Rollo (Rolf) "the Dane" (Hrolf the Ganger) Ragnvaldsson Rollon Rou Robert) Count Rognvaldsson Ragnvaldsson 1st Duke Of Normandy

Born:854 In:  Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
Died:931 (at age ‎~77‏)In:  Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandie, France


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Immediate family

Poppa Papia Dutchess de Valois (Dutchess of Normandy) Duchess Of Normandy (born De Baveux)
His wife
Gullaume 1st (William) "Longsword" "Lone Sword" 2nd Duke Of Normandy
His son
Rognvald The Rich
His father
Ragnhild The Rich (born Nephiot Grosshertz)
His mother

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Also known as Hrolf the Ganger or Rollon, 1st Duke of Normandy from 911 to 927, called also Rolf the Walker, because, being so tall, he preferred to go afoot rather than ride the little Norwegian h



orses. Also shown as Rollon, Row, or Robert. Originally a Norse Viking, he was noted for strength and martial prowess. In the reign of Charles II the Bald, he sailed up

the Seine River and took



which he kept as a base of operations. He gained a number of victories over the Franks, and extorted the cession of the province since called

Normandy. By the famous treaty which Charle

s the Bald and


Rollo signed the latter agreed to adopt Christianity. He was born in 846 and died in 932, and was buried in the Cath

edral at Rouen. ----------------------------------------------

---------From: http:/






CommentarySupposed father: Rognvaldr, jarl of Møre.




Supposed mother: Ragnhildr o

r Hildr.




The origin of

Rollo is contraversial.


There are several medieval sources which claim to give information about the origin of Rollo, the most widely repeated of which

would make him a son

of Rognvaldr, jarl of Møre by Ragnhildr or Hildr.


As can be seen from the following brief notices, the various primary sources offer very contradictory information about R


lo's origin.




The earliest author to attribute an explicit origin to Ro


llo was Richer of Rheims, writing between 996 and 998, who called Rol

lo the son of another Viking invad

er of France named Catillus (presumably representing the Norse name Ketil) [Richer i, 28 (see PL


138: 35)]. Since Catillus appears to be a l

egendary individual, this account has generally been

discredited, probably correctly [see Douglas 420-1].




According to Dudo of St. Quentin (writing ear


ly 11th century), author of the earliest history of the Normans, Rollo had a

younger brother named Gurim, presumed to be the familiar name Gorm. Dudo states that Rollo and Gu

rim were sons of a man who


held many lands in "Dacia" (Dudo's word for Denmark, following other

authors), and that after the death of the (unnamed) father of Rollo and Gurim,

the king of Dacia fought against the sons, killing


Gurim and driving Rollo out [Dudo ii, 2-4 (pp. 26-7)]. Dudo lat

er refers to duke Richard I as being related to a "king of

Dacia" named Haigrold [Dudo iv, 84-88 (pp. 114-20 passim)], who must have been


the Viking raider of France of that name [Flodoard's An

nals, s.a. 945, see PL 135: 463-4, van H

outs 51], and not king Harald "Bluetooth" of Denmark. Note that Gurim cannot be the famous Gorm "the Old


" of Denmark, who survived Rollo by many years.




William of Malmesbury (early 12th century) appears to be the earliest author to attribute a Norwegian origin to Rollo [WM ii, 5 (p. 125)].

Rollo, also called ROLF, or ROU, French ROLLON, Scandinavian rover who founded the duchy of Normandy. Rollo was the founder and first ruler of the Viking principality in what soon became known as N



andy. He is also in some sources known as Robert of Normandy. The name ROLLO is a Frankish-Latin name probably taken from the Scandinavian name Hrolf. (cf. the latinizatio

n of Hrolf Kraki in

to the sim


ilar Roluo in the Gesta Danorum).

Robert, Duke of the Franks.





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