Richard Warren

Born:1580 OR 1590 In:  London/Kent, England
Died:1628 In:  Plymouth Colony, MA

Immediate family

Elizabeth Warren
His wife
Mary Bartlett (born Warren)
His daughter


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Richard Warren:

BORN: England. Called "of London" in Mourt's Relation (1622).

DIED: 1628, Plymouth.

MARRIED: Elizabeth (---). She died 2 October 1673, Plymouth "aged above ninety".







c1610, England

27 March 1683, Plymouth

Robert Bartlett, after 22 May 1627


c1612, England

after 19 February 1675/6, Marshfield, MA

Thomas Little, 19 April 1633, Plymouth


c1614, England

after 15 July 1696

John Cooke, 28 March 1634, Plymouth


c1616, England

9 March 1669/70, Hingham, MA

Richard Church, before 14 March 1635, Plymouth


c1618, England

after 3 January 1692/3, Marshfield, MA

Anthony Snow, 8 November 1639, Plymouth


c1625, Plymouth

between 16 July and 21 October 1667, Plymouth

Sarah Walker, 19 November 1645, Plymouth


c1626, Plymouth

4 May 1689, Plymouth

Priscilla Faunce, c1652, Plymouth

Biographical information:

Richard Warren appears to have been a merchant, who resided in London, and became associated with the Pilgrims and the Mayflower through the Merchant Adventurers. Richard Warren participated in several of the early explorations made by the Pilgrims in 1620, while looking for a place to settle. He appears by land records to have been fairly well-to-do.

When he came over on the Mayflower, he left behind his wife and five daughters, planning to have them sent over after things were more settled in the Colony. His wife and daughters arrived in America in 1623, on the ship Anne.

Nathaniel Morton wrote in his book New England's Memorial, first published in 1669, the following about Richard Warren:

This year [1628] died Mr. Richard Warren, who was an useful instrument and during his life bare a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of the first settlement of the Plantation of New Plymouth.

Richard Warren is an ancestor to many famous Americans. Among them are Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American in space and fifth man to walk on the moon. A published lineage showing Winston Churchill as a descendant of Richard Warren has a questionable generation and is most likely in error. However, Winston Churchill does appear to be a descendant of Mayflower passenger John Howland's brother Arthur.

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