John Davidson

Born:1674 In:  Ulster, Ireland

Immediate family

Unknown Davidson (born Jane)
His wife
William Davidson
His son
Samuel Davidson
His son
James Davidson
His son
<Private> Davidson
His child
<Private> Davidson
His child
<Private> Davidson
His child



> Descendants of James Davidson


> 1 James Davidson 1825 -

> .. +Jane Davidson 1836 -

> ......... 2 MARY DAVIDSON 1856 -

> ......... 2 JAMES DAVIDSON 1861 -

> ......... 2 BESSY DAVIDSON 1866 -

> ......... 2 ANNA DAVIDSON 1869 -

> ......... 2 JOHN SAMUEL DAVIDSON 1859 - 1951

> ............. +MINNIE HARRIET MILLS 1870 - 1952

> .................... ......... *2nd Wife of JOHN SAMUEL DAVIDSON:

> ............. +HANNAH BRANDER 1864 - 1895

> -

> ......... 2 WILLIAM DAVIDSON 1863 -

> ......... 2 SARAH DAVIDSON 1870 -


> Looking for the connection to England, Ireland, or Homeland.


> Bill Webb



John Davidson is our oldest known Davidson ancestor. I have gotten this from at least two sources. Tom Walters, another descendant, stated that John Davidson came to U.S. in 1740 from Ulster, N. Ireland via the Port of Philadelphia. He also stated that he was 65 and came with wife Jane and son Samuel and family. I am not sure whether the others who came with them were John's grown sons or Samuel's sons. "John Davidson, the emigrant, came into court and made oath that he imported himself, at his own charge, and also Jane (his wife), George, Thomas, William, and Samuel, from Ireland to Philadelphia and from there into the Colony, ordered certified, 24th of July 1741, Orange Co, Virginia, Order Book B., pg. 209.* 81 The land he acquired was in Augusta Co VA and his oath was made before the county court of Orange, since a court had not yet been established in Augusta Co." John Davidson was b 1674.


Samuel Davidson. #

George Davidson m Mary Combs.Ref 77(may be actually s/o # 1)

Thomas Davidson.* 80 (may be actually s/o # 1)

William Davidson.* 80 (may be actually s/o # 1)




John Davison, Jane, George, Thos, Wm & Samuel Davison

(from Ireland)

John my 4thgreatgrand father Richard Chenoweth was born in 1755 and was

having children with his second wife until his death in 1828 the last was

born in the year he died,he wrote in his will in 1821 to provide for any

children he may father after his will so it is possible .

On the age of John Davison I don't have a copy of the infomation only what

other's have passed on it was not my line but if you look at the Will in

Ireland of William Davidson 1721 his son's must have been of age when he

wrote the will if he was born in 1709 if it is the same John Davison ?.

Terry D




Here are some random thoughts based on your recent notes:


I have the transcription of the Will of William Davison of Armagh (from the

Hand book) in front of me and I must admit that you are probably correct

that John and George were probably of age at the time of the will

(1721). Yet at the same time, Mr. Hand list birth years of (abt 1707 and

abt 1709) for the brothers.


I still do not think William is our John and George's father. They both

had sons named William and the Williams were in neither case the first

sons. What is the probability of both first sons named William dying young?


The Will also notes that he has a brother John. Maybe this is your John

Davison? (not likely)


In 1740 Orange county comprised a large part of western Virginia. Over the

next few decades, it was chipped away continuously. The fact that your

John Davison had land there also is random, I think. John's wife was

Jane/Jean when she came to America and when he died.




