Anna Mariea "Marie" Blum (Pierce)

Born:Apr 6 1895 In:  White Lake, South Dakota
Died:Jan 11 1984 (at age 88)In:  Fairbury, Nebraska


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Immediate family

Venus Vern Pierce
Her husband
Venus John Pierce
Her son
Clifford William Pierce
Her son
<Private> Pierce
Her child
<Private> Pierce (McKenzie)
Her child
Andrew Blum
Her father
Fredericke "Louise" Mossinger (Blum)
Her mother
Ida Blum (Thieman)
Her sister
Ernest Blum
Her brother
Eliza Blum
Her sister
Albert Blum
Her brother
Louise Blum (Behrens)
Her sister
William Blum
Her brother
Andrew Blum
Her brother
Martin Blum
Her brother



My Grandmother,

comfirmed at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock, Nebraska 1910


Entertained Students

The juniors and seniors, including the teachers, Miss Marquardt, principal and Miss Wright, assistant principal of the Louisville high school were entertained at the home of Albert Blum, Monday February 15. The occasion was a birthday and valentine party, a surprise given in honor of his brother, William, a member of the junior class. The evening was spent by playing som’-r’-set and flinch with little or no monotony until an early morn hour. An elegant two course supper was served at the usual hour by the hostess, Miss Marie, which added greatly to the pleasure of the evening. Decorations were hearts and carnations very appropriately arranged. The occasion was a very pleasant one and will be long remembered by all.

Dear Brother & Sister,

To start with I will say Amen, in looking over Marie’s letter find there is not much else to say. One thing I can add as news, the mailman just brought a letter from Albert & Irene. informing us that you had still been lucky with the weather man. Also got a Christmas card from Paul & Carol. You know a funny thing, we forgot his last name well as I said before Marie pretty much covered the news so will just make a deal with you and Christine. Drive out here next summer while the weather is nice. Then I will drive back rather ride back. In that way you will really see the country. I can dream can’t I.

With love,

Your brother, Ernest

Letter Written to Marie by Susan Pierce probably around 1970

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the information. Since you gave my most of my information I thought you might like to have a copy of my biography. Dad read it and seem to think it was pretty good. Here it is:

Venus Vern Pierce

(Grandpa Pierce) 1884-1948

Venus was born to the proud parents of Alice Johnson Pierce and John Pierce, on December 29, 1884 in Rock Port, Missouri.

Venus had three brothers, Zane, Reno, and Charlie, and three sisters, Lottie, Sallie and Geneva.

Venus started farming on his own very young. He borrowed money and bought a pair of mules and a few pieces of walking machinery. He worked hard and did well and things grew.

In Nebraska he bought a home and worked hard to keep it. One night when he came in from town he was surprised to find his farm on fire. This fire burned everything he had. So again from scratch Venus started over. He went to Pittsburg, Pennsylavinia, where he got a job at the Pittsburg Glass Co. as a superintendent over a large group of men. He worked hard here for several years.

In 1912 Venus inherited 2,500 dollars from his parents after they passed away. With this money he moved to Ashland, Nebraska, bought a fram with 80 acres of land, south east of Ashland. He also bought his machinery and stock with this money.

September 22, 1915 Venus was married to a lovely lady, Marie Blum.

In 1917, Venus sold his land and moved to a Crab Orchard, Nebraska. Venus was a good man and also very ambitious.

He bought and sold land and places many times. Being the good business man he was he always made a good profit. He had three sons, and one daughter. Venus John, Clifford William, Cecil Lon, and Carol Marie.

At the time of his death Venus John and Clifford were married. John was married to Dean Zerinburg and Clifford was married to Barbara Dowe.

Venus died June 1948 age 64 years and 6 months. At the time of his death he owned 400 acres, a store, and a restaurant. One year after his death his daughter Carol married Paul McKenzie and 3 years after his death his son Cecil married Peggy Nutsch. Venus left his land to his three sons and his daughter and the store and restaurant to Clifford, which was destroyed a year later in 1949 by a tornado. His wife Marie Pierce now lives in Murdock, Nebraska and is always glad to hear from her grandchildren who Venus never lived to see.

