Alfred Reginald Fremlin

Born:May 22 1832 In:  Wateringbury, Kent, England
Died:July 14 1915 (at age 83)In:  "Lyosel", Doyle Street, Enfield, Sydney, New South Wales.


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Immediate family

Maria Elizabeth (Mary) Fremlin (born Mennons)
His wife
? Fremlin
His son
Douglas Welch Fremlin
His son
Alfred Percy Fremlin
His son
Alice N Fremlin
His daughter
Elizabeth Mennons McLean (born Fremlin)
His daughter
Cuthbert Mutlow Fremlin
His son
Emily Kemp (born Fremlin)
His daughter
Edith Fremlin
His daughter
Renee Begg (born Fremlin)
His daughter
Hephzibah Hart (born Fremlin)
His daughter
Reginald William Fremlin
His son
Winifred Alice "Nornie" Fremlin
His daughter
William Arthur Fremlin
His father
Elizabeth Jordan Fremlin (born Norton)
His mother
Betsy Jude (born Fremlin)
His sister
Esther Fremlin
His sister
Rebecca Fremlin
His sister
Hepzibeth Fremlin
His sister
Frederick William Fremlin
His brother


farmer then a Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly and then a Baptist Minister

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Fellmonger. Arrived in New South Wales c.1855. Became a fellmonger in Sydney. In later times became a Baptist Minister.

Settled in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, where he built the prominent "Murulla" homestead, located on Ashbrooke Road, Wingen, which was later seriously damaged by fire. It has since been re-built and is now operated as a guesthouse.

Son of William Fremlin and Elizabeth Morton. Married Elizabeth Mennons c.1852 in London, and had issue, 7 daughters and 5 sons. Baptist.

For a record of his service as a Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly see:

Death Registration (New South Wales)

Registration Number: 10567/1915

Last Name: FREMLIN

Given Name(s): ALFRED R

Fathers Given Name(s): WILLIAM

Mothers Given Name(s): ELIZABETH

District: BURWOOD

Buried in a common grave with his wife Maria, who pre-deceased him.

1841 - living at Pelican Farm, Wateringbury, Kent with parents and family.

1851 - living at Highlands Farm, Comp Road, Hamlet of Comp, Leybourne with parents and family. Occupation - Miller.

A complete suit of armour was found beneath the rafters (in one of the above houses) when the roof was under repair.

1856 - living at Hollingbourne near Maidstone, Kent - from Douglas Welch Fremlin's Birth Certificate.

June 1856 - AR had a copy of 'A Pilgrims Progress' inside of which is the inscription 'A R Fremlin a parting gift from a loved sister when leaving England 19th June 1856'. Travel would be approximately 3 1/2 months - arrival in mid Oct 1856. Although comments further below regarding the Dunbar would have it in Oct 1857.

Aug 1856 - son Douglas Welch born on board the 'Helen Douglas' (894 tons) enroute to Australia - approximately 3,300kms west of Cape Town, South Africa.

Oct 1856 - Arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the 'Helen Douglas'. The Master of the 'Helen Douglas' when it sailed from England to Sydney in 1858 and 1859 was Joseph Welch, the same person who is recorded as Ships Master in 1856 on Douglas Welch's birth certificate. It is assumed that Welch was also the Master of the 'Helen Douglas' in 1856 when the Fremlins and he as Master travelled to Australia. It would also follow given Douglas Welch's names. The first name being that of the ship and the second that of the ships Master. Correspondence from Barbara Fremlin had indicated that it was thought the vessel might have been the 'Henry Douglas', but this was not the name of a vessel of that era. It also appears that the official records for October 1856 are 'missing' other than recording that a ship called 'Helen Douglas' did arrive in Sydney on the 11 October 1856 from London, England.