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Surname: Davidson



1. John Davidson born 1675 in Ulster, Ireland

-Married Jane

2. Samuel Davidson born in Albermarle, NC

3. James Davidson born 1794 Russell County, VA

-Married Mary

4. Joseph Davidson

-Married Mary Edwards

5. William Davidson born 1799 death 1891

-Sarah Sturgill born 1798; married 27 Jul 1819; death 1886

6. Hiram Davidson born 1828 death 1868

-2nd Wife - Sarah Daugherty b.1828, m. 4 Mar 1848, d. 2 Aug 1900

7. John Monroe Davidson b. 1851, d. 22 Dec 1926

-Maragret Elliot b.1853, m. 1872, d. 22 Aug 1917

8. Christopher Columbus Davidson

-Married Mary Esline Lane

9. Eva Jane Davidson b.22 Jun 1899, d. 3 May 1981



> John Davison/Davidson 1709 Ire, 1738 Va, 1748/50 Iredell Co., NC>

> Col. George Davidson 1728 Ire, 1738 Va, 1748-1814 Iredell Co., NC>

> William Davidson c.1755-1803 Iredell Co., NC>

> Abner Davidson c. 1787 Iredell Co., NC, c 1825-c 1837 Bedford Co.,Tn>

> John H. Davidson c. 1829-1864 Bedford, Co., Tn>

> Thomas Ogburn Davidson 1850 Bedford Co.,Tn, c.1875-1897 San Antonio, Tx>

> Artemesia Davidson 1886 Tx , 1914-1948 Clyde, Oh>

> Herbert Allen Lisle 1916 Oh, 1940 Ny / 1973 FL / 1982 Az>

> John Bulmer Lisle 1946 Ny, 1964 Ma.



If you are referring to MARGARET and MARY that was listed in my posting,

they were not born DAVIDSONs. They were the daugs. of JOHN


into the DAVIDSON family. In fact, they married brothers. I can tho,

provide you with data on the siblings and parents of WILLIAM and JAMES



JOHN DAVIDSON (b. 1709 Northern Ireland), emigrated to America in the early

18th century with his two brothers, GEORGE and ROBERT. On the long voyage

over the ocean, he met a young widow named MARY MORRISON whose beauty and

charm had attracted him. She was born in Ireland of wealthy parents, but

had eloped with a devout young Protestant who succumbed to disease aboard

the ship. One MORRISON son was born of this union who was raised by the

DAVIDSON family. During the Revolution, that young man remained a Tory and

family ties were strained. JOHN and MARY landed at Philadelphia and lived

in southern PA and northern Maryland until abt. 1740 when they moved to

Rowan County, NC to a place near Centre Presby. Church.


JOHN saw action during the French and Indian War in association with

Washington. When General John Rutherford came through western NC on a

punitive expedition against the Cherokee in 1775, GENERAL JOHN DAVIDSON was

in command of the supply train.


The DAVIDSONs lived on the land that later became the site of Davidson

College, which was named for JOHN's nephew GENERAL WILLIAM LEE DAVIDSON many

years later.


The children of JOHN and MARY DAVIDSON were:

1. WILLIAM md. MARGARET MCCONNELL. (They lived in Buncombe County, NC.)

2. SAMUEL. (Twin to William and first settler west of the Blue Ridge Mtns.

Killed by the Cherokees.)

3. THOMAS. (He settled in SC.)

4. JAMES md. MARY MCCONNELL. (They settled in Transylvania County, NC)

5. BENJAMIN. (He settled in Transylvania County, NC)

6. JOHN ("One-Eyed") md. MARY BREVARD. (They lived at Old Fort, NC)






I hope this can be of some help to you. If you would like additional

information on any of these DAVIDSON children, I'll see what I can dig up.

Look forward to hearing from you again.


Take care,

Bonita Voigt




over the ocean, he met a young widow named MARY MORRISON whose beauty and

charm had attracted him. She was born in Ireland of wealthy parents, but

had eloped with a devout young Protestant who succumbed to disease aboard

the ship. One MORRISON son was born of this union who was raised by the

DAVIDSON family. >>

I believe the current understanding of this family is that that Jane Davidson

not Mary married a Morrison after the death of John Davidson. "There is an

"importation statement" in which John stated that he imported from Ireland to

Philadelphia "at his own expense" his wife Jane and four sons, which he named

in this Augusta Co., VA document. For the importation statement he didnot

have to name daughters, and there was one, Rachel, who came from Ireland with

his family." Robert Stephens Hand , pg.10

Mr. Hand goes on "William Morrison was the last to inventory John's Virginia

estate in 1751, and he was noted to be the "present husband" of "said Jane

Davidson". (pg. 11)

Perhaps John Lisle can shed further light on this.