Well, how do you like it? Maybe you don't, I don't know. We went to Belleville today. I got shoes for my graduation (eight grade). I get out of school in two days. Right now I'm babysitting for Mr. Yarberry, a teacher. I had another job but I had one already so I turned them down. I hate to do that but I couldn't babysit with both.

Today we went out to where dad was shearing. This guy had seven baby collie puppies. Mom said that maybe we could have one, because that guy said we could. Otherwise he would kill them and I hate to see someone be so mean to the cute little things.

Well, write again and thanks for the information

Lot's and lot's of love


1900 United States Federal Census

about Anna Maria Blum

Name: Anna Maria Blum

[Anna Marie Blum]

Home in 1900: Crystal Lake, Aurora, South Dakota

Age: 5

Birth Date: Apr 1895

Birthplace: South Dakota

Race: White

Gender: Female

Relationship to Head of House: Daughter

Father's name: Andrew Blum

Father's Birthplace: Germany

Mother's name: Louise Blum

Mother's Birthplace: Germany

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: View on Image

Neighbors: View others on page

Household Members: Name Age

Andrew Blum 48

Louise Blum 40

Ida Blum 18

Ernst Blum 16

Albert Blum 11

Louise F Blum 8

Anna Maria Blum 5

Karl W Blum 2

Karoline Moessinger 76

Henry Varenhorst 20

1920 United States Federal Census

about Marie Pierce

Name: Marie Pierce

[Marie Peirce]

Home in 1920: South Bend, Cass, Nebraska

Age: 24

Estimated birth year: abt 1896

Birthplace: South Dakota

Relation to Head of House: Wife

Spouse's name: V V Pierce

Father's Birth Place: Germany

Mother's Birth Place: Germany

Marital Status: Married

Race: White

Sex: Female

Able to read: Yes

Able to Write: Yes

Neighbors: View others on page

Household Members: Name Age

V V Pierce 36

Marie Pierce 24

V John Pierce 1

[1 10/12]

I Recall

by Marie Pierce

I remember the day Mother was raking hay and the horses run away and she came with hair hanging down clothes all ragged. Had been drug behind the rake sometime before she got loose. Was barefoot. Lost her shoes. Was all black and blue and how scared we were and cried.

Also remember the prairie fires. How Dad would have to plow furrow guards. No wonder I have nightmares.

Grandma Mossinger

This is what stands out in my mind most of all. We were getting dinner. Had put a big granite pan of potatoes on the stove to cook. It was one of those which was smaller at the bottom then and big around at the top, and didn't set on the stove very good as we always took off the lid and set them down next to it so to get done faster. She no doubt went to check to see if they were done and the kettle tipped and hot water poured out onto her leg. Don't remember if both legs or just one and she was bedfast for some time. It just didn't heal so someone said lamb manure poltice should be good. Talbotts had lambs so we got some manure from them and tried it, but she then had a stroke and was sometime before she passed away.

Ida postponed her wedding until after she passed away. It seems Ernest was home. Maybe he was going to Taxidermist School in Omaha then and was just home a few days. It seems it was he who told of her being delirious trying to climb the walls.

I just don't seem to remember much about her prior to that. Have been trying to bring something back. That was such a tragic thing. I would have been 10 years old.

We were bed pals.


Ich bin klein

Mein Herz ist rein

Soll Niemand darin wohnen

Als Jesus allein Amen


I am small or little

my heart is clean or pure

shall none therin dwell or live

Save Jesus Alone

And we always said the Lord's Prayer in German and I still do to this day.

Notes on the above:

White Lake, South Dakota circa 1895-1900. Marie Blum Pierce was approximately 3 to 5 years of age.

From this time period, Marie also remember sheep shearing. She recalls "great big long sacks", each filled with approximately 100 lbs. of wool, being "placed in a shed." Her job was to walk out to where the men were working and to "call them for dinner."

In 1900 Marie's family moved form White Lake, South Dakota to a homestead near South Bend, Nebraska. She remembers taking the train to Nebraska with her father, Andrew Blum. Marie, and impressionable 5 yr. old at the time, enjoyed the popcorn and peanuts which her father generously bought for her from the train's porters.

