Rev. Robert Coningham

Born:1784 In:  Londonderry
Died:May 21 1836 (at age ‎~52‏)In:  Rose Hill, Chorley Wood

Immediate family

Louisa Rebecca Coningham (born Capper)
His wife
John Coningham
His son
William Coningham
His son
John Coningham
His father
Elizabeth Coningham, of Sunderland (born Campbell)
His mother
Hester Sterling (born Coningham)
His sister

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Louisa Capper & Robert Coningham
Marriage: Oct 16 1811 - Northwood, Hampshire, England
Wife: Louisa Capper
Husband: Robert Coningham
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M06187-1
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 823621

Confidence: Direct and primary evidence
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Robert Coningham
Gender: Male
Birth: June 26 1815
Christening: July 17 1815 - Madron, Cornwall, England
Father: Robert Coningham
Mother: Louisa Rebecca
  Birth: June 26 1815
Child: William Coningham
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: P00169-2
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 0254188, 0254190-91


Rev. Robert Coningham

· Born County Londonderry in 1784.

· Father was John Coningham, Esq., Merchant of Derry

· Cousin was Hester Coningham, married to John Sterling, whose letters William Coningham later published privately.

· Educated at Peterhouse, Cambridge

· Wife was Louisa Rebecca Capper, daughter of Colonel James Capper, of the Madras Army, born 14th Jan, 1777 at Fort St. George, Madras, TN, India. Col. Capper’s wife’s name was given as ‘Mary’

· Son William was born 26th June, 1815 and Christened 17th, July, 1815 at Madron, Penzance, Cornwall. Parents address at time of birth given as Rosehill, Penzance. This may have been a mistake for Rosehill (in home counties somewhere).

· Described by Jane Carlyle in a letter to Susan Hunter dated 20th September, 1835 “When I was a little recovered Mrs Sterling [i.e., nee Hester Coningham] who would not give up the fancy for taking me out of town carried me to her Brothers [i.e., Robert Coningham’s house] for a few days-about 25 miles from London [annotation by Thomas Carlyle: “near Watford (Mr Cunningham, who tragically died soon after”]-a perfect Paradise of a place, peopled as every Paradise ought to be with Angels. There I drank warm milk, and eat new eggs, and bathed in pure air, and rejoiced in cheerful countenances, and was as happy as the day was long, which I should have been a monster not to have been, when every body about me seemed to have no other object in life but to study my pleasure. I returned in high feather...”

· Died on 21st May, 1836, at Chorley Wood. (Note in The Gentleman’s Magazine, has him as “the Rev. Hubert Coningham, of Rosehill, in the same county”).

· Death of Robert Coningham referred to in letter of Thomas Carlyle to Margaret Carlyle dated 27th July, 1836: “I know not if I mentioned to you how an Uncle of his [Robert Coningham], an excellent man who came sometimes about us, was cut off suddenly, after a few days illness in Spring last: the old Grandmother [Elizabeth Coningham, nee Campbell] (Mother of this one; young Sterling's Grandmother) is come hither to live with the elder Sterlings; a bent woman of ninety-one. They thought the shock of her favourite Son's sudden death would kill her; but Nature is kind, and makes the very old incapable of feeling much: the old Great Grandmother took it sweetly; chirrups and talks (I have seen her once) as lively as a cricket, and looks as if she might weather many a thing yet”.

· In a letter to Jane Carlyle dated 24th October, 1839, Thomas Carlyle described Robert Coningham as “a man we liked well, and lamented for the Death of”.

· On 1st May, 1840, Thomas Carlyle wrote to John Carlyle that Louisa Coningham, Robert Coningham’s widow, was: “said to be in a dying condition”. The editor’s footnote to the letter says: “Louisa, b. Capper, widow of the Rev. Robert Coningham (9:26), d. 26 May, at Chorley Wood, Herts.”

Robert. Coningham or Conyngham


Easter, 1807

23 May 1836

Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 22) at PETERHOUSE, Mar. 11, 1807. Of Ireland. Matric. Easter, 1807, as Conyngham; B.A. 1811; M.A. 1826. Ord. deacon (London, Litt. dim. from Ely) Mar. 18, 1810; priest (Ely) June 24, 1810; C. of Abington, 1810. Of Rosehill, Herts. Died May 23, 1836, aged 52, at Chorley Wood, Herts. Father of the next. (G. Mag., 1836, II. 217.)

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