Virginia Green




You have three Davidson families mixed up

John Davidson, father of William Davidson died about 1749 and his wife Jane

married a William Morrison.

According to William Davidson's will in Ireland He named his son's in the will

as John and George Davidson. No mention of a Robert Davidson.

The John Davidson who was with Washington was the son of Robert Davidson.


This John is refereed to as John Davidson from Mecklenburge..



Also John Davidson from county Armagh Ireland did not have son's named

James are Benjamin, They were the sons of Samuel Davidson.

James did have a brother named William, but he is Col. William Davidson.

NOT Maj. William Davidson, who married Margaret McConnell.


The James Davidson who married Mary McConnell was the son of Samuel Davidson.

This Samuel's children were baptized in Tinkling Spring Va.


Robert Winslow Davidson

SAMUEL and JOHN DAVISON, both acquired

land in Beverley Manor, Orange (Augusta in 1745) County, VA on the same

date in 1739.

Both had children baptized at Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church in the



ORANGE CO., VA DEED BK. #3 1738-1744 4-5 June

1739. Pgs. 242-247. Wm. Beverley, Gent. of Essex Co. to Samuel Davison

of Orange

Co., lease and release (consideration blank) 353A in Beverley Manner on

the south fork of Shenandore river, corner to Capt. James Pattin. (Refer

to map of Beverley Manor). Signed by Wm. Beverley, witnessed and proven

by same three persons who witnessed deed to John Davison--(See below).

28 June 1739.


5 June 1739 Pgs. 237-242. Wm Beverley of Essex Co., Gent. to John

Davison of Augusta Co. lease and release for 23 pd. 11 sh.

current money, 785A, part of Manner of Beverley, at Christie's white

oak. (Actually, John Christian's).


GEORGE and SAMUEL went in the 1760's as some records show, to Tryon


NC which became part of Mecklenburg and Lincoln Cos., NC and Camden

Dist., SC. There was an ongoing border dispute between NC and SC and

when it was settled, SAMUEL fell into York Co., Camden Dist., SC. Deeds

to his land were recorded in Mecklenburg Co., NC and in York Co., SC.

(Some abstracts listed below). SAMUEL'S home was only a few miles from

King's Mtn. where an important victory over the British was fought.

Sons, WILLIAM, JAMES, and BENJAMIN participated and were given

Revolutionary grants in Western NC where they settled. SAMUEL remained

in York Co. where he died in 1787.

Some Land Records of SAMUEL DAVIDSON,

Crown Grants, Wm. Tryon, Royal Governor, #871, Bk. 18, Pg. 30l.


26 Sept 1766. SAMUEL DAVIDSON, 300A in Mecklenburg on both sides of

Turkey Creek including mill seat, joining JAMES BRYSON'S.


Crown Grants, Gov. Tryon, Royal Governor. Patent Bk. 23, Pg.



26 Apr 1767. SAMUEL DAVIDSON, 35A in Mecklenburg on Bullock's

Creek joining Curtis Caldwell, Wright's line, Moore's beginning,

(a point), nearly with

Stephenson's line and the foot of a mountain.


1. Camden Dist., SC Wills & /Administrations, 1781-1787. (SAMUEL)

2. "The McConnell Families" by Benjamin McConnell. (JAMES)

3. Cemetery Records of Morgan Co., TN. (WILLIAM)

4. Methodist Bishop Asbury's journal entry of 13 Nov 1800, also another

dated 7 Nov

1802. (BENJAMIN) 5. DAR Records and

History of the Gullick Family. (BENJAMIN) 6.

Camden Dist., SC Wills &

Admin. dated 1 Jan 1788 show advances made to widow (not named) &


GULLICK in the right of his wife, REBEKAH & to WILLIAM


7. " Roster of Soldiers & Patriots Buried in TN."


Tombstones of BENJAMIN & ANN in Davidson River Cemetery, Boilstown

Twp., Transylvania Co., NC:


NC Troops Rev. War D. 1833 Aged 85

(No dates

shown) (Handcarved stone)


Robert Winslow Davidson




Thank you for this data. I did not have all of these details!


