour, and a few English horses, & c. & c. Nov. 4, 1786.”

• Died 9th November, 1781 70 years of age on St. Vincent (probate November 1781) on his estate of Coloneries, St. Vincent .

• In 1779 there was a Robert Coningham, Esq., who held some sort of office at the Assembly Parish of St. George.



W. Alexander and W Coningham granted 276 acres of "Carib lands" by Governor Henry William Bentick

Walter Coningham of St Vincent is also named as a subscriber for this book

(An Historical Account of the Isle of St Vincent by 1831 Shephard ppxliii)

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