Born: In:  Neustria

Immediate family

Childeric I
His son


legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty of the Salian Franks, that later became the dominant Frankish tribe. The name is a latinization of a form close to Old High German proper name Marwig, lit. "famed fight"[1] (cf. mari "famous" + wig "fight").


There is little information about him in the later histories of the Franks. Gregory of Tours only names him once as the father of Childeric I while putting doubt on his descent from Clodio.[2] Many admit today that this formulation finds its explanation in a legend reported by Fredegar.[3] The Chronicle of Fredegar interpolated on this reference by Gregory by adding Merovech was the son of the queen, Clodio's wife; but his father was a sea-god, bistea Neptuni.[4] No other historical evidence exists that Merovech ever lived. Some researchers have noted that Merovech, the Frankish chieftain, may have been the namesake of a certain god or demigod honored by the Franks prior to their conversion to Christianity. It has been suggested Merovech refers to or is reminiscent to the Dutch river Merwede,[5] nowadays part of the Rhine-Meus-Scheldt delta but historically a main subsidiary of the Rhine, in the neighborhood of which the Salian Franks once dwelled according to Roman historians. Another theory[6] considers this legend to be the creation of a mythological past needed to back up the fast-rising Frankish rule in Western Europe.


The first Frankish royal dynasty called themselves Merovingians in his honor.


Merovech may have been the father of Childeric I who may have succeeded him.


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