The Nebraska homestead near South Bend was purchased from the Sweeney family who was related to Minnie Mossinger Huber's husband. Minnie was Marie's Aunt. When the Sweeneys left the South Bend homestead for California, they were unable to take their two large dogs with them. Until the Sweeny family sent for the dogs, the pets occupied the small frame house on the homestead along with the entire Blum family.

Marie remembers that the 4 room house had and "all occasion-dining room", a parlor with "green wall paper with big white figures", a 'built-on kitchen with a cupboard between the kitchen and dining room", and one big sleeping room. Marie recalls, "We all slept in one room." She remembers "a porch facing the east", and a fenced yard with flowers and a "big garden."

A rock house was also on the property. It was larger than the frame house and in need of repairs. Some time later, after repairs were completed, the Blum family moved into the rock house.

Marie says, "My Dad moved to Nebraska because of the spring and the pond on the homestead. In South Dakota we didn't have a spring." The South Bend Homestead spring had a "ramp that pumped the water into the tank." From the tank it was "pushed into pipes" to water various areas of the homestead.

A variety of fruit trees grew on the 80 acre homestead near South Bend. Marie recalls peach, pear, and apple trees. Later her father also planted 5 acres of grapes. She also remember timothy grass growing on the property. This was a "tall grass with a solid stem like foxtail."

Prior to the birth of the youngest child, Martin Blum on March 8, 1905: the Blum Homestead was occupied by Marie's Grandma, Caroline Mossinger: Marie's mother and father, Louise and Andrew Blum; and 7 children including Ida, Ernest, Albert, Louise, Marie, Bill and Andrew.

By this time, the Blum family had moved into the larger rock house on their homestead. This house was built into the ground with a large living room and kitchen accommodation on the basement level with an entrance from the south. The south wall was fully exposed. The west wall was partially exposed to the outside while the north wall had dirt all around it. The east wall was the ground level for the second floor. There was a large stone fireplace in the southeast corner of the building which extended to the second story. The living room-kitchen accomodation was approximately 12'x16'. From the living room, there was and entrance to a full length pantry, approximately 6'x16', which was filled with canned and fresh vegetables. At the back of the pantry was and entrance which led to the cellar containing fruit, potatoes and wine stored in barrels. In the winter, a cake of salted herring was kept in the kitchen accommodation because it was one of Andrew Blum Sr.'s favorite foods. A sharply angled staircase led to the second story of the house. Three bedrooms were found on this floor. Marie and her Grandma shared the small bedroom immediately to the right at the top of the stairs. The bedroom to the left of the stairs was a large room with a fireplace and an exit to the outside.

The stove burned wood or cobs. The burner-lid on the stove was removed so that the pan could be placed directly on the burning cobs or wood.

Grandma Mossinger's accident occurred several months before the birth of Martin on March 8, 1905.

Caroline Mossinger, Marie's Grandma, passed away June 4, 1905.

Marie remembers her Grandma teaching her this prayer.

Translation by Martin Blum

*A stirring memento of pioneer days to a generation blessed with affluence and to unmindful of our responsibilities to succeeding generations, love of God, and neighbor. Martin Blum

Letter from brother Martin

December 1, 1948

Dear Marie,

Margaret called us letting us know you were to be operated on. We were sorry to hear of it, but of course its best to be relieved of the difficulty. If you'll just be patient until you fully recover (and I'm not scolding). I'm so glad that Ida was to be with you.

Marie, we had the grandest dinner that day at Ida's and were certainly sorry your health did not permit you to be with us. Louise called us on the day before to say how disappointed they were that they couldn't come because of the roads.

The thought just comes to me that there is so very little that I can say or do to comfort you or help because it was you who taught me to pray to Him "from whom all blessings flow."

Weather here has surely been wonderful. It has been hard to believe that such a short distance as Grand Island and down your way, you have been so much more winterlike with your heavy snowfall and ice. We even noticed a sharp difference in snowfall between here and Ida's.

The streets of Omaha are surely crowded with Christmas shoppers. Last Friday and Saturday there were so many people in with their children, perhaps because of the short holiday from school. Brandeis Santa Claus window display (perhaps you've see it in years past) can be heard for blocks. You see its a large mechanical dummy that weaves back and forth accompanied with a record of laughter. They've had the same display so many years I've wondered how many accompanying records they've worn out.

