+Nathan CRAFT direct ancestor 3 wives link proven [originallydirect ancestor 3

Born:July 23 1767 In:  Hamptonville, Rowan County, NC, Colonial America
Died:circa 1849 (listed in 1840 census as age 70-80 In:  Buck Shoals, Hamptonville, Yadkin, NC, USA


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Immediate family

+Bethsey (name on marriage bond) Charlescraft link proven 1st wife, nicknames :/Betsy/Bessie/Betty ? (prob not Eliz) (born Cooper)
His wife
Rev. Thomas Craft I
His son
+Vachel/Vachil Craft direct ancestor (Mother's maiden name was Cooper; spouse maiden name was Payne/Paine
His son
Nathan Charles Craft no issue II
His son
Leah Craft no issue
His daughter
Alice Craft no issue I
His daughter
Margaret (She was not German) Tucker 1st Craft 2nd (born Day (Cooper no proven link))
His wife
Mary Ann Padgett duplicate entry (1st husband) Craft [2nd husband] (born Peddicord)
His wife
Unknown Craft/Charlescraft K not proven
His father
Mary ["Polly"] confusion with Vachel's wife most likely Craft/Charlescraft no proven link (born Morse or Moss unlikely link)
His mother
Anderson Craft/Croft no link proven
Half brother
John ? Craft no link proven
His brother
John Dowdy duplicate no link
Half brother
Willis Craft no link
Half brother
Mary Bartley no link
Half sister

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Nathan Charles Craft wed 1st 2 May, 1795  Bethsey Cooper, for whom I can find no record. There were Cooper families in the area and Nathan Craft bought land from one of them very shortly before his marriage. There was an Elizabeth Cooper at this time living locally, but she was wed to someone else, and her time span is wrong.

I see no reason to doubt Nathan Charles Craft's statement on his marriage bond about his place of birth, though he may have lied about his age, to fool a younger subsequent wife. One of his marriage bonds gave his date of birth as July 23, 1767 in Rowan County, (now Wilkes County) NC, later USA, so the family tradition that he was born in England is unlikely, though there is credence to family legend that there were three brothers who came from England, whose surname was Charlescraft, and it is my belief that in North Carolina the surname became just Craft.

There is documentary evidence on shipping records that three men named Charlescraft entered the port of Maryland  at intervals.

Nathan died before the 1850 census and was buried in Hamptonville, now in Yadkin County, NC, USA . He was buried on what was then his property somewhere near the house that he built for his second wife and occupied with his third wife. This house is still standing and still used as some kind of storehouse, though all traces of the family graveyard are long since gone.

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