Walrath Wolleben/Wohleben

Born:Oct 20 1648 In:  Saarbrucken/Nassau, Rheinland, West Germany
Died:1709 (at age ‎~61‏)In:  Saarbrücken, Freuben, Rheinland, Germany

Immediate family

Anna Catharina Wolleben (born Baumann/Bowman)
His wife
Johann Peter Wolleben/Wohleben/Woolever
His son
Hans ('John') Henrich (brother of Johan-Peter Wohleben) Wolleben/Wohleben/Woolever
His son
Anna Elisabetha Frolich (born Wolleben/Wohleben)
His daughter
Maria Catherina or Anna Maria Catherina Spohn (born Wolleben/Wohleben)
His daughter
Catherina Margareta Wolleben/Wohleben
His daughter
Sarah Catherina Dillenbach [wed George Martin Dillenbach] (born Wolleben)
His daughter
Maria Susanna van der Volgen 2 wives (born Wolleben twin)
His daughter
Sarah Catherina Wolleben/Wohleben twin duplicate entry?
His daughter
Johann Nicholas (brother of Johan-Peter) Wolleben/Wohleben/Woolever [3 wives wed Margaret Lant wed Anna Catherine Feller wed 1754 Anna Maria Elizabetha Eschenreiter]
His son
Anna Margaretha Berg (born Wolleben)
His daughter
Rev. Johann Paulus Wolleben/Wohleben, [Rev.]
His father
Barbara Wolleben/Wohleben (born Schumacher)
His mother

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Wallrath Wohleben (born Wohlleben)
Gender: Male
Birth: Oct 20 1648 - Saarbrucken, Freuben, Rheinland, Germany
Marriage: 1676 - Hochheim &40
Marriage: near Worms&41
Marriage: , Germany
Death: 1709 - Germany, London or possibly on the Atlantic Ocean
Father: Reverend Johann Paulus Wohleben (born Wolleben)
Mother: Barbara Wohleben (born Schumacher)
Spouses: Anna Catharina BaumannAnna-Catharina Wohleben (born Baumann)
Children: Anna Elisabetha Frolich (born Wohlleben)Anna Maria Catherina Spohn (born Wohleben)Anna Margaretha Berg (born Wohleben)Johann Peter WohlebenJohann Nicholas WohlebenSarah Catherine WohlebenHans Heinrich Wohleben (born Wohlenben)Catharina Margaretha WohlebenAnna Margaretha WohlebenMaria Susanna Van Der Volgen (born Wohleben)
Siblings: Maria Barbara WollebenChristoph WohlebenJohann Peter WohlebenAnna Catharina Languth (born Wohleben)Johann Rupert Wohleben

Confidence: Direct and primary evidence
Citation text:

Wallrath Wohleben
Gender: Male
Birth: 1648
Death: 1709
Father: Johann Paulus Wohleben
Mother: Barbara Wohleben (born SCHUMACHER)
Wife: Anna Catharina Wohleben (born Bauman)
Children: Johan Peter Wohleben, Johann Henrich Wohleben, Anna Maria Catherine Wohleben, Catharina Margaret Wohleben, Sarah Catharina Dillenbach (born Wohleben), Maria Susannah Wohleben, Anna Margaretha Wohleben, Johann Nicolaus Wohleben, Anna Elisabetha Wohleben
Siblings: Maria Barbara Unknown, Christoph Wohleben, Johann Rupert Wohleben, Hans Peter Wohleben, Anna Catharina Languth (born Wohleben)

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