The original story appears to be that the Fremlins arrived not long after the 'Dunbar' sank which was on Thursday, 20 August 1857. A comment from a letter of Barbara Fremlin's is that 'The Captain of ARs vessel clearly made the same mistake as the Dunbar's Captain (Captain Green). The pilot on AR's vessel apparently shouted 'You fool, you nearly took her where the Dunbar went down' as they were approaching the heads. The Dunbar crashed into the south head and was destroyed with the loss of all but one of the 122 people on board. The Dunbar had previously arrived successfully in Sydney under Captain Green on Sept 27 1856 - which would have been just weeks prior to the Fremlins arrival in October 1856. Perhaps this Dunbar link was embelished or has blurred a little over the years.

1854-1877 - He had a total of 7 daughters and 5 sons - the first four born all died as babies (from 1901 letter).

1859 - living in the Tamworth District

1862-76 - living in Uralla /Rocky River area (Armidale District) of New England. (various childrens births and deaths)

1866 - Storekeeper living at Rocky River (Cuthberts Birth Certificate)

1872 - listed as residing at Urallla - no occupation or specific address listed. (Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory)

At that time these details also recorded:

Uralla - Page 518

Distance 299 miles North of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.

Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 1.50 pm.

Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 1.30 am.

Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.

Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach Uralla.

c1873 - Ran a business/store in Uralla, New England - brick building on original wooden stumps that could be seen under the iron sheeting.

1876 - Appointed as a Justice of the Peace.

1877 - Living at Bycong Lodge, Botany - daughter Winifred born there.

1877 - 80s - Associated with wool trade at Botany - became a fellmonger and Woolhooker in Sydney. {Fellmonger is a dealer in fells or sheepskins, or a person that removes hair/wool from animal hides/pelts in preparation for tanning}. He was at this time well established and well funded.

1877 - listed a a woolwasher being at Bunnarong Road, in the Botany area and/or Botany Road, Botany. (Sands Directory)

1879 - listed as a fellmonger (fellmongery) being at Botany Road, Botany. (Sands Directory)

1880 - listed as a fellmonger being at a location off Botany Road, Botany. (Sands Directory)

1881-82 - Involved in a court action against him and another by trustees of a reserve abutting land owned by AR. Lost the original case, appealed and won and the Crown appealed to the High Court in England. Both the trustees were members of Parliament - one on the lower house and the other in the Upper Chamber. This was the trigger for running for parliament - "I resolved if possible to try for a seat to fight for my rights on the floor of the House". One of the trustees was a man most were afraid of, AR "came off triumphant". The government changed and the appeal was discontinued. The land was returned to AR, but at heavy financial costs.

1880-82 - Inaugral Member for Redfern 19 Nov 1880 to 23 Nov 1882 (2yrs 5days) 10th (1880-1882)

1881-82 - listed at Laybourne, Somerton (Sands Country Directory)

1882-85 - Member for Redfern 4 Dec 1882 to 7 Oct 1885 (2yrs 10mths 4days) 11th (1882-1885)

1880-85 - Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly from 19 Nov 1880 to 7 Oct 1885 (4yrs 10mths 19days) the 11th (1882-1885) and 12th (1885-1887). Was once "set down for a Minister" and if he "had remained no doubt should have been one - but pecuniary loss compelled {him} to leave" Parliament.

1883-84 - listed as an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly - NSW Parliament) living off Botany Road, Botany. (Sands Directory)

Career Electoral results:

Year Electorate Status Party % Vote

1880 Redfern Elected - 37.32

1882 Redfern Re-elected - 26.50

1887 Redfern Protectionist 3.02

1889 Carcoar Protectionist 22.45

1891 Carcoar Protectionist 21.23

From 'History of Botany p.301' published c1980s '... Sir Joseph Banks Hotel, owner Smith..... Smith acquired more land east of the hotel which was at one time owned by Mr Alfred R. Fremlin MLA for Redfern who ran a market garden and lived on the site. His house stood at the North Western corner of Anniversary Street and Fremlin Street, Botany which was included in the Redfern Electorate from 1880 to 1894 when a separate district called Botany was formed. Fremlin Street is named after him.' Fremlin Street comes off Botany Road, Botany and Anniversary St is about half way down Fremlin Street. This is only metres from a Geddes Street/Lane but it does not seem to be related to our branch of the Geddes family.

