Paschal R. Caldwell

Born:1824 In:  Gwinnett Co., Georgia
Died:Apr 1870 (at age ‎~46‏)In:  Limestone Co., Texas

Immediate family

Sarah P. Caldwell (born Whatley)
His wife
James Seymour Caldwell
His son
Mary Elizabeth Burleson (born Caldwell)
His daughter
Martha Ann Burleson (born Caldwell)
His daughter
John Paschall Sr. Caldwell
His son
Susan Jane Burleson (born Caldwell)
His daughter
James Caldwell
His father
Antawoneese Caldwell (born Cherokee)
His mother
Edna Foley (born Caldwell)
His sister
George Washington Caldwell
His brother
Seaborn Caldwell
His brother
James C. Caldwell
His brother
Samuel Caldwell
His brother


Rita Seiter is a Burleson researcher, and she has told me that through her research, she had heard that our Caldwell line were also related to Red Foley and also some of the earlier Western musicians.

Rita also states that new info. may be that his name was Paskell Caldwell and his wife being Cleo Barbaree. The marriage to a Cleo has not been proven and may be incorrect or a second marriage. It is believed that Paschall had only married once. Also earlier info. I had gotten from someone is that he was a blind Cherokee Indian. But he could not be a farmer if he was blind. So I believe he was not blind.

Here are some census records for Paschal's family:

1850 Randolph Co., Alabama;

Name: Paschal R Caldwell

Age: 26

Estimated birth year: abt 1824

Birth place: Georgia

Gender: Male

Home in 1850

(City,County,State): Beat 5, Randolph, Alabama

Page: 312

Roll: M432_14


*1850 Randolph Co Ala. still living at home with his widowed mother Mary and siblings Seaborn and James.

1850 Randolph Co., Alabama:

Whatley, Robert B. age 47 GA.

Elizabeth age 37 GA.

Sarah P. age 20 GA.

Letty A. age 7 AL.

Ossian age 3 AL.

Margaret age 1 AL.

Next door is;

Foley, Thomas age 31 Ireland

Edna age 27 GA.

Thomas age 6 AL.

Amos age 3 AL.

Next door to the Foley's is:

Caldwell, Mary age 50 GA.

Paschal R. age 26 GA.

Seaborn age 22 GA.

James age 19 GA.


1860 Leon Co., Texas;

Name: Paschal Caldwell

Age in 1860: 33

Birth Year: abt 1827

Birthplace: Georgia

Home in 1860: Leon, Leon, Texas

Gender: Male

Post Office: Bear Grass

Value of real estate: View image

Household Members: Name Age

Paschal Caldwell 33

Sarah Caldwell 26

Jas Caldwell 7

Elizabeth Caldwell 5

Martha Caldwell 3

M J Turney 25


*1860 Leon Co Tx Pg 89 #645 po Bear Grass (3 Oct 1860).... CALDWELL Pascal 33 Farmer $500 Ga, Sarah 26 Ga, Jas 7 Ala, Elizabeth 5 Ala, Martha 3 Tex. TURNEY M. J. 25 School Teacher Tx. (hh #644 George W CALDWELL, hh #646 Thomas and Edna FOLEY

1860 Leon Co., Texas:

22 644 7 Caldwell G. W. 27 M Farmer GA

23 644 7 Caldwell Elizabeth 26 F GA

24 644 7 Caldwell Edney 14 F AR

25 644 7 Caldwell James 9 M AR

26 644 7 Caldwell Jane 6 F TX

27 644 7 Caldwell Sarah 4 F TX

28 644 7 Caldwell Ellen 2 F TX

29 644 7 Caldwell James 24 M Farmer GA (James is G.W. Brother)

30 645 8 Caldwell Paschal 33 M Farmer GA

31 645 8 Caldwell Sarah 26 F GA

32 645 8 Caldwell Jas. 7 M AL

33 645 8 Caldwell Elizabeth 5 F AL

34 645 8 Caldwell Martha 3 F TX

35 645 9 Turney M. J. 25 M Teacher C School TX

36 646 10 Foley Thos. 45 M Farmer IRE

37 646 10 Foley Edney 36 F GA

38 646 10 Foley Thos. 15 M Farmer AL

39 646 10 Foley Amos 12 M AL

40 646 10 Foley Cissley 8 F AL

1 646 1 Foley Hellen 6 F AL

2 646 1 Foley Conn 1 M TX

Nearby is:

Caldwell, William age 50 miller N.C.

Jane age 42 N.C.

*1870 Leon Tx pg 51 #344/407 po Centerville......CALDWELL S. 35 $2500 Ga, James 14 Ala, Mary 14 Ala, Martha 10 Tx, John 8 Tx, Susan 6 Tx. James 34 farm labor Ga. (this James is Paschal's brother) (Paschal died in Apr so he was already dead by census time). Paschall and Sarah are dead by this time and Samuel is raising their children and his brother James.


*1880 Sarah is not in Tx, Ruby looked at every S., Sarah and Sally and didn't find her. However 1880 Leon Co Tx has Susan J CALDWELL (sister-in-law) 14 Tx, living with Benj F and Mary E BURLESON. Since Susan is living with her sister and is only 14 it may be that Sarah has died.


*1900 Comanche Co., Texas Census, Mattie (Martha Ann) states that both of her parents were born in Georgia.


Civil War Service Records

Viewing records 1-1 of 1 Matches

Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance

Caldwell Paschal D 6 Battalion Texas Cavalry. Private Private Confederate

*Company D, Captain W. D. Wood of Leon County, Texas.



"Hi Tracy,


Thank you for clarifying which Edney (Edna) Caldwell you were from. Recently, I found out from another cousin that Paschal Caldwell was on the 1870 Limestone County Mortality Schedule Census as dying from FEVER (no type of fever was specified, however, most of the Caldwells, Shipps, Turners, Thomas's lived fairly near the Navasota River and many folks back then died of yellow fever resulting from mosquitos.) I understand that a Mortality Schedule Census covers the period of one year prior to taking census. This began on June 1, 1870, then the Mortality Schedule Census covered the period of June 1, 1869 to June 1, 1870. So Paschal died within that year. It seems she also saw on the same schedule that Enda Caldwell Foley also died of fever. I will check my recent e-mails to make sure of this and let your know."
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