(1) I would like to follow up on your previous posting. I have a lot of

respect for Robert Stephen Hand's genealogy, but I am quite uncomfortable

with his assignment of John and George as sons of William of Armagh. I

suspect that John and George - based in part that their first known sons

were named George - had a father named George. The family seems to have

followed Scottish naming conventions. I also believe that Samuel is either

another brother or cousin. or maybe an uncle. His family and John's

family were quite close. I had a posting on this a few months ago.


(2) George is known to have died about 1760. His will is available. He

had a son George named in the will who seems to have disappeared from the

record. He could be the George who bought land in Tryon Co. It could also

be that John's son George purchased that land as he seems to have had

fairly extensive land holdings.


(3) The Jennings - Davidson genealogy talks about a part of Samuel's

family. I have a suspicion that Samuel had a son Samuel and it was the

father that went to NC/SC but the son stayed in VA.


(4) Thank you and Virginia for providing additional input to Bonita. These

Davidson's are a very difficult family to sort out. And a lot of spurious

data has been published by well meaning people over the past 100+ years

that is just plain wrong and primary evidence easily refutes it. But there

are other conjectures that cannot be proved or refuted based on the data

that has surfaced to date.







The import certificate that you quote is an important document in the

genealogy of this family. However, I have been told that it does not

necessarily imply the date of the travel. We are fairly sure that the twin

sons Samuel and William were born in Ireland in 1736. I suspect that John

re-grouped in Philadelphia area or maybe Cecil Co., MD for a period before

choosing to buy land in what became Augusta county. In order to get the

land, he needed to file that import certificate. At that time, the land

was in Orange County. Augusta was split off a few years later.


I have a problem with the 1709 birth year also (as that is somehow presumed

based on his being a son of William of Armagh), but I would also have a

problem with his being 65 when he arrived in America. He had three more

children after he came here and then relocated again to North Carolina.

This is not the behavior of a man in his 60s or 70s. As his wife Jane

married WIlliam Morrison and had (at least) another child with him she was

undoubtedly in her early 40s by 1750. Her first child - George - was born

in 1728 so it is reasonable to assume that she was born maybe as late as

1710, probably a bit earlier.


Can you provide some documentary evidence for his age as 65?








This is a different John Davidson. I am not familiar with the details of

the family; however, my John Davidson died in 1748/9 in NC. His wife's

remarriage is documented in Chalkey's Augusta county transcripts. and his

inventory was handled in part by her second husband. And this is also

documented in Chalkey.


I have seen no evidence linking this John Davidson with your John

Davidson. I have seen the Import certificate used as "proof" for your John

Davidson, but the children documented in the certificate cannot be

otherwise demonstrated as existing.




I have another John Davidson born about 1728 - probably PA. He moved his

family from PA to SC about 1764/65. In 1765 he was one of the founders of

the Fairforest Presbyterian Church in Union District. Some of the other

families in the Fairforest Church were James Means, William Means, James

Farris, George Park, John Park, Arthur Park, Andrew Mayes, Robert Harris, the

Shaw Family, Thomas Barron, Josiah Culbertson, Widow Armstrong and families

of Dugan, Mitchell and Foster. I mention these families, because many of

them married into John's family or were neighbors.


On Feb 12, 1772, my John Davidson, Sr. received 200 acres from George

Davidson - Gov in Council. I do not know if there was a relationship between

George Davidson and John. After John's death, his son, Samuel, sold the

property. He sold it on August 15, 1812 to John David Thomson, a Colonel

during the Revolution. On October 1, 1812 Tabitha Davidson, Samuel's mother,

relinquished her dower right to the property.


