Elizabeth Ann "Springflower" Chism (born Dark)

Born:1769 In:  North Carolina
Died:1845 (at age ‎~76‏)In:  Arkansas, United States

Immediate family

Benjamin Elisha Chism
Her husband
Elizabeth "Gray Feather" Gray (born Chism)
Her daughter
Ellender Nellie Walker (born Chism)
Her daughter
Benjamin II Chism
Her son
Sarah "Sally" Walker (born Chism)
Her daughter
John Adam Dark
Her father
George Dark
Her brother
John Adams Dark
Her brother

Source citations

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Here is the version handed down by Owen Goodman "Happy" Kendrick.
Excerpt from a story by Owen Goldman "Happy" Kendrick, born September 22,
1880, died November 30, 1969. This appears to be the source for the
Adam/Spring Flower Dark story.
".......She was a direct descendant of the Cherokee Indians, both from her
Father's side and also from her Mother's side. I do not know the exact
amount of the Cherokee strain that her Father had. But her Mother, Elizabeth
Ann Gray Walker, was one half Cherokee Indian blood, and her ancestry went
back to the name of Adam Dark, who was one of the Cherokee Indian Chiefs
when the tribe was moved from Georgia to Alabama, to the west of the
Mississippi River, into Arkansas and the old Indian Territory, which later
became the State of Oklahoma. Adam Dark, the old Cherokee Chief, was the
Grandfather of Elizabeth Ann Gray.
I do now know Adam Dark's Indian name. But his English name is on the old
Cherokee Indian Rolls. The moving of the Cherokee Tribe and some of the
smaller Indian Tribes from the states of Georgia and Alabama, to Arkansas
and the old Indian Territory, was done about the year of 1818-1820. This
Movement of the Indians was forcable done by the United States Government,
and in violation of all Treaty Rights. It was known as the "Trail of Tears".
Many of the Indians perishing on the trip. But they were forced to go by
Troops of the United States Army.
One of the Chief Adam Dark's children was a daughter called Spring Flower. I
do not know her Indian name, but the name of Spring Flower has been handed
down thru past generations. At any rate this daughter married a full-blooded
Cherokee Indian, named Ben Chism. I do not know his Indian name. A daughter
of this marriage, Elizabeth, married a white man, named Thomas Gray, in the
old Cherokee Nation of the Indian Territory. They afterwards moved into
Izard County, Arkansas, settling on lower Rocky Bayou Creek. There Elizabeth
Ann Gray was born on May 14, 1821. So Elizabeth Ann Gray married Hartwell B.
Walker, who also had a heavy strain of Cherokee Indian blood, about the year
of 1846-1847. She became the mother of Harriet Elizabeth Walker, Lucretia
Ann Walker, and William Wiley Walker...."

Just how much of this is fact is uncertain. The forced movement of the
Eastern Cherokee known as the "Trail of Tears" took place in 1838-1839 at
the end of the Jackson adminstration, not the years 1818-1820. We do know
that Elizabeth Ann Gray was the daughter of John Thomas Gray and Elizabeth
Chism. Elizabeth Ann Gray had a younger sister, Rachel, who married Joseph
Love Byler, the parents of my great-grandfather Augustus Calvin Byler:
1850 Rocky Bayou Township
222 GRAY John 56 KY Farmer (c1794)
Elizabeth 56 SC (*nee Chism mother of Elizabeth
Rachael 12 AR *g-g-grandmother married Joseph
Love Byler
NEAL James F. 12? TN

Additionally, another Chism, Ellender, who appears to be a sister of
Elizabeth, married John Adam Walker II, the parents of Hartwell B. who
married Elizabeth Gray. If this is the case than Hartwell B. Walker and his
wife, Elizabeth Ann Gray were first cousins.

Other Chisms in the area were; Benjamin who is the right age to be the
brother of Elizabeth and Ellender and Sarah "Sally" Chism who married Andrew
Walker. At least one Chism researcher claims that this younger Benjamin
Chism was married to Mary "Polly" Walker the daughter of John Adam Walker I.
This would indicate that the generation that Happy Kendrick refers to as
Benjamin Chism and Springflower dark had the following children:

i. Elizabeth born circa 1794 who married John Thomas Gray.
ii. Benjamin born circa 1796 who married Mary "Polly" Walker??
iii.Ellender born circa 1797 who married John Adam Walker II

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