Used to come down from 'Murrulla' at Wingen (possibly a squatter there?) before Uralla - When they left Murulla AR said "it was a walk in, walk out business and he refused to let Mary take more than a few of her lovely family treasures" He could have stayed and managed it for the bank but wouldn't. Both sons Bert and Reg had been trained in nothing but life as a squatters sons.

c. late 1880's?? - Bank offered AR to manage 'Murulla' but he declined. Sons were not well educated. They lived in genteel poverty for much of the time. (This property was subsequently bought by the Abbott family and subsequently sold at auction in 1981 - see auction advertisement)

1890 - The New South Wales Police Gazette Index 1890 has a listing of 'Fremlin & Co., 145,162'

Jun 27 1893 - began working as a Baptist Minister or Baptist 'lay preacher'.

c1892/93 - lived in a 'haunted' house at Blayney. Heppie and Ernest met there. (Blayney possibly after Uralla)

1894 - living in Gulgong - Cuthbert and Elizabeth met there.

1899 - listed as being at 63 Annandale St, Anandale. (Sands Directory)

1901 - already living at 'Murrulla' Marrickville, Sydney, NSW.

1901-03 - listed as being at Meek's Rd, Marrickville. (Sands Directory)

1904 - moved to New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, Sydney.

1904-06 - listed as being at Durham St, Marrickville. (Sands Directory)

1907-09 - listed as being at 241 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, Sydney. (Sands Directory)

1909-12 - listed as Baptist Reverend, presumably with the church located at 136-138 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. (Sands Directory)

Nov 1911 - moved to Canonbury Grove, Dulwich Hill, Sydney. Moved with writers mother, Babs and their parents and Winifred (Bert there)

May 1913 - weighed 10 stone, and Winifred still living at home looking after him.

1913 Feb - AR's serman published for the second time in 'Gospel Standard' (the magazine of the denomination). Still preaching three times a week in the 'Odd Fellows Temple' as the parishiners group was too poor to afford to build their own building.

Sept 1913 - moved to 'Lyosel', Boyle Street, Enfield, Sydney. Was living with a son in law and daughter, but he was appointed to the management of an important branch of the Commerical Bank 400 miles from Dulwich Hill. (Bert there?)

1915 - listed as living at Boyle St, Enfield. (Sands Directory)

1915 - AR did have an engraving of a country house in Kent - the house in which he was born.

1915 - AR did have a large oil painting of his father William Arthur but it went to AR's sister Emily when AR died in 1915. It was apparently meant to go to grandson Ken Fremlin, but Emily made claim to it and it remained with them (that was a cause of ill-feeling). Ken did have copies made of the painting before it went to Victoria and also sent a copy to Douglas Fremlin in England.

Misc - Reg used to keep the Jilenen... to make a few pence, and he was late in a storm. AJ was sliding about and getting more and more upset and finally Mary said firmly "I am worried too Alfred". Win said that AR used to enter a crowded tram and just smile gently and people would spring up everywhere.

Alfred's cousins Richard, Frank, Walter and Ralph were the founders of Fremlin's Brewery. See further information under their father James (younger brother of Alfred's father William). See also separate documents and pictures. AR was in written contact with Richard, three letter transcipts on file - 1901, 1913, 1913. Alfred was a very religious man and was possibly secretly ashamed of the familys connection with the brewery. AR stoutly maintained that never a drop of liquor had been supplied to a public house. For many years the brewery only supplied families direct or through licenced grocers, clubs etc. then they had one pub with only a six day licence, but by around 1960 it was a public company with hundres of pubs.

Death Registration 10567/1915.

Buried on 15 July 1915 in grave 159 section F (Independent - Methodist)

Headstone inscription, Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales:


















33 deg 52 min 14 sec S

151 deg 03 min 05 sec E

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