According to the book, Leaves of the Tree, "On Sept 4, 1801, an indenture was

made, clearly establishing that our (my) John Davidson, Sr. died in the year

1801 and it names his real heirs." His will was recorded in Union District,

SC on February 24, 1817 (I do not know why the gap in time from his death

until it was recorded.) The "real heirs" that were mentioned in his will

were Joseph Davidson (son, married Mary Park), James Park (son in law m Jean

Davidson), John Leeper (son in law m Elizabeth Davidson), John Davidson (son

m wife unknown - RS - moved to Jasper County, Ga), William Davidson (son m

Elizabeth Mayes. Elizabeth was daughter of Thomas Mayes and Jean

Rutherford), James Davidson (son, no other information), Gilbert Shaw (son in

law m Mary Davidson. They moved to Jasper County, GA. Gilbert was a RS -

later killed by a tornado) and Samuel Davidson (Samuel, the youngest son, m

Elizabeth Mayes. Elizabeth was the daughter of Andrew Mayes and Mary



After John's death, Samuel Davidson and his mother, Tabitha, witnessed the

will of George Park on June 23, 1804. George was James Park's father, who

married John and Tabitha's daughter, Jean.


After 1812, John, Sr's children, William and Samuel Davidson, moved to Mount

Zion, Illinois. I do not know if their mother, Tabitha, went with them or

not. I tried to locate her headstone last year and could not find it.

However, I did find John and Samuel's. In John's Will, he gave Samuel money

to take care of Tabitha, for as long as she lived.


About the time William and Samuel went to IL, another son (John) moved to GA.

This second John settled in Jasper County. He is my ggggrandfather and was

born in PA in 1761 and died 1856 in Shady Dale, GA. August 1777, this John

enlisted in Union District, SC (at the age of 16) to fight in the Revolution.

One of his commanding officers was Col Thomas Brandon. In Brandon's

regiment were three John Davidsons. One John Davidson was the Capt who was

killed in the Battle of Hanging Rock. His widow was named Sarah. One of the

other John Davidsons is listed as John Davidson and the other is listed as

John Davidson, Jr. One of these two John Davidsons is my young John. I

cannot tell who the third one is. I have no reason, at this time, to think

it was John Sr. However, John Sr. would have been about 49 and could have

been the other John. Just no proof at this time. Plus, I have a very old

newspaper write up about my 16 year old John and the brave part he played in

the Battle of Cowpens. It seems the article would have mentioned his father,

if he had been in the Revolution with him.


I am hoping some of these additional surnames can help any of us separate

some of the John Davidsons. I have a copy of the Will for John Davidson, Sr.

and plan to post it at another time.







Our family name "Davidson" has its roots in the early 1300's. Donald Dubh of Inverhaven, was the third son of Robert Comyn and the grandson of John Comyn, known as the "Red Comyn", who was killed by Robert the Bruce in the year 1306 in Dumfries. Donald married the daughter of Angus, the sixth chief of the MacKintoshes. The Davidson family name comes from their son, Dhai Dhu, or David Dubh of Invernahaven. By 1308, Robert the Bruce had completely destroyed the Comyn or "Cummings" and caused the name Comyn to be proscribed around 1320. Because of this, the descendants of Dhai Dhu changed their name and became known as Clan Dhai, or MacDhais or Davidson.


Although Davidson sounds like a English name, it is in fact derived from the Gaelic "MacDhaibhidh". The Clan Dhai was one of the earliest to become associated with the confederation of the Clan Chattan. This association with the Clan Chattan almost proved to be the end of the Davidsons.


In the late 13th century the Camerons invaded Arkaig which was Clan Chattan land. In 1370, a group of Camerons were returning from a raid into Badenoch, when they were met by a force of MacKintoshes, MacPhersons and Davidsons. This became known as the Battle of Inverhaven. Prior to engaging the enemy, a dispute broke out between the MacPhersons and the Davidsons regarding the right to command and military precedence. This was not an unusual occurrence in the Highlands where Clans were accustomed to claim the honor of certain positions on the field. When the MacKintoshes supported the Davidson side, the MacPhersons withdrew from the field while in sight of the enemy. The Camerons exploited the chaos and the Davidsons suffered badly in the battle. The MacPhersons did eventually take the field and routed the Camerons. Even though the Clan Dhai had lost their Chief Lachlan Davidson, and his seven good sons in the Clan Battle, the MacPhersons were accorded the credit for the victory. The outcome of this battle was a bitter feud between Clan Chattan and the Camerons that would last until 1666.


In ancient times the Davidson
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