I've just talked to Margaret to get the name of the hospital. Those kids surely made wonderful time that night. They were back here in Omaha around 2 o'clock and they must have lost a lot of time with bad roads at the drive to Ida's. They rather admitted they were a bit tired the next day. Margie said you were looking good. You know, I haven't seen you since you have become a grandmother. How wonderful! I congratulate you and the happy children.

We wish you a full and speedy recovery.



Post Card from Sister Louise. Marie wrote on the front of the card, "The last card I got from a dear sister. Had been there to help herr move to apartment in Aug. "Card Louise wrote very shortly before she passed away."

addressed to Mrs. Marie Pierce, 3432 South 58th Street, Omaha 68100 Nebr

Dated 10/6/1967

Dear Marie and Mary and Martin

Raining here tonite have had a good rain so far and still coming down. Is warm to so far no killing frost. Carrie and I went out to Herbs Wed. got tomatoes, chard and cucumbers also glads. Herbs are ___ but carpeting is to laid the 10. Saw Mrs Mills and Janis not Bob. He was out cutting silage. Paul and Otto met us had a nice supper ready and things to take home with us to eat. Carrie and I went to Ladies Aid yesterday had the baby today for the first time. Marie Endter and her husband are coming Sun. nite he had been to a world war I Balloon Corps convention so will stop at Madeson at Ermma (Freds) and Marian also Lee and Dale and in Galena and then here. Carrie and I cleaned today also were at Harstmeyers Silver "alum". Hope Bill is better, letter soon Louise

Card from Sister Ida

no date but I'm guessing around 1948

Dear All

Saturday Morning

I know you were glad to set foot in your own home after going through what you did now you take it easy and take a good rest. We served at a sale Thursday and was it cold and had such a small place and had to have the door open and did I get cold So now I have such a cold. Doctored up all day yesterday and we did not make much it was such a cold day we want to get enough money to get a hot water heater in our church basment but do not think we made that much. Albert Schrader died Thursday he lived all alone in that big house Had a dog would not let anyone come to the house So there is another big farm for sale Hoping you are feeling so much better

I got the picturs of the Carl Blums brother and sisters My it is awful to get old I would not have known Carl if I had met him

They were so happy all the brothers and sisters could come. I must close and folks are going to town this morning

With Love to all

Sister Ida.

Easter Card from Son Cliff

No Date Guessing 1960's

Dear Mom,

Well we are getting along fine. Have bought couple horses. I went to Fla. and bought horse called Robin OK. Lost him the 2nd time I ran him and claimed Omengraph for 3700 and Elon Joe for 2000. I also bought old Rom along back. So now have 4 of my own and 1 pay horse. I put in stalls for Sportsman pork. May come to Omaha yet. Don't know. Ford is about any of horses will no doubt have some for him this summer. He got back from south sea and some got back from Japan. Going to put some fertilizer on my pasture down on creek. Alvie has had some bad luck lost couple colts and one more bad trouble and lost her. Guess Fred and Joan are having a good go in the tavern at Belvidere. Have not heard if Johnie has done any thing yet. Romalong ran 2nd tongiht. How is Martin feeling. He no doubt will be ready for warm weather. Has been cold here. Looks like rain today but broke away and didn't get any. Hope you feeling fine I was going to call you Sunday but didn't. May phone you next week. Love son, Cliff

Fran Carman (born Blum)  I remember baking all kinds of pies with most of my grand aunts --they were fresh fruit pies like peach and apple. I don't know what the ocassion was( I must have been around 10 years old ) so about 1955 or so. I think uncle Martin's wife Florence? was there. I remeber liking her--there weren't any family that I didn't like but she seemed very kind. Aunt Marie was there--I can still remember her great laugh. There was alot of talking and laughing and everyone had on an apron of sorts I think bibtype. I'm not sure of the date though because I remeber making pies by myself when we lived for one year in Council Bluffs, Iowa when I was in the 8th grade witch would have made me about 13 or 1957-58. I made them by myself after the aunts taught me although I don't still have a recipe for the wonderful piecrust. Fran Blum Carman
7 years ago
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